Justification of local Government Existence toward Development

It has been argued about the justification of local government in achieving development, though different schools of thought have successful given the justification for the existence of local government by which one school posit that local government is a medium for political mobilization and the other argue that local government tend to provide efficient service delivery to local inhabitant.

Local Government refers to the government at the grass root level,recognized by law,having local representative and has power to enforce tax and extract labour within a specific jurisdiction for the purpose of efficient service delivery and political mobilization toward enhancing development.
Role of Local Government in enhancing development

1. local government play a vital role in every Nation, it stand to ensure the participation of a common man or individual in a nation because it is a government closer to the people which enable easy participation of the rural habitat and community in government decision and policy formulation.

2. Local government as a tier of government at the grass root level serves as a two way channel between the apex of government and the local communities i.e. It serves a channel of communication between law maker(legislature) the policy implementer (executive) of the state and federal government toward achieving National development.

3. Local government ensure adequate formulation of policy and programme that will satisfy the felt needs of the rural habitat. Through which without the existence of local government even development can not be achieved in nation.

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