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Jamb-UTME 2013 Update: My Advice For Jamb 2013/ 2014 Candidates!!

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Advice For Jambites
As Jamb 2013/2014 Examination draw near, I will be talking about choice of institutions and choice of course of study while filling the Jamb-Utme 2013 form.
You can ask yourself this very important question, why did JAMB gives candidates the Opportunity to choose six(6) institutions, while you will be writing just one examination. Strange? So lets find out why.

Jamb UTME gave you the chance to choose 6 Institutions, they assume candidates are wise enough to choose six different institutions. Most candidates are always of the mindset that if the school the chose as their First Choice does not consider them for admission, then they might be admitted into their second choice, this is awfully not true. Before filling your Jamb Utme form, it is adviceable to first of all study Jamb brochure and you will know about the Institutions you intend to choose and if you have what it takes to compete for admission. freebrowsinglink.com, Am using the word “compete” because in truth, that is what seeking for admission into tertiary institution has turned out to be in our beloved country Nigeria.

All Jambites should take note of these steps while selecting their institutions during the process of filling your Jamb-Utme 2013 form.

Advice For Jamb 2013/2014 Candidates

1. Which Nigerian Universities admits only first choice candidates? This is so important that we have taken time to research on it and you can see our finding here- Nigerian Universities that Accept First Choice Only, these universities don’t bother looking through the second choice candidates, and yet most Jambites still select them as their 2nd choice.
2. Go through your Jamb Brochure and Check if there are other Institutions that will consider her candidates for admission. www.nigeriaschool.com.ng These Institutions has less candidates selecting them, so they are ready to admit those who chose them.

3. When filling your jamb form, You have to ensure you consider the course(s) to fill for both schools, you will also need the Jamb brochure to guide you.

*Important Notice*
In most cases requirements for a certain course, (example, Law, Economics, Medicine etc.) are always the same in all the institutions.

4. Most candidates don’t consider this at all, you should learn how to take advantage of your state of origin while choosing your institution. This is a proven fact that Universities in Nigeria consider their “Own” before others. (I call this, modern tribalism?)

5. You can chose Nigerian Federal Universities as your first choice as almost all state universities, freebrowsinglink, polytechnics and colleges of education consider students on second choice bases. Some Federal Universities such as, Obafemi Awolowo University OAU, and other federal government owned universities in the North and South-South consider students on second choice, note that University of Lagos also sometimes admits student on second choice into the faculty of Education. Note. If you don’t want to be admitted into the Faculty of Education, then don’t chose University of Lagos as your second choice.

Jamb 2013 Examination date has been fixed to hold on the 27th April 2013, read full post Here

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Article Credit: This article is written by Kalu for all the Readers of Freebrowsinglink.com. (Graduate of the University of Port Harcourt)

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