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UNILAG Admission Requirements for All Undergraduate – 2017/18

Warning: Don’t choose University of Lagos until you have gone through all the requirements below.

Unilag Admission Requirements for All Undergraduate Courses via Jamb

The University of Lagos (Unilag) Nigeria usually has the second highest number of candidates applying into its degree program every year through the Jamb UTME application. Unfortunately, a lot of these candidates do not know the UNILAG basic requirements for undergraduate courses and which therefore leads to admission failure. With that said, I have decided to share tips on how you can successfully gain admission into the University of Lagos for the 2017/2018 academic session.

UNILAG Admission Requirements for All Undergraduate - 2017/18
Some of these students main gain admission into the Institution, and at the point of their clearance, they are sent home just because they do NOT meet the basic requirements to be admitted  you don’t want that to happen to you right? That is why we advice all the Applicants who want to apply for Admission into Unilag to read this before making the school your choice.

The 2017/18 Jamb utme form is already on sale and I do not want all the Aspirants of Unilag to make the same mistake. That’s why I contact the admin of to allow me the opportunity to educate you on unilag basic requirement into its undergraduate courses.

Admission Requirements into UNILAG for 2017/2018 Academic Session

1. The University of Lagos does not accept two O’level sittings.

2. Unilag will NEVER admit you if you make them as second choice university while filling your Jamb Form. (Take note of this)

3. University of Lagos will NEVER admit you for Engineering, actuarial science, mathematics, if you don’t have further Mathematics in your  O-level results!

4. You will never  be offer admission into the university of lagos psychology faculty if you don’t have biology in your O’level results.

5. Mathematics and English Language is compulsory at Credit grades in your O’level. If you didn’t merit this in your o’level, please don’t bother to apply for admission into The University of Lagos.

UNILAG Admission Requirement pdf (2017/2018) Session

The management of University of Lagos has made available the requirements for admission into the 2017/2018 academic session. The document contains the O’level and UTME requirements for each course of study in the university for the 2017/18 academic session.

All Aspirants of UNILAG for 2017/2018 academic session are advised to go through the document and confirm if they have met the needed requirements for their chosen course of study in the university.

For more specific requirement for different courses into the University of Lagos, please visit the school portal at Unilag Admission Requirement by CLICKING HERE. or view the attached .pdf document below;

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The Jamb 2017 Form is on sale and you can read the full details here

Credit: Thanks to Felix Kingsley for this information, if you have any question, please ask them through the comment section.

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53 thoughts on “UNILAG Admission Requirements for All Undergraduate – 2017/18”

      1. Please i studied Petroleum engineering as my first degree and i’ll like law to be my second degree. what do i need to enable me do direct entry

  1. Please i shall like to know more about your daily evening program. When is the kickoff date for 2014 session sir?

    Thanking you and best regards.

  2. Please what are the jamb approved examinations? I learnt it is a requirement for successful diploma students to be considered for the 200 level admission.

  3. I have d7 on my biology o’level result and i want to study psychology in unilag. will i be consider for admission. please i need your reply. thanks

    1. Am not too sure, but i will make contact and give you a proper reply. please asked this question again if you do not get a reply from me in about 24 hours…

  4. my sch art students no longer study biology..nd i wish to study psychology..i made biology in my gce but didnt make eng…plz yu have to reply me cause am dehm confused…u could email me if neccessary..thanks

    1. Hello Ariyo, you will get notification in your email when We replied your comment.

      English is compulsory for almost all the courses.

  5. pls sir, i would like to know the Admission Requirements for a candidate who chose unilag as first choice institution

    1. Hello Emmanuel,
      You will need to score above 200 in your Jamb and then score about 60 – 70 in your post-jamb (utme)
      Your O’Level should be complete.
      Please let me know if you have any more questions.

  6. plz can i gain admission to study economics after i have written the subject in jamb?……….if no, can u recommend courses 4 me?

    1. If you have the right subject combination in Jamb as well in your O’Level, you can apply for the Econ. If you can share your details with us, we can help.

  7. Plz i wnt to know the requirements for computer science in unilag……….and best tips n wot to do to get admission at all cost.plz help me out o.

    1. The requirements are simple.
      get the complete credit pass in your o’level results.
      during the jamb 2015 and unilag post-utme examination, write well!
      That is all you will need.

  8. I got D7 in mathematics but credit in all other subject including english, literature, biology, economics, and i want to study psychology in UNILAG, would i be considered?? Please i need to know

  9. Pls did unilag accept neco and i wish to study computer science but i did not offer further math pls what can i do?

  10. Hello, i have actually tried checking every possible means to be certain of UNILAG’S o’level requirement for Actuarial Science. i am a science student and i wish to have Actuarial Science as a my second degree but i only have credit passes in English, Maths, Further maths, Economics, Physics and Chemistry. Basically, I need to be sure if Actuarial Science in UNILAG is possible with the aforementioned o’level result. Thank you.

    1. Hello Tommie, this is what we know.
      Mathematics, English, Commerce, Economics for Jamb Combination.

      And for O’level it is: Mathematics, English Language, Commerce, Government, Biology, and Further maths as at last year.

  11. Please oooooo,,,,,,, I need urgent reply… Is it necessary for me to have further maths in my o’level result to study education mathematics….. Cause I don’t do further mathematics oooooo in my waec

  12. please sir did unilag accept neco result although have go through there requirement it is not mentioned but I just want to verify sir pls answer me sir

    1. Hello Kemi,
      Yes, Unilag accepts Neco, Waec or GCE results. All you need is to have a minimum of 6 credit pass including Mathematics and English at one sitting.

  13. will i be addmited to unilag psychology dept with this o’level result: Maths, English, Biology, Geography and Financial Accounting. Thank you very much in advance.

  14. please I did not choose biology in jamb and I want to study nursing
    is it stil possible to study nursing in unilag

    1. I have 228 in my jamb
      my combination was math English chemistry and physics can I study elect elect with it ??

  15. Pls can I use my credit in NCE to study psychology in unilag?
    I studied English language/ CRK.
    Will it be pure psychology or Education?

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