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Jamb: Summary Of The SUCCESSOR By Jerry Agada

After sharing the “THE POTTER’S WHEEL” on our Facebook page, a lot of Jambites want us to also share the summary of The successor. Here we go… Please share this with our facebook friends.

Chapter 1
The dialogue between Terkura Atsen and his friend Okoh Ameh – how they served their regular costumer Mr. Eze @Presidential hotel in Makurdi.

Chapter 2
Mr. Eze had been something of a living legend to Terkura before they received the news that he was killed in a riot in Kano. Before this, Terkura have planned on travelling home to see his father and to seek for his advice about his life.

Chapter 3
Terkura have arrived home on the hot afternoon of Friday. 28 July 1967 with all his belongings. His father (Matthew Atsen), a catechist in St. Gregory’s Church in Tar-Mbalim married to Margaret (daughter of Ezekiel Onah) in the neighbouring village of OBUDU had 6children; 4females & 2males. Msendoo seniors Terkura with 3yrs (born on 1942 while Terkura 1945) PAGE 17 OF THE BOOK.

After having the discussions about his future with his father (Matthew Atsen), his father agreed and equally gave him the right advice of not marrying at that age which was against his mother’s wish.

Chapter 4
Okoh Ameh had prepared fully for his marriage ceremony slated to hold on Sat. April 27th 1968 in his village (Ukporo). On sunday, his father (EYUM) with 2 others escorted him with his newly married wife (MARIA) back to Markurdi. Though, he had some kind of quagmire with his old friend (OWOICHE) whom he encountered in the same train while on his way to Makurdi.

Chapter 5
They have now settled down fully and Maria is already pregnant for him. They lives in only one apartment where there is a lot of mosquitoe.
On a sultry day, the 27th of JAN. 1969, Maria was rushed to the maternity unit of the provincial hospital where she later delivered a baby boy. Okoh intended to name him Monday but his father objected and later provided the baby with the name of IFENNE. Three months later, they relocated to a more malaria-free place.

Chapter 6
Terkura had fortunately gotten admitted to one of the biggest university in Africa (according to the writter) i.e the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) in Zaria and he’s now studying political science.
He received a letter from his younger brother Terngu that he (Terngu) is now married to Nguher, the daughter of Matthias Tyowua (the village school master). Now, Terkura have seen there activity as something interesting as his mother will now stop disturbing him (Terkura) of marriage. A great opportunity for him to be more focused on his books.

Chapter 7 – SEPT. 1979
idiom – for the past few months, it had largely been a game of hide & seek on the part of the chief (Samson Ofega)
Terkura is now a businees man – working in hands with Chief Ofega. He (Terkura) and his friends have recently completed a job that was handed over to them by Chief Ofega but the Chief have refused to balance them the said sum of N418,000.00. Terkura somewhat showed his anger about this and complained seriously before the Chief. Giving him (the Chief) the assurance that he will reap what he had sowed in a week’s time if the money is not paid.
The government has brought out N3,000,000.00 for the contract but the Chief selfishly embezzled it.

Chapter 8
idiom: terkura was fighting with his back to the wall.
idiom: …man of means and standing.
Terkura droved towards his office in his Volkswagen Beetle car as he walked inside his office, feeling tired and weak. His secretary (HELEN) brought out a note which was sent to him (Terkura) by the Untied Exchange Bank demanding for him to pay back his loan which he used in building up his firm (the Tesen)

Chapter 9
idiom: …neck deep
* money indeed, is the root of many things. It can generate evil & good as well. Money in itself, has no special properties. It is its perception and usage by the individuals who possesses it that males it assume extra-ordinary scope in its relation to the life of man. Finally, chief Samson Ofega have understood & yielded completely to Terkura’s demand of balancing him when he (the Chief) visited him (Terkura) in his office. He begged the chief seriously before it was
done because he (Terkura) owns a lot of debts.

N104,000.00 was left over after he (Terkura) have completed his dues. He later gave Helen a bonus of N150 while he used the remaining money to upgrade his company (the Tesen Group) till he was able to amass wealth that people started to see him as the richest man in the state.

Chapter 10 – 1985
Okoh Ameh just caught his eldest son Ifenne, smoking Indian Hemp (igbo). He seriously warned him to stay out of this bad habit and NEVER make such mistake again.
He emphatically advised his son to learn the positive things of life.
Not to be like him (Ameh). He wonders what the future holds for his son (IFENNE) Later, he fell asleep in his parlour.
…a boy of 16yrs.

Chapter 11
The names of the children of Okoh Ameh was listed here as follows:
Ifenne, Agbo, Veronica, Innocent, Emmanuel, Ada and Ene.
The two couple (Okoh & Maria) blamed each other for not giving their…

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