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Jamb Subject Combination for Science /Engineering students and More..

Jamb combination for science students, for jamb subject combination for Art candidates CLICK HERE


Engineering courses
such as chemical Engr.,
Mechanical Engr., Electrical/Electronics Engr.,
Petroleum Engr., Civil Engr., Metallurgical Engr.
Marine Engr., Elect. Engr., Agricultural Engr.,
Polymer and textile Engr., etc.

Jamb subject combination
English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology with any of these as make up Geo, Further maths, Econs, Agriculture
Law course such as civil law, Common and
Islamic law, Commercial law, Private and
property law, Public and international law

Jamb subject combination
English, Lit. in Eng., Maths, Govt., Hist., with any of these as make up Econs, Geo, Commerce


Medical/Pharmarceutical sciences
such as
Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Dentistry,
Human nutrition, Medicine and surgery(Human
Medicine), Pharmacy, Nursing/nursing science
radiography, etc.

Jamb subject combination
English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology with any of these as additions Health science, Commerce, Econs, Agric Science

Sciences Courses such as pure and applied Maths/
Chemistry,Physics,Biology, Industrial, Maths,
Statistics, Computer science, Animal law,
Environmental Biology,Microbiology, Plant science,
Geography and any science discipline

Jamb subject combination
English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, with any of these as make ups Agricultural Science, Geo, Commerce, Econs

Political Science

Jamb subject combination
English, Maths, Govt., Hist., any one of Econs, Commerce, Lit. in Eng.

Jamb subject combination
English, Maths, Econs, Commerce, Govt., with these as make ups Hist., Geo,
Lit. in Eng.
Courses: Geography, Geography and Regional Planning,
Geography and environmental Management

Jamb subject combination
English, Maths, Geo, and any two of the following Econs,Govt., Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Further maths, Commerce.

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156 thoughts on “Jamb Subject Combination for Science /Engineering students and More..”

  1. I need political science,i got Econs C6, Gov’t A1, History C6 but E8 in both maths and Eng. Pls should i succeed?

  2. pls i had ecomic c6, geo c6, gov B2, english c5, math c6, agric B3, boilogy c5, chemistry B3 and physic D7 nd want 2 study physic dont no if it is possible

  3. I have english c6 math c6 biology c6 physic c6 yoruba c6 chemistry d7 agric c6 cn i study computer science in any university

  4. gud day pls i need an urgent answer am abt 2 register 4 jamb bt am confusd abt dey subjct cmbination 4 computer engineering pls hlp me guyz

    1. Jamb subject combination
      English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, with any of these as make ups Agricultural Science, Geo, Commerce, Econs.

  5. Pls i av dis killing result.and am confused.i av 4 physics math biology geography and credit in chemistry econs and yoruba but d7 in english is there any chance for in any university or polytech to study engineering courses or computer science

    1. Hello Samuel,
      Credit pass in English is a MUST for almost all courses expect Chem, and some other courses.
      I will call all my Engineering and Computer Engr. friends and make sure i have the correct information and i will replay it to you.
      PS. please do remind me if you didn’t receive an answer before 27th Dec.

    2. Pls I applied for philosophy in kogi state uni,i have a pass in math.but result are OK will they accept me.pls it urgent.thank u

  6. Hello! Pls i ned urgent reply so i cn knw wht 2 do earlier, i got credit in :English,agric,ecoms,health science,governmnt,chemistry nd physics bt D7 in maths….pls can study any course in medcine or any othr health science course dat may nt nedd much maths?

  7. I got credit pass in English, health science, geography, chemistry,physics, ecoms, agric nd i got Maths D7. Cn i be admitted 2 study any medical or health science course or courses? Plss i ned ur urgent ans plss.

  8. Gooddae!!! Please i have 7credits n my o’level result which are: maths, English, physics, chemistry, economic, ict, office practice: but fail biology. And i am goin for Polymer and textile in Auchi polythecnic. Can i use the result?

  9. plz sir, is compulsory that u must pass further maths as a computer engineering student…need answer urgently

  10. Pls i want 2 study electrical engining in unn. I got eng b2. Maths b2. Phy c4. Chem c4. Agric c5. Geo.c4. Igbo c4. Bio d7. Pls can i study electrical engining with dis my o level?

  11. Good day sir, pls i have distinctions in Eng. maths. chem. biology. Agric. IRS and geography but my physics and Econs is cancel. Please can i used it for any of this courses: Microbiology, Biochem. computer engineering or and science related courses? Thanks.

  12. Hello..pls sir, i am directed 2 dis site by my friend. Am with a killing o’level result which is nw turning me 2 a mad man, math B3, f-math C6,physics C5, chem B3, yor C6, bio C4, econ C5, geo A1 but my english is D7. My question is dat can i use dis result to sturdy Elect/Elect eng or Electronic/Computer engineering?? Pls i need urgent responce cauc av uc it as Awaiting Result.pls i need quick responds. Tanks

    1. Am not too sure if Engineering (EE, EC) accept a PASS in English Language. The best thing to do is to visit your Course Adviser to confirm (Since this is awaiting result, i guess you are a student already?)

      If not, I will advice you to register for WAEC GCE Examination Immediately, as the sales of the form will end in the next of 48 hours. (17 August, 2014)
      Please let us know if you have any more question.

      P.S. I will call my contact who is a lecturer in Futo – Mech Eng. and confirm if this is possible.
      Warm Regards.

  13. B3 in maths,b3 in english,b2 in igbo,c6 in agric,biology nd physics.and d7 in chemistry,can i study mech engeen,elect elect,or computer science.plz

    1. With that Results, you canNOT study any Engineering Course(s). Somtoo.
      Credit pass(es) in Chem. Phy. and Maths is a MUST.

  14. Sir, please am hear to ask if you have ask the lecturer maybe D7 in english can study elect elect or elect and computa engineering.

    1. Depends what you want to study… But am sure you are going for Engr/Science course? So, No. you will need to credit all the relevant subjects in your O’level before you will be qualified for admission.

  15. PLC can I combine Eng,agric,economics and geography as jamb subject combination for agric economics and extension course. Thanks.

  16. Pls,i had d7 in physics and credit in math,eng,chem,biology,agric,geo,econ,and yoruba.which science related course can i study

  17. i got D7 in physics bt creditd all odas.. Can i be admitted to med or related course and if so list sum example for me

  18. Please I have b3 in math chem and geo and c6 in futhermath english civics and d7 in agric didn’t do boilogy can I go fr mechanical engineering

    1. I will ask a few friends and let you know. Please ask this question again if you don’t get a follow up answer in the next 24 hours.

    1. Yes you can, but this depends on what course you are going for/ And if it is Engr or Sci course, you will need a pass in all the subjects you mentioned above.

    1. Yes, Bella.
      You must have a credit pass in the following subjects:
      1. Economics
      2. Commerce
      3. Government
      4. Geography
      5. Principles of Account.

  19. Pls. Can i register English, Maths, Geography & Biology for Urban and Regional Planning at FUTMinna as a CPES student?

  20. Pls I applied for philosophy in kogi state uni,i have pass in my math but my result is ok,will they accept me,but am writing nxt year waec.pls it urgent thank u.

    1. Hello Esther,
      You need to know if Maths is one among the required result. If it is, then you need to provide your complete O’level results before the clearance.
      However, you can contact the school to know if the accept awaiting results.
      Best of Luck!

  21. Plz I wanna knw if it’s possible for me to study medicine or any other medical related courses in any university with a D7 in biology, tho an A1 in agriculture nd gud grades in the other subjects.

    1. Hello Hannah,
      You need to have credit pass in Biology. Please refer to the school of your choice and see if they accept it. But I doubt it.
      The best option is to apply for WAEC again.
      Thanks for visiting Nigeriaschool.

  22. Pls I have credits in all my waec science subjects except biology….is it still possible for me to study mathematics science ?

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