2019’s JAMB UTME Registration Mistakes and How To correct Them

A lot of Candidates made one mistake or another while filling their Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, Jamb Registration Form, and after the results is released, they found out the mistakes and getting it fixed might look like a dead end… but Jamb correction of data has been made possible by Jamb. Although there is a price for it. The Price for Jamb Correction is N2,500.00 (Two thousand five hundred naira) only.

But thanks to Nigeriaschool.com.ng Team who are always eager to help anywhere possible!

Some of the mistakes Candidates makes whiling filling their JAMB Form includes;
– Mistake in Birth date
– Mistake in Age
– Mistake in Name(s)
– Mistake in – (Put here whatever the mistake it is you want to correct)


You can perform correction for the following data group (Kindly make Payment (on your JAMB Profile) and visit the nearest JAMB CBT Centre for correction.)

  • Names Correction (can only be done once)
  • Passport Photograph Correction (can only be done once)
  • Gender Correction (can only be done once)
  • UTME Subjects Correction (can only be done once)
  • State/LGA Correction (Correction can only be done once)
  • Profile Correction (Correction can only be done once)
  • Choice of Institution/Course Correction (Correction can only be done twice with separate payments)

The good news is that, it can be corrected!

Update: JAMB Correction of Names can now be done after registration.

JAMB correction of data

Update: You can Now rectify any Mistake you made during JAMB registration without going to their Zonal Office! Everything can be done online – We advice all those who are preparing for 2019 Jamb Registration to take precaution while filling the form.

Jamb Correction Data

Go to http://jamb.org.ng/correction.htm Chose the Data you want to correct, when you click on proceed, you will be redirect to this page (Below);

jamb correction of data

We have been helping Jamb Candidates via email and one of the candidate actually wrote back to us. We are posting it as is;

From Omene Solomon.

I wrote some time ago telling you of the unintentional date of birth mistake made during my jamb registration.

So you (nigeriaschool.com.ng) asked me to go to any Zonal jamb office and tell you how it goes.

I went and they told me to write a letter with the contents of what happened, they told me to attach my date of birth certificate and also my Jamb slip.

And I was asked to pay the sum of Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira, (N3500.00) only.

They assured me that they will send somebody who is going to their head quarters in Abuja to make the correction and that with time it will be changed, I just want to let you know that it has been changed!
Thanks for the help.. God bless.

And this is how to change the mistakes in your Jamb Registration.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

So far, the only mistakes I have seen in JAMB is that of age and names.

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  • ive paid for correction of state of origin 2012 jamb. Pls how can i effect the change via my jamb profile? Thanx

  • Sir please is it too late for me to make correction on my name I have already registered for direct entry dis year?

  • I have already gonr for correction of date of birth at a cbt centre but i was given a form to fill and take to their office. Please do i need to take my birth certificate along?

  • when i was filling my jamb profile my LGA, IFE CENTRAL was not they so i choose IFE NORTH I have done change of LGA but it is not changing, there gave me a form to fill i have gone to jamb office they said i should bring my LGA Certificate, if i dont do it will it affect me.

    sir please tell what to do.

  • Sir pls I scored 213 in jamb 2017/2018 I used ma waec awaiting result but I would like to change it to ma neco awaiting is it possible?

  • Sir,pls i did a correction after the mistake made during registration process on my LGA, for over a week now. Notin has change and screening on corner. how may i do pls,

  • Sir please i did correction on my course and when i try filling the form online it showing jamb data processing and the form is ending 15 of this month, please help am confuse.

    • There is nothing we/you can do. You can go to Jamb office near you or contact them via your JAMB profile to let them know time is not on your side.

  • I made a mistake on my name when I was crating my jamb profile
    Is it possible I can change it without going to jamb office
    I have already paid the #2500 required for it and have also made the request but it haven’t been change yet

  • I made mistake on my name why registering for ….who can I do cause have already applied for the school online screening …I have already done the change at the CBT center and the wrong name was cleared buh it is not showing on my jamb profile …please what do I do.

  • I Want To Change My State Of Origin But My School Post Utme Registration Is Ending 23 September.Will It Affect My Admission?

  • Pleasee how can I remove my initial in my name in the jamb I wrote in 2012 because my school where I graduated from have asked me to remove the initial which cannot be written in my certificate. Please what do I do, knowing that we weew not creating profile during registration as it is being done now.

  • sir, can i print my indemnity form twice? cos the one i first printed the red heading text was blank. thank u.

  • Please I did jamb regularization and I mistakenly put the wrong email address havnt gotten my new reg number since then. Pls what do I do

    • The best thing to do is visit Jamb zonal office to see how you can get your reg. number. Or if the ‘wrong email’ you entered has not been registered, you can go ahead and register it, then after request for Jamb reg. number.

  • pls sir how do I change my state of origin from jamb website, I have paid N2500 on their website but it is not allowing me to select change of state/lGA. pls help me its urgent

  • sir, i have done the changing of institu since 6th of sep to ibbu and since then dat i hav been checking my eligible status it has not reflect pls sir what can i do. dis my jamb reg no 76339472DJ

  • Sir I made a mistake in my name when I registered my jamb and I have already done my post utme, what can I do?? Please I really need help

  • good morning sir
    please sir i made a change of institution to University of Ibadan on Monday and submitted the necessary details to JAMB office that same Monday…
    so I’ve been unable to login on UI portal to make application for the screening as a D.E student of which the application closes today…it kept saying login failed incorrect credentials
    please sir what do i do….

  • Good morning sir, please sir, how do I check my profile on jamb site? I wrote my jamb 2011.. thanx

  • Good morning sir/ma, I need your assistance on this issue of date of birth, unfortunately during my jamb registration there was a mistake on the date of birth(only year), I went to jamb office at Ibadan ,they told me to visit jamb website and pay 2500 through remita to print indemnity form and submitted it to my institution I did so, even I received a call from jamb remita,but since May 2017 till now they haven’t rectified the issue. pls help me .

  • Good evening sir, pls what should I do about this issue of change of date of birth am going through, there was a mistake on the date of birth ,have paid for change of date of birth through remita, printed the indemnity form and submitted to my institution, I even received a called from remita to confirm the payment but all the same,it yield no good fruit. pls what should I do ?

  • hello please sir in my jamb profile I have a problem in my age and I have not gotten de form yet so sir will dat bring any problem? Cus wen I get de form I will fix in my normal age ………

  • Excuse me sir I registered for jamb using my naij email and was told that it was going to expire 1st of January 2018,sir is it possible to change my email address before then

  • Pls sir the email address i used was nt correct si i didnt recieve any confirmation, hw can i change it

  • sir pls
    I just registered jamb
    this year and dey did mistake on email instead of putting
    favour401** @gmail.com
    dey put favour401** @yahoo.com
    pls wot will I do nw am confuse

    • Hello Favour,
      If the favour401**@ yahoomail is still available. Please go ahead and register it and see if it will solve the issue.
      Another option, visit JAMB zonal office close to you and they might be able to help you.

      PS. I blur your emails to avoid getting SPAM.

  • pls sir, I made mistake while registering for jamb I submitted the wrong gmail account, how do I get it changed with immediate effect??

  • My jamb surname and other name was exchanged as opposed to how I wrote it in waec. I have an affi davit, any hope??

  • I Made A Mistake With My Gmail Instead Of Davidta**@yahoo.Com I Used Davidta**@gmail.Com When I Checked No One Was Usin The Gmail So I Created A Gmail Bearing The Name Is Ok Rgt

  • Pls..during my jamb registration I mistakenly wrote July instead of June…for date of birth…is there a problem

  • Good day sir,there was a mistake in my name…my first name was put in place of my surname and when I went to the office I did my registration, I was told that corrections can only be made after the exam have been written. Is that true?

  • I registered jamb this year but I make mistake wit name,i start with my first name instead of starting with surname, wat should I do to correct de error

  • Thanks for the information. My daughter said the operator at fce Osiele, Abeokuta put male instead of female in the jamb form and print it out. How can l effect the change

  • sir i have not received my slip on my email. i guess my email use in registering is wrong what can i do

  • Sir I made a mistake filling my email,is it possible to edit and change the email,,because I heard the correction of data can only be done in concern of,,date of birth,LGA,,change of courses etc,,they didn’t say anything about change of email,,is there anything that can be done

    • I would advice that you visit any JAMB zonal office near you to confirm if it is possible. Or visit any Accredited jamb registration centre to see if they have done such correction before now.

  • Please I want to change my subject……. Please when will it be available…. And how much is it

  • I made a mistake in my subject combinations on my registration for Accounting. I choose Eng, Eco, account and commerce as combination. Instead of Eng, Math, Account and any other commercial subjects. What do I do please.

  • sir please we misplace our number and when we got to jamb office we saw that the correction of data does not issue the changing of numbers…please sir how can we change it to the current number that we are using sir

  • please sir during my registration the man who help me ommit on letter out of my gmail and I have not received any messages from my gmail please how can I change my gmail please I want quickly answer please for correction

  • Hello sir, I will like to know if I can correct. My email address cause mine was input wrongly and I haven’t received any emails yet please I will like to know if anything can be done

  • Please sir there was a mistake in my jamb registration on my subject it was literature instead of government please can it be changed

  • Goodmorning sir, after payment will the change be effected immediately online or I will need to still visit the office.

  • Is it possible to change all my jamb institution details,i want to change from university of jos to AAU.

  • I’m a direct entry student I have my jamb registration number,but I forgot to input it during my registration…..and I paid for correction so that I can input it…. But unfortunately I didn’t see it to put….. Hop that will not affect my chance of admission

  • I wrote jamb 2017 and I was admitted, but the name on my waec is Israel Paul and on my jamb is Isreal Paul…….can that affect me?

  • and had already use the name on my Jamb result when I register for school utme, so the name is on the school profile…..don’t know what to do bro

  • pls how do I change geography to chemistry in my utme subjects? geography was mistakenly chosen instead of chemistry.

  • Sir please i wrote my jamb 2015 actually i can’t login my account can i create another account hope its not going to affect before going to service

  • Sir plz while registering 4 JAMB, there was mistake made in my age. So plz sir is it going 2 be a problem me, and how am i going 2 resolve it?

  • Afternoon sir,. How can I correct my jamb registration number which I ommited while m registering for post jamb…

  • Please My name is Olanrewaju Ramadhan Abdulmumeen,I just received my jamb result 2018 which I did at 9th of march at socrate center,please I don’t think that is my result due to failing certain subjects,please i need help,I know what I did and am sure I can’t fail lyk that.please help.

    • You can confirm if it is your JAMB Result by checking it on Jamb portal. We can also help you to check it, just drop your registration number.

      • Name:Olanrewaju Ramadhan Abdulmumeen
        Registration number:85736508EB
        Examination center:Socrate college,Ilorin KWARA STATE.

        Good day Sir/Ma,I checked my result through jamb portal and am very sure I scored far higher than the score I was given.Is there still result verification service for jamb?If yes, how much will it cost and how can I go about it.Thank you very much

    • Are you saying you wrote Jamb in 2015 and want to apply for change of name?
      Yes, you can. You can visit any Jamb zonal office near you and request for it.

      Best of luck.

  • My registration number is 85736508EB,I would love if u can help me verify if it’s my real result because I very much doubt it .THANKS

    • Well, this is your full details.

      Name: Olanrewaju Ramadhan Abdulmumeen
      Reg Number: 85736508EB
      Date of Birth: 30 November 200*
      Origin: OFFA in Kwara State.
      Exam No: C35001077
      Centre Name: Socrates College (CBT Centre), Aromaradu, Adeta Ilorin, Kwara State

      Subject Score
      Use of English 45
      Mathematics 75
      Physics 55
      Chemistry 43
      Total Score: 218

  • hi.. aftnun.. i applied for jamb change of name a week ago and am yet to get a reply from them.. cause i need it urgently for ma nysc…. please those it take so long before its been done.. and what should i do.. thanks

  • Is it possible to change wace results dat was given in my jamb registration to neco result.

  • Please I did my jamb regularization in school but didn’t validate the regularization because I was not given proper jnformation about the process. I bought Jamb Direct Entry, I was trying to register it in Jamb office then I was told that my Jamb regularization has expired. I was told to do another in which I did but I made mistake by using the new jamb number my school gave me instead of the the one I used to gain admission. Pls his can I correct this? Is it going to affect my Jamb regularization?

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