2019’s JAMB UTME Registration Mistakes and How To correct Them

A lot of Candidates made one mistake or another while filling their Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, Jamb Registration Form, and after the results is released, they found out the mistakes and getting it fixed might look like a dead end… but Jamb correction of data has been made possible by Jamb. Although there is a price for it. The Price for Jamb Correction is N2,500.00 (Two thousand five hundred naira) only.

But thanks to Nigeriaschool.com.ng Team who are always eager to help anywhere possible!

Some of the mistakes Candidates makes whiling filling their JAMB Form includes;
– Mistake in Birth date
– Mistake in Age
– Mistake in Name(s)
– Mistake in – (Put here whatever the mistake it is you want to correct)


You can perform correction for the following data group (Kindly make Payment (on your JAMB Profile) and visit the nearest JAMB CBT Centre for correction.)

  • Names Correction (can only be done once)
  • Passport Photograph Correction (can only be done once)
  • Gender Correction (can only be done once)
  • UTME Subjects Correction (can only be done once)
  • State/LGA Correction (Correction can only be done once)
  • Profile Correction (Correction can only be done once)
  • Choice of Institution/Course Correction (Correction can only be done twice with separate payments)

The good news is that, it can be corrected!

Update: JAMB Correction of Names can now be done after registration.

JAMB correction of data

Update: You can Now rectify any Mistake you made during JAMB registration without going to their Zonal Office! Everything can be done online – We advice all those who are preparing for 2019 Jamb Registration to take precaution while filling the form.

Jamb Correction Data

Go to http://jamb.org.ng/correction.htm Chose the Data you want to correct, when you click on proceed, you will be redirect to this page (Below);

jamb correction of data

We have been helping Jamb Candidates via email and one of the candidate actually wrote back to us. We are posting it as is;

From Omene Solomon.

I wrote some time ago telling you of the unintentional date of birth mistake made during my jamb registration.

So you (nigeriaschool.com.ng) asked me to go to any Zonal jamb office and tell you how it goes.

I went and they told me to write a letter with the contents of what happened, they told me to attach my date of birth certificate and also my Jamb slip.

And I was asked to pay the sum of Three Thousand Five Hundred Naira, (N3500.00) only.

They assured me that they will send somebody who is going to their head quarters in Abuja to make the correction and that with time it will be changed, I just want to let you know that it has been changed!
Thanks for the help.. God bless.

And this is how to change the mistakes in your Jamb Registration.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

So far, the only mistakes I have seen in JAMB is that of age and names.

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  • sir… I paid for late jamb regularisation since January 19 up till now I ve not received email .what can I do

  • plz the register make a mistake n register me Wit another person pin n surname n I even did thumb printing on the other person registration pin….
    n they haven’t used my own pin yet..
    plz can that mistake be rectified? n how?

  • Please the email I opened my profile with is not working well I don’t know If it’s possible to change it

    • Hello Hyacinth,
      If you have not done anything with the profile yet, you can create another account. And this time, please ensure your account is working before processing.

  • Pls sir i made a mistake in the waec grade i uploaded during the registration
    Pls can it still be corrected and how?

  • Plz I reprinted my jamb mock slip a d saw a different age and subject combination.. What do I do??

  • They did mistake during my registation,in my subject combination instead of chemistry they choose mathematics.pls what can i do

  • please I made a mistake to put uni uyo first choice instead of aksu please what can I do now

  • just checked my jamb slip for reprinting and there is no passport on it what should now and my exams is on 15 may

  • i just checked my jamb slip for reprinting and there is no passport on it what should i do now and my exams is on the 15 of this month

  • A mistake was made in my name my surname was ommited and I feel disturbed pls what can I do?

    • You will have to correct them. Please see if you can do it online on Jamb portal or visit Jamb zonal office nearest to you after the examination. It usually cost between #2500 to #3500.

  • please I made d mistake in arranging my name,date of birth, gender and institution and I was told to pay #3500. please can all this be changed at once or I will pay #3500 for each mistake.

  • Please can a different date of birth in your WAEC result and JAMB affect your admission??. i mistakenly filled 2000 in Jamb and 1999 in WAEC but the names are the same. Pls help..

  • Der was a mistake in my jamb instead of oluwatosin ..they wrote olutosin..can i still change it wen am tru wit my jamb?plz

  • pls I make a mistake I filled economics and commerce but someone told me DAT d r dsame and my exam is on 17 wedsday pls can i still change it before d exam

  • pls help me ooo I never knew d two subject are the same and d person that told me this said that he was once d vitim last year that no school gave him admission pls can i still change it before or after d exam

  • pls i have wrote my JAMB exam, and later find out that d midle name i use for waec is diffrent whit the one i use on JAMB(AFODA NOAH ADEBAYO for WAEC and AFODA BOLUWATIFE ADEBAYO for JAMB). pleas can this cause any problem for me and if yes is it not late?

  • thank you sir, pleas can correct the name by my self on my phone after the result is out or go to caffey of in JAMB office?

  • pls during d processing of my jamb a mistake was made( in my name) so i wil like to know d date i will be able to change it and i will also like to know if changes of institution can be done and when is d date. i need reply nw pls

  • In my second choice institution am supposed to put Nursing /Nursing Science , but the lady mistakely put nursery and primary education. could it be change

  • pls sir I change my institution when I was correcting my data and now that the result is out but I didn’t meet up with the course and school cutoff mark so I want to ask if I can change it again if the form for the change of institution is out. thanks

  • pls sir can i steal change my course from agricultural bioresources to waft because i have written the exam

  • Hello, pls I made a payment for change of institution and the money has been deducted from my account but I cant complete the process…pls what next?

    • There will be my friend. It is better you change it to the correct one. If the mistake is in NECO. Please go to neco zonal office and get it changed.

  • pls can i be admitted if I made mistake in my local government during jamb registration

  • Please I made a mistake In mine name for jamb registration mine waec surname and mine jamb surname is different and mine result is out please can I still b able to correct it.

  • pls sir a mistake was done in my day of date of birth. Instead of 24th May 1997, they wrote 23rd May 1997 and i hav written jamb and i made it. What do i do about dis error.

    • It is simple Promise. Log on to your Jamb profile and apply for data correction. You will have to pay Jamb N2500 to effect this change.
      Let me know if you have any more questions.

  • Sir pls help me. What can i do concerning this error, Instead of 24th of May, 1997 as my date of birth, Jamb made a mistake and wrote 23rd of May 1997. I didn’t knw it was a problem until i begin to read people’s comment about their error during jamb registeration. Pls sir what wil i do nw cos i hav written jamb and i made 249 by God’s grace.

      • thanks Sir, i have gone to jamb office and i was told to go to bank and make deposit of 2500 into jamb portal and then 700 for processing making it a sum of 3200. But Sir can i go to any bank and make that payment.

          • good morning sir
            please sir i made a change of institution to University of Ibadan on Monday and submitted the necessary details to JAMB office that same Monday…
            so I’ve been unable to login on UI portal to make application for the screening as a D.E student of which the application closes today…it kept saying login failed incorrect credentials
            please sir what do i do….

  • Please the lady filling my form made a mistake in my local government instead of owan-west she filled in owan-east. Is it going to affect me?

  • Hello sir I made a mistake in my date of birth and I have already taken my JAMB exam can I still correct it

  • Pls is computer engineering part of futa newly approved curses..pls I need urgent answer pls…


  • sir i made mistake while registering for jamb instead of Nwode obinna Emmanuel.she wrote Nwo?e obinna emmanuel….and i have received my result…can correct it?how long will d correction take?am scared a bit that it might affect…..what do i do?

  • can we do the correction else where apart from jamb office cause I don’t know any jamb office in kogi

  • Hello,

    I already paid using Mastercard on my portal but I am unable to change my name because 2017 UTME has not shown on the drop-down. What do I do please?

  • Good evening, I wrote 2917 UTME, I tried changing my name, I already paid and whenever I tried to change my name it keeps asking for my exam year; please sir I how do I go about it?

    • I don’t know why a lot of candidates are finding it difficult to complete the process.
      If you want to, you can grant us access to your Jamb profile and tell us what you want to do. We will try to do it from our end here.

  • Good evening sir, please is it possible I change my o’level results details I used for registration. I combined result earlier, want to use a single result now.

  • There was a mistake in my name positioning-the middle name as the first name and vice vesa; will it affect me from gaining admission?

  • pls can I change my waec from two sitting to one sitting in jamb coz I made day mistake during my jamb registration?

  • sir pls can i change d o level result i am using for jamb pls i rilly nid dis i scored 227 in jamb and i d lyk to change it to awaiting gce

  • pls sir I made a mistake during registeration I mistakenly put Lagos as my state of origin instead of ondo can i still change it now at jamb office to ondo back pls I need ur reply thanks

  • I went to change my date of birth at a cafe through remitta and up till now my date of birth has not been changed. Pls sir what can I do about it.

  • I went to change my date of birth at a cafe through remitta and up till now my date of birth has not been changed.

  • Do I have to make separate payment if I want to change my course and name.
    Pls I need an urgent help

  • Pls sir I nid an urgent reply…I’ve corrected my LGA nd I’ve submitted d form in Ibadan so pls wen will the correction be made…

  • pls I did change of course and institution… de secomd day I was given admission into kwasu…. de question is…. will it affect my admission…… 2….. can I change it back to de course I apply for in kwasu screening which is biochemistry… I chnged it to chemistry recently… pls I ned an answer

  • Pls I did d change of skul and state since 2 wks ago…but I visited cafe d change has not yet been effected….and I went to dia ofice dey said d person meant to sign d indemnity form travelled…..delsu screening comes up on d 14th of august and we are asked to kum with our original jamb result which wil contain all dat.. since d change hasnt been effected uptil nw aw du I go abt it????????

  • Hello, how can i cancel an application? for instance, if i apply for a change of lets say name and i dont want to change it again. What do I do to cancel the application?

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