JAMB Correction of Data: UTME Registration Mistakes and How To correct Them

A lot of Candidates made one mistake or another while filling their Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, Jamb Registration Form, and after the results are released, they found out the mistakes, and getting it fixed might look like a dead-end… but Jamb correction of data has been made possible by Jamb. Although there is a price for it. The Price for Jamb Correction is N2,500.00 (Two thousand five hundred Naira) only.

But thanks to Nigeriaschool.com.ng Team who are always eager to help anywhere possible!

Some of the mistakes Candidates make whiling filling their JAMB Form includes;
– Mistake in Birthdate
– Mistake in Age
– Mistake in Name(s)
– Mistake in – (Put here whatever the mistake it is you want to correct)


You can perform correction for the following data group (Kindly make Payment (on your JAMB Profile) and visit the nearest JAMB CBT Centre for correction.)

  • Names Correction (can only be done once)
  • Passport Photograph Correction (can only be done once)
  • Gender Correction (can only be done once)
  • UTME Subjects Correction (can only be done once)
  • State/LGA Correction (Correction can only be done once)
  • Profile Correction (Correction can only be done once)
  • Choice of Institution/Course Correction (Correction can only be done multiple times with separate payments)

The good news is that it can be corrected!

Update: JAMB Correction of Names can now be done after registration.

JAMB correction of data

This is to inform all the candidates who made mistakes while filling their forms during the 2021 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) UTME Registration that they can now make corrections for the following categories:

  • Names Correction: This allows candidates to apply for the correction of names where there are spelling errors or errors in the arrangement, e.g. Surname, Firstname, or Lastname (Correction can only be done once).
  • Date of Birth Correction: (Correction can only be done once).
  • Passport Photograph Correction: (Correction can only be done once).
  • Gender Correction: Supporting documents may be required.  (Correction can only be done once).
  • State/LGA Correction: Supporting documents may be required. (Correction can only be done once).
  • Profile Correction: (Correction can only be done once).
  • Choice of Institution/Course Correction: This allows candidates to apply for a change of course or Institution (Correction can only be done multiple times with separate payments).

NB: Changes for Course/Institution, Names, Date of Birth, Gender, State/LGA of Origin, etc., cost N2,500 (two thousand five hundred naira only).

Data Correction Procedure

Follow the procedure outlined below to effect any of the changes above:

  1. Go to JAMB portal at http://www.jamb.gov.ng/efacility/.
  2. Login with your Email and Password.
  3. Click on ‘Registration (2021 only)’ from the list of services on the left side.
  4. From the drop-down, select ‘2021 UTME Data Correction‘ / ‘2021 DE Data Correction‘ as your case may be.
  5. Then proceed with payment.

After payment, visit the closest JAMB office, or a JAMB accredited centre to complete the correction process.

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  • I made a mistake or let me say where i went to register my jamb registration process, they made that mistake though; it was unintentional. Instead of him filling mathematics for me, he filled chemistry for me without me being science student but the funniest part of it was that i also did not in any way detect the mistake before he sent it that day.
    Please, what can do about this
    above is my email.

  • hey !please i think i filled b2 instead of b3 for english language during my jamb registration and fear it might affect my admission,how can i
    change this?..reply asap..thanks

    • Hello Nnadi Amuche.
      Please follow the steps in the article. Go to any zonal office close to you and let them know. It will be corrected.

      • please I made a mistake in my jamb gmail account… instead of using the right gmail in opening my profile and registration, I used a gmail that looks alike a little bit… can I change it in jamb zonal office???

  • Pls is it posible to change my state of origin frm my dads own to my mums own,and some people said its not composry to change it again dat during registration i wil go and collect my mums LGA.and state,hope it wil nt affect me? thanks.

  • goodday
    my name s bello ganiyu adeola, there was a mistake in my jamb registration on my state of origin, instead of ogun state the person filled lagos state. pls how can i fixed this issue.

    • You can fix it by following the guide in this post. Locate a Jamb zonal office nearest to you and let them know what you want…

  • goodday sir. i filled all my jamb details correctly i put my result on awaiting and the o level waec subject i filled on my jamb i can’t remember some and i want to take my waec now i don’t know if the o level subject and my waec subject didn’t not match if it will lead to problem.how can i check my o level subject

    • I wonder why you didn’t write down the subjects you filled. By the way, you should be more concern about the subject combination for your chosen course and not the ones you filled in Jamb.

  • I Registered for jamb when I was filling the form I made a mistake in my LGA n the choices of universites n course pls what should I do..?

  • i made a mistake while filling my form I made mistakes in my LGA,choices of universities n course,…and even the subjects…..pls help me what should i do?

  • Hello admin. Am taiye, I register one university not knowing am supposed to register two universities pls how can I register the 2nd choice univ?

  • I mistakenly registered one university not knowing am supposed to register two. Am planing to go add the 2nd choice univ. Pls how am I going to do it?

    • Hello I mistakenly use the wrong subject combination
      Pls he can I change it
      And also in my names I didn’t put my last name
      Pls he can I correct it

  • Pls….this sounds crazy. …but I recently discovered that the date of birth in my jamb result is not correct after being admitted. Pls can I rectify this error? Or is there any other alternatives.

  • Am meek 4rm Enugu state bt i live in lagos….am 2016 JAMB candidate….i av found my solution, cux my pro. Z dat i do nt read hard nd datz a crummy, Even in my WAEC is narrow escape pass ,,,in this jamb, i must read hard nd score 300 or above and i pray 4 fortunate also bt datx my intention 2 score higher….i want to challenge myself cux i had never in read hard b4 …my brain must come back…..i wi probably 2 interact u on fb, plz add me wit “MEEK PROSPER” jamb iz my P.Pic bt my images r dere

    • Hello Shunom, please go to the nearest Jamb Zonal office and they will tell you what to do.

  • Pls my brother registered For jamb but letter. Gain admission To a politechnic and now want me to be registered instead in his space,I need your help pls way can I do

    • Am not sure if you can change all those information. Why not purchase another Jamb form? You still have 4 days to decide.

  • pls I am in Abuja i made mistake in my age in jamb registration 2016 how can’t I do pls

  • I want to change my jamb registration name because all of my document bear my surname and my native, but i include my middle in jamb registration

  • good day. admin. I made a mistake in my name in jamb .it was miss spelt
    .instead of adewale oyewumi.it was written as adewale oyewomi.but DAT was last year and have been.giving admission cause I did an affidavit. am now in school with a wrong name .can I still change it .may b going to jamb zone.please I need urgent answer.please..

    • Yes, you can change it. Please visit Jamb zonal office nearest to you. Also take with you your affidavit and some cash.

  • My name is Arinze Nweze,I made a mistake in my Jamd registration.they writ Afikpo south instead of Ezza South both in Ebonyi State.

  • I made a mistake in My Jamb Reg…they wrote Afikpo Local govt instead of Ezza South but where both In Ebonyi State.

  • pls sir i wrote nnoron on my jamb slip bt the regirster wirte nnaorom and my native name dere onyekachi why he worte onyekaihi what will i do sir

    • Please follow the guideline in the post. Go to Jamb office and get it correct. There is still enough time for that.

      • I want to have the correction of names and I’ve done all the necessary things but still there had not been any changes please what do I do……and also it has been up to 3weeks do u think it will still take more than a week

  • I also has same problem of misspelt in my name, during online registration the cyber Cafe did my cannot write my name as it was written their form. instead written Denti Musa A. the write Dengi Musa A. and date of was not as given to them.

  • Plz ah forget to input my last registration number if available (2015)to make my admission faster…. Is there something ah can dO

  • I made a mistake in my name, my name is Aniakor Kingsley but what I sow was Aniakor Kinsgley what should I do???

  • Pls i made a mistake in my name it is supposed to b GEORGE.. Bt d person dat registered me spelt GEROGE.. wat can i do

  • i made a mistake in my name wich i just noticed and i went to jamb office to complain wich they asked me to bring 3000# wich i did and they said they call buh i havent see their call til now.please wot can ido

    • Please don’t wait for them to call. Go back and ask them if they have process it. They have a lot on their hands and might have forgotten about yours.

    • Please go to Jamb office and they will do that for you at the cost of N3,000.
      But I don’t see why you want to put that in. You can check your jamb score online if that is the reason.

    • No, but you are going to access all your jamb info. from the Jamb portal.
      However, you can rectify it by going to jamb office nearest to you, the fee is N3,000. They will update your details with correct information.

  • I registered for this 2016 jamb examination on my slip the name there should be Akintelure Omoyemi Lydia but what I found there was akintelure Lydia which suppose not to be so…pls sir/ma assist me to change it my jamb reg is 66503896EG and my phone number is 07067979**** God bless you as u help me.

    • Hello Lydia,
      You can rectify this by going to Jamb zonal office nearest to you and you will be asked to pay N3,000.00.

  • I made a mistake in my jamb instead of writin Samuel de wrote Samaila for me how can i correct this pls tel me

  • Pls sir help my sister’s jamb 2015 result is not having her passport but that of a man pls what do l do.

    • There is problem oh.
      Please ask your sister to visit any Jamb zonal office nearest to her and lay her complain. Jamb will help.

  • Hy am samuel pls during my registration d cyber cafe made graphcal mistake in my name instead of writting b dm wrote d and i wanna Change it so i went to jamb offiCe b4 we started jamb and i was told to pay #5000 for it and so dm tak say i shuld write my eXam finish and CUME BK BUT PLS NAU DAT THE HOUSE OF SENATE DN TAK SAY CHANGE OF ANYTIN NA FREE PLS HOW ARE WE GONNA BE SURE DOSE JAMB OFFICials wont Charge us, abeg oo

    • Unless the House of Senate enforce it, and give access to individuals to report those who fault the new law. There is no way it will be free.
      Welcome to Nigeria.

  • pls sir I want and put my middle name in jamb but I did not use it in waec
    will it affect me

  • Good pm pls an error was made when putting in my jamb Subject. The guy that registered me put in Maths English Government and Home economics instead of Economics I have seat for the exam and my result is out. pls can I still change the subject? pls reply me

    • To be honest, I don’t know if this one can be changed. But you can visit any Jamb zonal office to find out. I hope you will share the outcome with us. It will help others in your situation.


  • I seated for the Exam cause an issue came up that i have to travel. i came back a day to my Exam only for me to see the Mistake he has done there so u have tried all my best in Changing it but it proving not possible . pls before I go to Jamb office. Can they still Change it for me after i have seen my jamb result.

  • pls help ooooo. Can I still change the Subject that I pick and do in jamb after i have seen my result.

  • Pls I made a mistake with the speling of my name instead of oluwatobiloba it was oluwatobiloba that was filled. Pls can this affect my admission into any school of my choice because I want to purchase a change of instution form because I scored 180 and I want to minimise expenses.

    • Most schools in the north cost little to nothing.
      Yes, you can rectify the mistake in your name… Just follow the steps applied.

  • And pls does ABU really accepts lower credit for DE? Thanks for your care sir,you are the best.

  • please the man who register my jamb wrote the wrong names on my jamb registration so i can i change it please
    i saw my result and i discovered the names was different from my waec names i so can i change it from the wrong names(agbaraojo lukuman adewunmi) to the correct names (adewale lukumon abidemi

  • the cyberman made mistake in my names during registration on jamb please can i change it from agbaraojo lukuman adewunmi to adewale lukumon abidemi. my registration no:6559657B*

  • I did jamb regularisation but my surname was not properly spell. the last letter in my surname was omitted plz hw will I correct it

      • pls sir how long does it take to be correct after going to their office because I have same problem in jamb, instead of ukamaka they wrote amaka

  • I went to do change of institution,,,, i chose unilorin before and was changed to unibadan by mistake but i want to change it back to unilorin,,, please is it possible in the jamb office

    • I wanted to change the second choice university in my jamb slip but the cafe operator change all the institutions and change unilorin to unibadan. Please can i change it back from unibadan to unilorin

      • No. It is done once. That is why you need professionals to do change of course/institution for you!

  • I applied for kwasu post jamb and when the result comes out i discovered that i mistakingly registered with a wrong jamb registration number.please sir how can i correct this mistake of mine.please i need an urgent answer thank you.

  • pls how can i fill my waec result in my jamb?bcos it was a late entry i bought n not d state i reside dats y i couldnt fill it den

  • I am in my finals and I just realized that on my jamb admission letter, the school recognized by jamb is not the school I gained admission in and currently attending..rather its a private school i applies for when my admission was being delayed..how do I fix it?

  • pls sir I made a mistake in my last name in jamb, instead of ukamaka they wrote amaka. can it still be corrected by this time and how long those it take.

    • Hello Ukamaka,
      Yes, it can be corrected. You need to visit Jamb zonal office. They will let you know how long it will take and what is required.

  • plss…..i made a mistake when writing my course nd degree type plss how can i correct it…can i cancel it??

  • in 2016jamb.I misplace my first name to my middle name ,HV been given admission can it still be change

  • My friend that helped me fill my jamb made a mistake in my date of birth, i discovered it this year Please want can i do. Cos I went to jamb office and I paid some amount and they gave me a former to fill which I did that and took it to my school but my school did not recommended it pls help me to rectify it for me pls be for I graduate.

      • Sir please I mistakenly used an email that is not active for my jamb registration but when I noticed it I created the email but is not reflecting in my profile in jambs portal please help me sir

        • Glad you were able to create the email. Now, try requesting for a new password and see if it will work.

  • hello, I made a mistake when filling my jamb latr regularization instead of putting current name of rector of my institution I mistakingly put the immediate rector’s name. how can it be change.

  • Pls I made a mistake in my jamb registration form instead of my middle name I put my surname there so my surname is both in the surname and muddle name how much will I need to correct it

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