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JAMB Registrar’s Interviewed on NTA- Get N100,000 If Your Script is Re-Marked- Dibu!!

For the past days now, the house of assembly instructed Jamb to re-mark the script of all the candidates who wrote the 2013 Jamb UTME examination, and the registrar of JAMB, Prof Ojerinde was on NTA Weekend Live yesterday, 18th May, 2013 and the following lines were extracted from his comments during the interview…

– He said “Over 700,000 candidates have the chance to get into school of their choice this year” (those with 180 and above).

– Candidates who tried to cheat were given Types A,B,C,D when the types were composed of D,I,B,U (From his name initials)… he asked, where did the students get type A and C expo from? Confirming all expos were Fake and a SCAM. (sorry for those who trust on external bomb)

– He also talked about students no longer serious to study as most of them failed to read the 2 novels recommended by JAMB from which questions were set. (we told ya all to read the novels…)

and now here is the interesting part of the interview..
– If you think your script was not marked well, come over as from June 1st and challenge JAMB to get your script remarked. If there’s an error, they’ll give you N100,000. (time to make free money!!! but what will happen if your script are marked correctly?)

Now I know jambites are also went on strike (this is the first in history where Jamb candidates are protesting…),
to jamb offices in different part of the country.
What Jamb Registrar failed to tell us is, where to come and challenge them to remark or script? where can we come over to get our script remark? Mr Jamb (dibu)?

We heard rumours that Jamb cut off mark for Universities will be 170 while Polytechnics will be 150, but from the statement above, the JAMB cut-off will not be reduced, as usual, Jamb minimum cut off mark will still be 180!

And for candidates who want to their Jamb Score to be upgraded, please take note that this is not possible, unless your father is Prof Ojerinde!!
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19 thoughts on “JAMB Registrar’s Interviewed on NTA- Get N100,000 If Your Script is Re-Marked- Dibu!!”

  1. Hello jamb this Ia all bushit ok what u are tryinf to say that we are all illitrate this tins are unfair what of people that have satyed at home for complete 4 years no adimission evry year I take jamb stiil no adimission pleas I am not traying to say that what you peopl did is not good but u should try and consider most of us ,ao that we can go to school and graguate pleas u peopl sould do sometin about this thank u

  2. Baba dibu has said his own mind. If u ar sure of ur self, u ar bold. Then go and challenge Jamb in their office. There is a chance 4 u to do dat. Even u will get 100,000 after remarking ur script , and they realize dat d error came frm them. Wow dat is a great offer. Bet we nigeria student ar just decieving ourself. Every 1 of us know how he did d exam in our centre, bet now result is out and we ar putting blame on jamb. And bet jamb gave u what u score after ur cheating, bet u ar saying jamb didnt do u well. Bet do u do urself well b4 jamb wil do u well. To u dat has been worried cos u hav stayed long at home, bet my advice to u is dat, cont. Trusting on God, cos God time is d best. Dont run faster than ur destiny. And mind u, God has a purpose 4 u. Alway hav faith dat everything wil be okay with u one day.

  3. Godwin Bassey Marcus

    With due respect to Mr Ojerinde, i want to bring to his awareness the fact that many brilliant students have also been punished for a crime they did not commit. Let me use myself as a case study. I was given paper type B in English, type U in Biology, type D in chemistry and type I in Mathematics. I answered questions on my paper type and knew the exact number of questions i had correctly in each of three of the subjects. I couldn’t know what i scored in English because i didn’t answer any of those 15 questions that came from the novels and i wasn’t aware of any novel since no syllabus was given to me when i purchased the form. I used my elder brother’s syllabus to prepare for the exams. When the result came out, i checked and what i saw was unbelievable. It is either Jamb does know the answers to their questions or they deliberately fail me even after using the above stated paper types. Tell Ojerinde that i will challenge them. They should just tell me where to lay my complain.

    1. I can substansiate & make my stand before Dibu n his official members dat what they scored me is not n wil never be my jamb score!! If only God wil keep me alive til 3rd of june 2013, I must surely take the challange at all cost. All I want is fairness, justice & truth be told. Enough is enough, for how long will we continue to be maltreated n unfairly justified by this so called JAMB? This is an action time 4 us who wrote the jamb exam., independently n are sure of our answers. I was silent all these while but now that I am aware of this chalenge, I have to act immediately. TO MY FELLOW STUDENTS! can u just stop involving yourself in any form of exam., malpractice/cheating n study ur books very hard so as to minimise the propensity of similar incidence from occuring. It is true that 95% of those leaders at the head are corrupt but we can stil make different if only we can moderate our style of approach in all life endeavours, having in mind that two wrongs can’t make right. If the head n the tail are both corrupt, I wonder what will become the fate of our gifted nation; ‘NIGERIA’ n her citizens in the subsequent years ahead. If the world we are into today is to be well, it must start with the relentles efforts of u and I towards doing the right thing.

  4. Godwin Bassey Marcus

    Check my paper types and remark my script. If i don’t score 300+ then i’ll have to throw away my textbooks. Just remark the scripts so you could see your error.

  5. Marking the scripts again cannot help because wen u remark and people score high, institutions will increase the cut off mark which may affect those that their scores are not high. I will advice that universities should reduce the cut off mark which can benefit those dat scored high and low in Jamb 2013. Thanks

  6. How can i get to dem 2 get my Jamb script remark? God wil punish u 4 dis jamb! Am nat a failure but u are. D mark u gave in chemistry{23} is nat what i did. I stil av my jamb questn here and av cross check my answer wit Ababio 2 score more dan average am confidnt of…… I knw God wil help me wit {169} u score me.

  7. hey guys stop kiping ok i dnt tink jamb is ready 2remak any script ok we all av acept our fate cos d did ad been done well sha my compasion ar 4dos who might av sat 4jamb 4 2to 3tims cos it cud b frustratn tinkin of sitin 4anoda one! Well 2God b d glory i sat 4jamb 3tms n dis third one de scord me 243 n am so grateful to God cos among d litle few dat passd! Dat my take shalom!

  8. i feel dat anyone who says jamb shld reduce cutoff marks instead of u (jambite) to come forward for remarkin actually cheated. u av always complained for they say com foward 4 it and u are now sayin they shld reduce cut off. stik to remarkin if u are sure of urself. remember, ur results cannot be upgraded.

  9. It is true dat u cant tel ur score in english bt u cn tel ur score in oda 3 subjcts by comparin d questns wit ur txtbuk.4 me, i compared d 3 subjcts,i got up 2 35-40 corectly. Bt i hed dat dier is a metod jamb always use in markin.dat 4 evry questn u fail, dier wil b reduction in d marks of d ones u’ve goten.probably dat is wat afectd me bt i tank God vry vry much 4 my is obvious dat most piple cheatd in dis year’s jamb.nd acordin 2 wat i’ve hed nd sin so far,most piple dat cheatd faild.nd 4 dos dat dint chit,may b most of ur ansas were nt corect.u cnt say DIBU is given marks 2 odas nd failin odas.if u dint make it,mayb d tym hs nt cm 4 u.dat is wen d word “DESTINY” coms in.lets jst stp putin blame 4 our failures nd jst hop in God.GOD help us al

  10. Note:dibu said he will gv u 100k not increaasing ur mark.i lf my script was to b remark i will av up to 264 cos dats my original score but i still pass wella cos com (180 nd above)

  11. i jst blieve dat jamb officials are lookin for extra ways to extort money from desperate students.this will only give room for more bribery and corruption which U d jamb registrar is aware of.if u intend to stop malpractice den start frm d head.d head is corrupt nd so d whole body follows.tell me hw dese students got those answers if not frm pple at d office.u shuldnt suffer d body jst cause of d headache of d sure u can do beta.

  12. From delta state How are you sure jamb will not continue to scam us? He (Dibu) only said that to blindfold our parent, the fg and the nation. If only i do not had parents who care about my life (yes i do not care as regards this) i would have said: sir (Dibu) remark my slip and if i score 180 again take my life. But yes i know i cannot prove you wrong on this because of your status (also you scam again this is nigeria) but i (and many other candidates of my like) will still be ready to sacrifice my life to show i did not score 180/400 by God grace (NOTE: Even though the real score would not be awarded) My advice to Nigeria: be wise Nigeria! Do not allow yourselve to be blindfolded. Why this post ? I do not support the notion that those who cheated should be awarded their real score or that Jamb should should be scrap by the fg but i make this post to appease my conscience and forgive Jamb an go on with life (conscience in a sense that if accused for something you did not commit you should be able to deny it. Go on with life in a sense that ever since the release of the result mine was first withhld for biometric whch i did and lately release with low score i have tried feeling indifferent but it kept hurting me that i have to say something. Yes the TRUE) Advice to student if the matter hurt you speek your mind to appease your conscience and leave the rest for God who live and sees all things.

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