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Jamb 2015: Examination Malpractice, Causes and Solutions

The Registrar of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Professor Dibu Ojerinde, has recently stamped out Malpractices in the Admission Process.

Now, if you are preparing to write Jamb 2015 Examination, are you taking time out to study? Or are you are you going to depend on Examination Malpractice, External Materials? Foreign Materials? (


examination malpractice in nigeria




*. Carrying prepared answer to the examination hall.


*. Copying from textbooks and notebooks


*. Copying another candidates work


*. Having a foreknowledge of examination questions


*. Writing examinations outside the approved centers


*. Bribing invigilators and security agents to look away while you cheats


*. Impersonating in order to write another candidate


*. Exchanging examination answer sheets with other students.





  • Laziness
  • Greed
  • Truancy
  • Bad Study
  • Poor parental upbringing
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Inadequate educational instruction
  • Moral decadents
  • Involvement in unprofitable extra-curricula activities.
  • Pride in parental riches.




  • Students who cheats in one way or the other.
  • Teachers who teach students during examination
  • Principals who condone cheating in the school
  • Invigilators who co-operate with students to cheat.
  • Examinations officials who leak out or sell examination question papers for their children
  • Parents who buy examination question papers for children
  • Parents who give their children money to bribe invigilators
  • Supervisors who cannot report examinations malpractice to the examinations malpractice to the examinations body.




  • 21 years imprisonments without option of fine.
  • Disgrace to the persons involved and members of his/her family
  • Damage to ones image
  • Lowering of one esteem before one peers
  • Cancellation of examination papers and seizure of results.
  • Makes one not self-confidents
  • Makes one a mediocre
  • Lowers educations standard
  • Casts doubts on certificates obtained
  • Dents the image of schools involved




  • Makes you pass your examinations with clear conscience
  • Prepares you for the challenges of the future
  • Makes you lay a solid foundations for your future career
  • Makes you have self-confidence
  • Makes people respects you and trust you for positions of serious responsibilities
  • Defends you anywhere, anytime, any day
  • Makes you unafraid of competition.

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