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UTME 2021: How To Change Your Name in JAMB after Registration

The registration for the 2021 UTME is currently ongoing, and we understand that some candidates may have made some errors during JAMB registration. Well, we have good news for you. (continue below to see how you can correct your name after registration)

jamb correction of name

The good news is that you can now correct your data using the JAMB Short Code (55019).

** Take note that this request can only be done using the mobile number used to create your JAMB profile**

How to Correct Your Name in JAMB After Registration

To correct the name that is on your JAMB registration form, send the correct SURNAME, FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME as a text message to the USSD, 55019. (eg; UCHE, ADAMU, SHOLA to 55019. Remember this request has to be done using the mobile number used while creating the profile.

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71 thoughts on “UTME 2021: How To Change Your Name in JAMB after Registration”

    1. Follow the steps above to see if you can still change your name, if not, you will need to wait after the results are out to carry out the change.

  1. Results are out yet I can’t change my name the only gave me a form to fill and that I should take it to my school then my school will take it to the jamb state office to be approved

  2. Please someone changed the name I used in registering jamb…
    Please how can I change it back to my real name

      1. Can the correct date of birth and name in jamb for 2011 my school did not mobilize me for this year batch c saying I should correct my name on jamb portal solution please

  3. I want to correct my name and I have Sending correct saheed sukurat opeyemi to 55019 but it’s telling me that I can’t use correct command because I have not sent my names initially

    1. I am not sure it can be done via this method again (at least for 2018 admission).
      You will have to apply via your JAMB profile.

  4. In NECO I used Stephen Mathew ejiro in jamb i used Stephen ejiro Mathew, pls wat can I do or should I leave it, are they going to consider me for admission

    1. You are going to have trouble if you are admitted. You will have to apply for change of name via your JAMB Profile.

  5. hlo sir my name is GIMBA MUSA ,so by sading my name to 55019 I mistakly tap GIMBA MUSA instead of MUSA GIMBA , I hope no problem sir?

    1. There is going to be problem, unless your WAEC bears GIMBA MUSA.
      If it is the other way round (i.e. MUSA GIMBA) you will need to apply for change of name.

    1. Your name on your Jamb and WAEC must and should have the same format.
      You can’t have Ada Shedrach on WAEC and Shedrach Ada on JAMB.

  6. I want to change my name on jamb portal bt it is nt showing d remittance 4 payment, cn one pay with transaction ID

  7. My name is louisa bt i mistakely send uba louisa chinonye to 55019 instead of uba chinonye it necessary to change it

    1. It will be very necessary to change it. Unless, it is the same format on your WAEC, DOB and other documents.

  8. I use my middle name as my first name and my first name as my middle name in jamb is it necessary to change it and how?

    1. If the name on your JAMB, WAEC, Date of birth are the same, you need not bother, if not, you will need to apply for change of name.

  9. Good evening sir. I really appreciate ur patience in replying to all questions. Pls sir as soon as u have update on how to change name for 2019 Utme reg pls let’s know so that we can quickly apply for it. Thanks sir

  10. please I tried changing name BT it is not accepting coz I used the same number to register last year plz what can I do

  11. ishaq abdulrahaman

    My real name is Ishaq Abdulrahaman but mistakenly wrote Ishaq Abdulraman in while registering for jamb , can change my name after the exam

  12. I omitted my middle name while registering…..
    I got the admission…
    The name doesn’t match with my waec…
    I bought a change of name form and submitted to my University….
    What next..

  13. pls sir, the name on my jamb admission letter is Anokwuru Ginika but the name on my waec is Anokwuru Ginika Godis…I want to change it to Anokwuru Ginika Godis what will I do?

      1. thank you sir, I have applied for it,submitted to my school, then my school have submit it to jamb… I need it for my Nysc mobilization.

  14. I use just two names and it’s awaiting result. HOW will I do it. If I want to attached my result neco and my names are three there

  15. Is it necessary the date of birth on my waec should be the same with the one of my birth certificate?….. And what will happene if not the same

  16. Have applied for change of birth twice…but it wasn’t approve….what can I do?I did it at jamb office

    1. Well, only JAMB can approve your change. Perhaps, you are getting scammed by an imposter at JAMB office. Please see if you can apply through your JAMB Portal.

      1. I have an initial in my middle name but that is how I have been using it right from my O’level but now they said they won’t mobilize anyone with initial in the name, I have also acquired the change of name for, but don’t know what else to do I’m still with the form now

  17. Favour ekwonye ngozi

    Please sir I combined results,waec favour ekwonye ngozi,gce favour ekwonye priccilla,and a mistake in jamb too,I sent four names instead of three names

  18. I av applied for change of name and submitted it to my school admission officer. Like how many days will it takes to effect the changes on my jamb portal?.

  19. I want to change my name from Ventus to Chinonso. I don’t know what to do have gone to CBT center they said they aren’t doing it have also gone to Jamb office at abeokuta they said it has not started in their portal what can I do

  20. Pls i wrote jamb 2019 and there was mistake in my name but i wrote the exam and i did not get the required score and i did not write postutme. So pls how do i correct the mistake in my name?

  21. I did jamb last year with correct name and this year with wrong name….i did the correct of name now but it doesn’t reflect since the past 2 days,what can I do ?

  22. Please kenneth has it reflected now? and was it after you contact jamb? Please reply because I want to do mine.

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