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Are you among those who participated in the UTME 2016 Examination conducted by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB? and you are not satisfied with the way your script is marked? Then this is good news for you, you can apply for Jamb 2016 UTME Remarking!

Apply for JAMB UTME Scripts Remarking

JAMB Remarking Results

Would you like your JAMB 2016/17 UTME Scripts Remarked? Okay, good for you, here is the full guide on how to apply for JAMB remarking.

One again, this message is for Jamb 2016/2017 candidates who think they have not been given a fair scores while marking their script or think there is a mistake somewhere (nowhere).

If you are very sure you should have scored higher than what you saw in your JAMB 2016 Result, then you can apply for your scripts to be remarked.

Important Notice:

The public should take not that this is legit, official and recognized by JAMB. In fact, all the process of remarking will be carried out in JAMB office in Abuja.

Warning: For Candidates who are curious if they get their Jamb score upgraded, this is a friendly warning to you… Nobody can upgrade your Jamb Score, if you don’t want to be scam, then keep your money!

How To Apply for JAMB UTME Script Remarking

Candidates that want their JAMB CBT UTME Scripts Remarked, should go to JAMB Headquarters at Abuja.

When you get to the office, ask the workers there that you want to remark your script and you will be required to make a payment of N10,000.00 (Ten thousand naira) only.
JAMB will look for your UTME script and bring it out for remarking.

What Happens if Jamb is Wrong and you get a higher score?

If after your jamb script is remarked, and you get a higher score than what was given to you initially, JAMB will refund your N10,000.00.
On the other hand, if JAMB is right, you lose the N10,000 to JAMB. It is a gamble 😛

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  • What of those of us who can’t make our way to Abuja? Please Jamb, don’t do this to me. I prepared so much for you. I studied very well and was so happy while coming out of the hall just to meet a score that is not mine. It’s not fair!

  • Pls can i go to jamb office for the remark of my scripts,bcos jamb did not give me my real score

  • Oh Jamb why have u treated me like dis. I prepared well for u bt all u can do is to break my@ nd make me cry. Jamb u did nt do me gud at all

  • Infact am extremelly fedup, i heard dah jamb is using 1 types 2 mark abt 4 types..dah z crazy nw…i prepared well 4 dz jamb..and mst of all wah i read came out..2 my suprize i saw 168 as result whch cn nvr be my result in Jesus name..mehn jamb all ur strategies are absolutely beyond my comprehension o.

  • I Am Very Sure Dat D Score Gvin To Me Is Not My Real Score…But D Question Is How Do Get To Abuja Since Am Living In Asaba,dey Should Be Doing D Remarking In All D States Not Only D Headquarters Cos Am Ready To Pay Just To Get My Script Properly Marked

  • I was so happy after i logged in with my reg no with the ?s i was given, i finished b4 d estimated tym given to us and i even smiled out of the exam hall. But to my utmost shock/disappointment i was given 132( is that even blievable) for some1 with 255 last year as my score(even dummy can’t get such score). I’m sure something isn’t right. Please notify me when jamb are ready to that because THAT IS NOT MY SCORE

  • Haaaaaaaaaa it not fail ooooooo while will jamb gv mi wrong score DAT is not mine pls sir do something to it oooooooo we all beg ooooo dis is not jamb ooooo dis na rubbish ooooooo

  • am very sure d score dat was given to me was nt mine I had so much confidence after writing my exams because I was so sure of wat I did only to find out dat I scored 166 pls jamb should do somethin about all this.

  • my name is emmanuel my last jamb I scored 230,this year jamb give me there own score 175,which is not my scored,jamb offivials pls help us

  • This is an extreme act of wickedness by the examination body! Why can’t we apply for remarking in our states? Rubbish

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