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A Call For 2016 Jamb CBT Cancellation

Open Letter to The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB and the Federal Government of Nigeria.

A call for 2016 Jamb CBT Cancellation!

The on going 2016 JAMB CBT has so far proven to be unfit and unworthy of assessing and qualifying candidates for admission into tertiary institutions as they provide candidates with faulty systems and substandard computers to write exams with.

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Most candidates in the ongoing JAMB CBT complain bitterly of irregularities encountered in the course of the test or examination.


These irregularities range from system failures during the test, provision of wrong or misplaced options to questions, automatic selection of options for candidates even after they have made their choices, to awarding of false and undeserved results to candidates.

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This incompetence has led to mass failure as is evidently being recorded in the ongoing test even after most candidates are sure of what they have written.

It has gotten to a point where people actually wonder if these tests are actually marked or if this board gives candidates whatever score they dim fit.

It however goes without saying that since some or most of these systems are obviously and evidently faulty, they will likewise give false results to candidates thereby jeopardizing their chances of getting admission into the higher institutions even after they have duly prepared and sacrificed for this examination.

I and other candidates are living witnesses to these unfair treatment by the board in the name of “going digital”.

The question is, how can an abnormal computer give students normal results? How can JAMB assess candidates with faulty systems? How can they just cause mass disappointment?

This computer based bullshit should be abolished and the ongoing test should be terminated and a rerun test should be conducted.

Government and the right authorities should please intervene. They should go to the various centres and see things for themselves.

They should interview candidates and hear things for themselves.

JAMB needs to be questioned for this display of incompetence. All 2016 candidates will agree with me on this. Something should be done please!!!

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26 thoughts on “A Call For 2016 Jamb CBT Cancellation”

  1. I believe this is a bad cuture practise by this so-called jamb is full of rubbish,i did my exam well,even familiar with the questions in my series buh only end up scoring something far bellow my expectations i think it should be cancelled.

  2. I tot I was the only one affected, not until I got to hear other pples case, this year jamb was one of the easiest jamb have ever done, but to my greatest surprise I got very low score, this is definately so unfair, Jamb need to revisit all the scores.

  3. Its really unfair,jamb should consider us dis so called exam shud b remark or reconducted.this mass failure can lead to suicide of some candidates because this is their last hope.u can’t imagine after preparing for this exam only to find out that my score is 172…- feel like dying


    I felt same,since november dat i registered 4 my jamb i ve been reading,on d day of exam whch was shedule to start by 9.30am on 9th march started around 2.30pm.again d system log us out b4 time..n we culd nt finish bt i ansad all jt let wit ten question in eng wen d system shot down..i ve been crying i cnt even call my parent n tell them..dis exam was so simple and afta all jamb gave me 154 y i need 200marks..GOD interven in dis case

    1. We need to wait for Jamb to let us know the way forward for those with pending results and No Result Yet…
      Just keep checking…

  5. Lord, have mercy on these people who feel it is alright to try to mess with the destiny Of another ,
    I am still confused as to where I went wrong In this exam to deserve this score

  6. I scored 250 in the 2015 jamb,To my surprise this year jamb gave me 159 after getting those cheap question,,as a pre degree student. Y this DIBU OJE


  8. i read like mad .. i wrote my jamb well bcs it was easy for me but to my suprise dey send me 0 as my result i couldn’t believe it i even cried that night like a kid bcs all my sleepless night was all in vain .. while our teacher do say dat to study pays but not in Nigeria . the worst is that as i want to print the 0 to show my people for them to believe what am saying then they said that i cannot see my result that i have a pending result .

  9. So bad omen the worst jamb ever. last year i’d not go for jamb lesson and I was able to crush jamb but I attended a lesson to attain a greater hight score of jamb but so supprisely I score below 180. jamb if na only me make una call me to rewrite my exam.

  10. jamb 2016 is really frustrating… I encountered questions with no correct answer in d options, Hw would d system have marked dat. Dis is my very 3rd time of writing jamb nd I was at first joyous dat it was d best jamb ave written so far Cos I managed to answer all questions even along with d faulty questions, jst to see d next day dat jamb gave me 194… couldn’t believe my eyes… pls JAMB officials, do something.

  11. Yes we are not scared of rewriting the jamb.This whole fracass is uncalled for. Imagine students working so hard towards this year’s jamb all for a demeaning result. It’s either we rewrite it or our results are calculated accurately. This year’s jamb rendered many people hopeless like this girl that was given160. She dose’nt even have any hope of writing in a poly. We Nigerians strong sha if not many people for don commit suicide. Please I’m seriously begging the board to consider we jambites if not as leaders of tomorrow consider us as you would your children because I’m sure you have children that are in school and wouldn’t want them to suffer this fate

  12. in my own centre we were not allowed to use d time alloted to us. at abt an hour for d exam to end we were all logged out simultaneously nd d score wasn’t encouraging at all. I strongly believed dey marked us down..

  13. Seriously, i thought i was the only one affected. After all the sleepless nights, after studying for hours each day before Jamb, after studying almost all the past question… I still scored below 200. What da hell is wrong with Jamb? i am very sure the scores were falsified!

  14. I have never experience this kind of bullshit before.On the process of writing the test the computers were freezing severally and whenever that occurs we have to relog in to proceed.The air and fan were not powered on due to unstandered state of the generator, everybody was sweating.The worst is that i had almost an hour left and the system submited by itself,i will never forget that day in my life because it was hell.Justice should be done. Exam center:Niger state polytechnic Zungeru

  15. Jamb need to cancel this year jamb, becos everyone should bear me a witness almost all the question that appear on the screen, am sure I know about 80% of them after i have written my exam am now seeing my score below 200, something has to me, as for my own opinion, let jamb cancel these year jamb, and use oral interview as admission process, as was used in the year 1996, jamb should consider this my opinion.

  16. yes, it really heartbreaking never prepared for an exam before like I did for this jamb….after writing n sure of wat I did, n then I was given 174 …..the taught of it is already killing me . I know a friend who because of this mass failure is seriously ill cuz this is her only shot n they spoilt it for her…..pls have mercy on our future n do something.

  17. This is really disappointed.Having spent time reading my books,I was fully prepared to write my exam.Fortunately for me,largely of what I had been reading came out.As a lucky guy,I proudly with smile wrote everything.Throughout the day,I was just holding my phone expecting JAMB alert with the hope of securing 280.I even rechecked the questions when I came back,they were right.Ultimately,JAMB gave me 192.Is that not funny?Something has to be done to get all these results rescided.

  18. Hmm, nothing to say but, Justice must be done to the applicant’s that sat For exams, and justice is the cancellation of UTME that is just the truth.

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