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Jamb Candidates: After Admission, What Next?

As the Vice Chancellor’s mission is to make The Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Unizik one of the best citadels of learning, so is it also our responsibility to propagate such mission to you our Giants. Congratulations once more as you are among the privileged few to be admitted by merit among thousands of applicants.

You should not allow the progress you have made so far to cloud the fact that the work is not yet done but has just begun. I will not indoctrinate you to live in the hostel or lodge,the choice is yours because you can make it anywhere you are so far you are positive minded.

Don’t let let your family, philosophical, psychological, anthropological and educational background to negatively affect your academic front floor in terms of your human relationship with your fellow intellectuals.

There is nothing in the university, but there is so much in it, depending on your perspective. Unizik has come to stay, students come and go but it remains.

Nnamdi Azikiwe University-Unizik

Do not be selfish and proud if you know in order to teach, and be selfless and humble to ask if you don’t know in order to learn. Education encompasses the spiritual, physical, intellectual, emotional and social aspect of your life,that is what makes it ‘SPIES’ of life, try and touch all parts with moderation.

Choose your reading team in your first semester, not when you have seen results you start looking out for the best. Human beings(you and I)are sensitive in nature. It would seem as if you came because of their Gp. Everyone wants you to accept them the way they are and have little confidence in them before results…so, do so and remember to carry them along even when the result is pasted.

Don’t be selfish and proud to teach if you know and be selfless and humble to learn if you don’t know. If you are a Virgin (boys and girls alike), four or five years is too short for you to blow a balloon you worked so hard to maintain, unless you are preparing it for your potential campus boy or girlfriend, so to say.

If not, maintain your integrity.You should not allow the glamour and razzmatazz of the university community to becloud your sense of discernment. Make three crucial friends: The one above you to teach you, the one below you to learn from you and the one beside you to discuss with you.

Whether it is first, second or third class,you already know because I believe no one hoodwinked you into choosing your disciplines, you did because you know you can. “How you dress is how you will be addressed” has always been a time-honoured maxim.

Dress decently and and have some reservation so that you will leave something to the imagination. Let it manifest in your life so that your lecturers and and course mates will know you have they fear of God dwelling in you.

Remember to enjoy every moment of your stay in our great institution which you will soon be fully part of after your matriculation. We are always available to assist you with any information and crucial enquiries.

If you need any assistance on e-clearance, physical clearance, accommodation e.t.c. Feel free to drop your comment below.

Thank you.

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