FAKE NEWS: Jamb Add 40 Marks to All UTME Candidates Score

So Jamb is adding 40 marks to all candidates results/score? Well, that is a Lie from the Pit of… In fact, don’t believe this fake news that is been spread online.

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The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, Jamb is not adding any mark to candidates score. If this done, then know that upgrading of Jamb results will become possible.

This rumor started last year April 1st 2015. And it was April Fool. See the screenshot below;
Note: Take note of the Date this joke post was published, April 1, 2015!

JAMB Adds 40 Marks to All candidates Score (LIE)

JAMB Adds 40 Marks to All candidates Score

What you scored is what Jamb is going to Give you! So don’t believe the many lies of jobless people!

Original Jamb Result Slip Printing

Candidates who have seen their JAMB CBT Result are advised to print their Original Jamb result slip before it is too late.

Rather than want a Magic 40 Mark score added to your Jamb score, go print what you have before it is too late!

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  • please the new jamb officials i beg you in add 40marks for me i wrote on tuesday n my system was shutting down pls add 40 marks for me God bless you all will be waiting for a message that the 40mrks ve been added

  • please for God sake help those that wrote on Saturday 13th if is to rewrite it or add 40marks sir we that sat down for Saturday 13th exam we pass through fire sir just as if they use us to set the systems pls oooo help us

    • Just tell ur Dad..leave mum…wat r hell…I personal wrote on Saturday.. I got exam bi 1.30pm lord behold…I went 2 Mi center around 10 tinkin evrtin ix set…i we waited Nd waited 2 no avail …nt until 8minit pas 4 …DAT wax wen does written mornin paperz wax jst cumin out …wat heppend onli God knwz…d worst part of it ix dat we enter hall around 5pm Nd dey xaid we got onli 1 hour…2 bad I pity sum people DAT veri day.

  • Jamb pls help us and add 40mark we try our best we read hard we pray hard bt still we can’t make it pls jamb help us by the grace of God pls jamb

  • pls help us,we are pleading nd d system is nt all dat good ,from evinok centre ph pls help us we r beging

  • my system went off 3 times on Monday. I got 174. it WS so painful 4 me. jamb registral pls do sometin abt it

  • I heard on news yesterday dat jamb still has a long way to go……hmmmmm students DAT wrote on Saturday went through hell after dat day the previous exams had no problem so jamb should come to our aid .Centers like solid fundamental keffi had serious problem.

  • In Jesus name I pray ,those who need forthy mark ,I decree in the name of Jesus u shall all resive oncomon favour in Jesus name ,cry no more ,it is well with u your result in Jesus name,. If u believe type amen

  • its true pls add 40 marks to dose below 230 so dey cn av a fair chance in participatin in d university screening.. pls jamb jst lyk 2015/16 help us so we wunt be home any longer…pls

  • 88% of candidates who sit for the UTME Examination are totally failed due to the problems happen to the computers. but by adding more marks to their results it will be very interesting to the candidates, without doing this getting admission will not be easy and people’s money and struggling will end up with a poor result which is not proper.

  • after all the sleepless night 178 was my score where do I start 4rm NDA wouldn’t reasoning my score so am down on my knees abeg jamb even if it’s jxt 12marks dat would b added I wouldn’t mind pls jamb board assist me

  • Pls sir help us out, especially those that wrote on saturday 13th…..
    I beg u in the name of God..

  • pardon mi do u know what I think jamb is a big cost for us nd d trouble we went through to had pass d nyt der jxt to see to it dat we enrolled for jamb 2017 nd one computer z gvin us it’s only best it can (anytin he wants to show us as a score it’s not funny )nt to me nd it would b of great favour dat government should cancel jamb lyk dey hv cancel post utme in schools due to d high rate of waec/neco jamb should not b needed u can’t imaging one sitting for jamb 4/5 tym jxt 2 gain admission wen der z no much income for our parents to sponsor der 1-8 children not one would want to go to school leaving d rest,who would agree to go for d oda to stay back even if na u wey dey read dis text everybody definitely want to go to d higher institution bcus looking at a country lyk ours given it more 4/5years without qualification der z no job for u.where am driving at z dat computer base on writting dis exam wit 120minute is not effort to answer all dose qtion including maths nd d fact dat am getting desame score as dat of my last jamb score I think d computer dat marked my paper has an error while doing so. so I want jamb board to help us in finalizing dis issue on ground nd assist us wit d little u can if it’s to rewrite dis jamb for dose who think der score is inconvinant den I think dat should b of great help to us tankz

  • i hurt severely for those who wrote jamb this year the results are vry bad wallhi please prof oloyede ishaq do something even adding 40 marks i beg u sir.

  • Pls help us we that wrote on Monday our score seems to be very very poor, pls all d candidate are crying for the 40 marks,if not some body will die.

  • Pls help us,in benue state my center was so poor GLOBAL ICT LTD opposite Benue state university makurdi,on monday 15may we wer suposed to write by 1:30pm bt due to d failure of our systems we were taken to another center known as FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE MAKURDI ,wich we strtd around 9:30pm nd end 11:30pm .,that waz nt fair,i evn slept there in the rain

  • Please kindly help in adding mark because in my centre at osogbo osun state “aitech atman” our system was hanging all through jamb can go ahead to confirm that problem wasted so much of our time in that centre that made me score 195,5 marks to my school cut of even if I could get 10 more marks I will be very grateful.


  • this is my three times for writing jamb without achievement I scored 165 dis year pls & pls we begs for addition of 40marks.
    by d time I saw what I scored I feel to die and.
    I wrote mine on Saturday 1:30pm

  • I Have So Much Difficulties Writing Jamb On Monday.After I Started Exams 1 Hour To The Time Scheduled My System Went On And Off.And Vigilators Keep Sayin And Telling Me Not To Worry.Till Time Was Gone. Jamb Also Gave Us A Novel To Read.We Spent So Much (days)Hours Readin It And At The End No Question Came Out Of It. Truely Speaking Is That Fair Jamb ?? We Need At Least Additional 20 Marks. Tanks

  • we plead for a fast reply from jamb please to know the next step and i wish its a positive one …iboko victor okorie god bless!

    • Exam No: C62904184
      Centre Name: Calvary Arrows college, km 20 Gboko Aliade Road, Gboko, Benue State.

      Subject Score
      Use of English 41
      Physics 39
      Biology 51
      Chemistry 31
      Total Score:162

  • pls jamb board help us wit 40 marks for dose hu r hvin 150 to 180 or reduce ur cut off mark for this year if u wnt consideration at blinkynora u don’t jxt speak for urslf alone u consider odas u don’t know what der problem is during d exams plus u think losing 6500 is easy nd d struggle on d line in a very harsh weather plus doing alnyt wit mosquito bite jxt 2 jxt register z fun? pack well nd locate ur malaria drugs on tym hmmm back to where I was jamb board ooooooo plz u hv 2 help us even if u don’t wanna gv us 40 mark den make everyone hu scored 150-179 into 180 dat z ur cut off mark for d year owk fyn I shouldn’t b stingy bcus der r pple hu work hard 2 get above d cut off mark if u were to gv us additional 40 mark it would luk as if jamb cheated nd we would score above dose hu struggle hard not dat it’s was ones fault to hv scored below it jxt due to one problem or anoda well my score is 178 jxt add 2 for mi I don’t mind to make it 180 atleast I can go from der in my NDA which I applied for bcus I know NDA wouldn’t even consider 180 as one cut off mark bt der z no harm in trying God bless u for ur consideration tankz

  • jamb board lyk seriously am having slipless nyt over here plz consider our request well d qtion I was gonna ask was dat I hope dis system z not doing a negative marking bcus if it were to b human begin(pple wit heart) dat marked our paper weytin b 2 -5-10 wey system no fit gash person bt human begin go do am,if not for to much stress I for say make una continue dey mark our scripts

    • jamb this year is nt encouraging at all. everyone is crying why. the stress and the money gone like dat haba jamb HV pity pls. if jamb can do like last year, we will b very happy. pls Mr Registrar do something so we can enjoy u. u need help just like last year pls hear our cry of stress and this had time to lost money

    • Hello Mary,

      Exam No: C11205059
      Centre Name: Gboko College of Education, Rice Mill Road, Gboko, Benue State

      Subject Score
      Use of English 42
      Physics 41
      Biology 41
      Chemistry 35
      Total Score:159

    • Exam No: C11205059
      Centre Name: Gboko College of Education, Rice Mill Road, Gboko, Benue State

      Subject Score
      Use of English 42
      Physics 41
      Biology 41
      Chemistry 35
      Total Score:159

  • Am tolulope pls jamb should help us too hard 40mark 2 our result course me…..If i did not pass this year jamb no more skull in my life again…..Any help you can do for me pls……. cry

  • pls & pls jamb should wipe our tears by adding us 40 40marks.
    if ye help us may God would also help u and ye children and continue protecting ye.
    pls and pls oooh
    we beg ye

  • sir pls we ar pleading
    the tears dat are in my eye can make me commit suicide pls sir we ar pleading
    3years at home is not easy pls sir favour us with 40marks plssss help us pls

  • Sir we knw u re a true Muslim so pls because of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W even if it is 15 or 20 marks add for this people to at least sustain admission into college or polytechnic than continue staying at home dnt u think is going 2 curse more problem to the society?

  • please jamb officials am sorry to say this please we need additional 40marks to favour us and may Allah reward the adder of the Marks abundantly

  • you guys are just crying..I don’t think they will Add…look if I don’t see any Additional score before the end of this month I will commit suicide oooo

    • Please don’t commit suicide because of ordinary Jamb. What will happen if you are admitted and have carry-over/spill-overs?

  • Jamb supporse to see those candidate cant u fell somehw or whats it bcus ur children are not among the candidate haba.dis failure is too much smebody parent are poor out there do u knw how the manage to get him registar. For dis exam my cousin from nassarawa to bauchi all bcus of jamb and later got 144..haba fear god and try to help somebody even once..

  • of course jamb should add at least 10-20 marks imagine me I got 179 just 1 mark haba pity us please

    • ehya!…sowie, May Almighty God wipe your tears by granting we guys the 40mark

      if you believe it say Amen

  • Am So Dissappointed In My Self Is Just As If I Din’t Do My Best And Now I Don’t Know If My Parents Is Also Disappionted In Me I Scored 32 In Physics 37 In Biology 56 In English And 43 In Chemistry And I Got 168, I Fasted, I Starved, I Prayed And Yet This Is What I Got It Is Jst Asif My Dreams Of Studing Medcine Is Shattered If Only Someone Would Feel What Am Feeling Now They Should Hear Our Cry And Add Atleast 10 Or 15 Marks My Knees Are On The Floor

    • my dear I did same thing prayed n fasted buh I got 156…God help us I just pray they add d 40 marks to our scores

  • please sir! we need a favor from you for adding us a mark even it’s 20 to 30 marks for polythecnic or colleges. wallah sir there’s no year that JAMB failed like this year,we failed sir and it’s perfect failure cause the failure even the colleges and polythecnic will not us an admission. we need your help we know that you’re a simple man with simple life you can help THANK YOU SIR!

  • Please sir we need atleast 20 mark. I score 189 because of computer malfuction. Please help me

  • Good time sir..please hear our cry and pardon us by adding at least 20 to 40 marks in each poor candidate results, pls sir, I got 38 on use of English, 36 on mathematics, 39 on physics, while 49 on chemistry, total =162,,, am really sad, is like my dream to become an engineering student has failed this year again….sir 4 years at home is not encouraging at all, please sir pardon us and let’s us see if we can gain admitted to any college or polytechnic…..pls sis pardon us.

  • Does anyone think that these guys care, well I hope they do. After all the studying and starving. God, I even started talking to myself and yet 189. Are science students the only once that failed this year, or does it include Art?

  • Does anyone think that these guys care, well I hope they do. After all the studying and starving. God, I even started talking to myself and yet 189. Are science students the only ones that failed this year, or does it include Art?

  • pls and pls jamb help us by adding 40 marks we tired of sitting at home pls help us may Allah help you and you know we have try our best and many people failed this jamb this year pls favour us and add this marks for us

  • somethung should be done concerning those that scored 179, and Jamb should also put forward their marking schemes that is bringing that Odd number let JAMB help those wt 179 plssss am not a victim bt its too painful….imagining it

  • i am upset right now this year jamb is totally a disappointment i scored 190 for medicine please sir if you could atleast give us 10-20 marks it will be of more help

  • jamb. with all this Complain laydown.fulfill it, and God almighty whom i serve will reward you…. so aspirant rejoice it over they will as I said.

  • Pls sir we need our help with atleast 30-40 marks because 70% are failed out of 100% we need our help sir pls help

  • jhz praying jamb should should see to dz, m a student already
    I have never failed like dz b4, despite d fact DAT m schooling presently

  • I wrote on Monday, I started well , ppl were already complaining of d system
    not long, mine too hung and dere was no service, dey were telling us not to press anything ,
    later, dey got some ppls system fixed and mine……nooo
    and ma tym was reading , already shedding tears, b4 d man could fixed it , 40mins of ma tym was gone, I complained , dey told me tz non of their business, I was d only candidate DAT finished late, got to a certain point I had to start choosing any answer cz of d tym
    ma 1st yr jamb ppt was 189, 2nd was 208(2015)m nw a student of kwara state polytechnic, writing ma project slt
    don’t wanna stay at home 4 anoda yr, now I scored 175, so annoying
    and m aspiring 4 Unilorin, microbiology , which. z 200, jamb no do me well at all
    d only help z jhz to add at least 20 or more.
    I fasted and prayed , prepared well , sleepless night

  • if i where the jamb officer all this pleased and cry that our people ‘re shaving tears i for that add 20 or 30 to all candidate. Sir as you do know that no one is perfect in this planet earth what that happened to days might happening to your children as well. Jamb exam it is the matter of intelligence it is the matter of fortunate please sir add mark to candidate i beg on the name of your God.this yrs jamb exam is full of stress and suffernesss you people should please and put that into consideration. Some people that ‘re in the village would ‘ve to transport to were the accredited centre is in other to make sure that they write jamb and leave their parent house. Plz sir do what that will make all jamb candidate laugh this yrs there is nobody that want to stay at home everybody that participate in jamb this yrs want to enter school. Plz sir this is a critical issue i beg you in the name of God put this into consideration. Thanks for read into the end.

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