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FAKE NEWS: Jamb Add 40 Marks to All UTME Candidates Score

So Jamb is adding 40 marks to all candidates results/score? Well, that is a Lie from the Pit of… In fact, don’t believe this fake news that is been spread online.

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The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, Jamb is not adding any mark to candidates score. If this done, then know that upgrading of Jamb results will become possible.

This rumor started last year April 1st 2015. And it was April Fool. See the screenshot below;
Note: Take note of the Date this joke post was published, April 1, 2015!

JAMB Adds 40 Marks to All candidates Score (LIE)

JAMB Adds 40 Marks to All candidates Score

What you scored is what Jamb is going to Give you! So don’t believe the many lies of jobless people!

Original Jamb Result Slip Printing

Candidates who have seen their JAMB CBT Result are advised to print their Original Jamb result slip before it is too late.

Rather than want a Magic 40 Mark score added to your Jamb score, go print what you have before it is too late!

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238 thoughts on “FAKE NEWS: Jamb Add 40 Marks to All UTME Candidates Score”

  1. Some jamb centers where jamb take place their were system failiour, what is the reason I think dat should be the real reason 4 mars failour

    1. It could be… A lot of candidates failed due to system error. I hope something will be done about that.
      Nigeria is not Ready for Computer based test yet.

  2. Andrew Divine Chinaza

    Were I wrote my jamb their were system error and some question are not correct. Like english question 11,20 pls if their is any thing that will be done for all jamb candidate. I don’t want to sit for this exam again!!
    Pls Help us?

  3. You guys are out dated here. jamb is giving extra 40 marks to candidates that took on 27th and 29th take it or leave it, it is true and real

  4. while d students are ready for d exam,our leaders re nt ready bcos of the bad computers dey said dey upgraded or maybe it was planned frm d begining bcos uni and poly cannot admit not more than 50,000 candidates hereby causing the failure of most jambites.

  5. Question 11- 20 in English seems therez error nd we were asked to leave it… Imaging some1 i know nt even up to 150 nd dz guy is gud.. I think its d system’s fault coz therez massive failure

  6. i didnt received a message 4rm jamb but i went straight forward to check my result on net,wen i opened it,it was 206 but i didnt c d scores of my english result.pls. Wat dose dat means. help!help!!help!!!

    1. Perhaps your Eng. is canceled. Or it is still loading. Please do check again.
      Note: You can only check it 5 times. So print it out!

  7. All efforts to check utme result as directed did not appears to have no effect.Pls help me out.Reg no 65024388EE

    1. No result yet…

      Did you encountered any problem during your Jamb Exam? Like the system submitting your work after your time has expired?

  8. We were logged off from the server room even when we had not finished the exam. Does this mean an automatic submit of our answers?

  9. My Jamb result was texted to me by jamb as 160 but when i checked the net i saw 200. please which one is my actual score.

  10. I wrote on 2nd March but am yet to receive my scores. I’ve check online NO RESULT YET I ve nat been ma self since yesterday . We were even logged off from the server room when we had more minutes left… What should I do??.. 66613710bg..

    1. No Result Yet…

      A lot of candidates that encountered this problem (automatic log-off from server) are yet to see their results.
      I have been tracking over 50 Jamb Registration Number with this issue. And all of them have one thing in common: No Result Yet…

      I hope Jamb will fix this issue after the exams.
      There is nothing you can do Chechi. Just hope.

  11. I wrote my exams today, and after reading your tutorials i tried to check mine
    at first they showed me no result.
    But later this evening i checked and i saw mine y

    1. That could be a problem. A lot of students who didn’t submit their examination and the system logged them out, they are yet to see their results. Did the system submit your details?

      Lets hope yours will be different though. Please wait 3 days before checking it online.

      Good luck!

    1. It is not server error. You should also check it online to ‘verify’ your score.

      According to Jamb, candidates are expected to receive their result via SMS 30 minutes after the examination.

  12. I wrote mine on 7th, some of the English questions could not appear for me to answer them. Why is that so?

  13. i wrote mine on 29 feb. uptil nw no result yet although i finished my time and i saw sumthing of subjects taken, total timetaken (165) pls help me iz my work submited or not my reg. no is 66054610IJ

  14. DEAR management board of JAMB actually i wrote dis jamb exm up2 5th years bt am nt getin 180,i c is 4 dis year i get 169.pls!!! in name of God i beg u people of jamb help me with 11 point abeg, my colleques all pass (pls favoured me)my is=65857848DD TNX AS U HELP ME

  15. During my exams my English questions 60-73 had problem I told a jamb invigilator but him told me to continue during maths the calculator that was on the system was really bad I could not use it before I could finish all its logged me out now I got 179 and my cut off mark is 200 what can I do

    1. There is nothing you can do…
      You should opt for Polytechnics. Most Universities cut off mark is going to be 180 and above.

  16. I wrote on 8th March.. D texted me my result az 194.. I was disappointed nd doubted it so I checked online nd indeed it was 194..Pls I want to know if jamb do make mistake with people’s result sometimes.. Pls is there any chance that my result might be upgraded or changed

    1. 1. Your Result cannot be changed.
      2. Your Result cannot be upgraded.

      3. Your Result can be remark… JAMB will open the portal for that very soon.

  17. If your result is remarked,will the score b sent or you’ll have to check it agn online?…and how long will the portal take to remark your exam??

  18. Please Help me i haven’t seen my result since 1st March whenever I check it on cyber cafe it keeping showing No Result Yet why?

  19. I experience shouting down of system during my exams and now I have 176 , what kind of thing is this why is Nigeria like this if we are not ready for something let them not do it

  20. pls I wrote mine on 11th of march,I tried checking my result with my reg no but it’s not going through and besides one of the female invigilator’s collected my card and I didn’t c her after d exams
    ams ll I still c my result?

  21. I tink jamb should find something to do concerning dis error DAT almost all d candidates encountered during their exam..even my English dere was too much error and those 1 carried 2,2 marks and same thing to my other subject ,cos I did phy ,che and math but wen I checked d calculator on d system I found DAT d calculator was not avin (.) dot and square root ,so those DAT has square root and dot in my question I couldn’t b able to answer them so it really pain me so I just choose any1 this year jamb is really a fuck up shit! but thank God upon all wat I encountered I still got 215 so I really thank and appreciate God

  22. I checked it online ,cos dey didn’t send it to me via SMS ..and if its true DAT jamb is adding 40 marks to all candidate pls jamb am expecting mine o

    1. We will inform you when the results are out.
      We Can also help you check your result, send us your email and password to your jamb portal.

  23. I wrote my jamb since Saturday and I have not yet received any alert,I checked online I saw not available.this is my reg number:76964866DB

    1. Please keep checking And We can’t check your Jamb result without your email and password used during registration.

      1. people that do their jamb at hollaram at state library akure and their system switch off itself b4 those people finish it ,can they add mark for them or wat is the solution

        1. Unless the report to situation to Jamb. Nothing will be done for such candidates.
          And I believed the operators there will not report it to JAMB.

  24. my computer shutted down four times and it made me really slow not to be able to answer some questions. I hope jamb would be merciful!???.

    1. exam that was suppose to written 7am was written 7pm on Saturday in ugeb unibright computer centres our systems blew in the hall after typing my registration number every one was running out of the hall for their lives CU’s smoke started coming out and now I checked my result am having 177 without consideration from jamb after the high tention that day is so on fair a lot of people got injured and collapse that day

  25. Am from kwara state i did my exam at kaima L.G.A my first complain is we hav exam @ 7:00am nd we started exam by 12:45pm bcos of sistem problem nd wen exam was started i did maths for complete 3 times b4 i did it 4 d fourth times system are switched off without any reason i beg oloyede and our headers in nigeria 2 consider us by adding us marks we wat we can write at exam hall but system nt permited us.

    1. What do you mean by rewriting?? We that wrote jamb on Monday really suffered bcoz of network problem.. we were supposed to write by 1:30,but we started by 6pm… Jamb shud pls add marks or bcoz it’s not fair

  26. please jamb should help us a bit, if we start to say what we experience in the hall night Wil come.if it’s 40mks.just to console us.

  27. My problem is that i don with two subject and the time never reach, and my system shutdown, please help us to add fourty40 marks for us. Please help us

  28. everyone’s should be informed by now, dat this jamb candidates especially those who wrote on Saturday result was low due to insufficient or poor computers ..therefore if d jamb official refused to add marks then those on Saturday should re write again….I hope I m making sense

      1. that means they add marks to all candidate that sit for this year jamb exams bcs all center have one issue or the other wich make many candidates have low marks they should add marks for us

  29. jamb should really add mark to those that wrote on Saturday….. those that wrote on Saturday went through hell…

  30. I just checked my result and damn no, I know people are getting below this but how am I supposed to tell my parents about my score, I hate myself right now.

    1. No even go der..which 1 b hate ur self 4 ordinary jamb..jamb doez nt even warrant ur anger…xo if I wer u…I I’ll just kip smillin. No tym 2 vex abeg

  31. Jamb candidates dat wrote on Saturday…hmm infact it was nothing to write home about please jamb we need una help to ascertain our goal

  32. their sever is not always stable,jamb should please consider our request.. we are not asking for much,we just want them to please add 40marks to our score..
    I can’t believe that I score 170 I don’t even know how to tell my mum,I’m just so depress right now….

  33. Nosakhare Oduwa gift

    i want to use this opportunity to plead with the new jamb registrar to at least consider those of us that our system tripe off when the exams was still going so it has affected us so badly i want to plead with you sir if you can at least add 40 marks to the score plx

  34. adinde Chika vivian

    please jamb officers i am beging u in the name of God because i need to enter school to study more, i hav a very system problem that did not allow me to complete my question and i score 167, assumed i finish all my subjects i will score morethan this pls help us out and want pain me most is that some school will agree that the hav a good system to use for jamb but some will not be good please help out because is our futures that we are talking about here

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