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Jamb 2014 ResultChecker: How to Check Jamb 2014/2015 Result Online

Finally! Jamb 2013 Result has just been Released!! All candidates who took part in the Jamb UTME 2013/2014 Examination can now proceed to check their Jamb 2013 Score.

As at the time of writing this report, Jamb 2014-2015 Result has not been released, but we believe that the results will be out anytime from now.(probably before Friday). Meanwhile, the steps below can be used to check your Jamb results when it is out.

How To Check Jamb 2014 Result

Step 1. The step by step guide on how to check your Jamb Result has already been posted here, but due to the heavy traffic going to Jamb website, candidates can access their Jamb 2013 Result from this website and the step is just too simple, proceed to the website and


you can use this jamb website to check your result as the one above has automatically gone offline-

Step 2 When the webpage loads up, you are to enter your Jamb Registration Number and your Jamb Score will be displayed on your Computer Screen.

Please Take Note that Jamb website will be Overload with too much of queries, So it will not open easily. (Imagine, over 1 Million Jambites are all trying to check their Jamb Score at the same time)

The Best time to check your Result will be during the night Period.

We can Help you Check your Jamb Result, all you have to do is send us an email with your details or comment below and check back in few minutes.

According to the Jamb Registrar, Mr Dibu, 10 candidates scored 300 marks and above, while 127,017 candidates scored between 1-159 marks.

More details on the full statistics of Jamb 2013 will be uploaded soon.

Changing of Your Institution/Course- 2 Weeks Grace Only

If you made mistake while filling your Jamb registration form, or you want to change your Course or Institution due to low mark. You have just 2 weeks to change it to your choice. will be changing your Choice of Institution and /or Choice of Course, starting from Monday.

We wish all candidates the best.

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598 thoughts on “Jamb 2014 ResultChecker: How to Check Jamb 2014/2015 Result Online”

    1. (36313950BE) You CANNOT See Your Result because “You Have No Biometric Verification”

      35182239FA COngratulations!!!! you scored 203 please goto a cybercafe to print your jamb result.

      1. Pls what am I to do inorder to check my result if why trying to check it say You cannot see your result bcos you have no biometric verification. pls help Me

        1. please see the solution for candidates with the no biometric verification on the homepage of

  1. Emmanuel williams Gwatana


    1. this is for 35944916ff which state You CANNOT See Your Result because “You Have No Biometric Verification”
      this is for 35972337El which state No Match Found, Check the PIN or Reg Number..

  2. Plz non of d jamb website is avalable nd i want 2 kw my jamb result plz here is my reg. Number 35134999FD

    1. we are sorry this was the reply You CANNOT See Your Result because “You Have No Biometric Verification

  3. plz iz dere any other way of chekin d result apart frum ur registration number and d scratch card?i will like a know plz… Tenk u

    1. Please check your previous comment, i have checked it already. doing that double time will prompt you to buy the e-facility card.

    1. you don’t have any result yet

      here is what i get when checking your result.
      You CANNOT See Your Result because “You Have No Biometric Verification”

      please go to the homepage of and read more on this..

    1. Congratulations to you Olanike, you score 223!!
      Aggregate = 223

      Please go to a computer center to print out your result.

    1. Abosede (35892238HG)

      Your Jamb Score Aggregate is = 161

      Adekunle (35892155DE)
      Your Jamb Score Aggregate is = 185
      Congratulations to both of you.

      Please go to a cybercafe to print out your jamb results.

  4. Please help me check my jamb result reg. no 35567348JA. Exam no. 15603132 . You can inbox me in facebook @ osaigbovo enorense wilfred. Thankz 1luv.

    1. Don’t know why, but ucweb is a free software and downloading it won’t take more than a minute or 2. if you don’t like the software, you can delete it after checking your result.

    1. Congratulation Chinedu!!!!
      your jamb 2013 result is Aggregate = 199

      Please take your details to a cybercafe and print it out.
      Imo State University Jamb Cut-off mark is always 180.

    1. I don’t think your details is complete, here is what i get. No Match Found, Check the PIN or Reg Number..
      please check and reply here so we can check it for you.

      1. God of high bless abondantly @Legend.
        Thanks for releasing me a bit. Ok. I have seen it. Let me read the biometric views

      2. Legend, diz iz d story.
        On dat day of JAMB, i did my tomb-print 3times, bt all didn’t shw. Dey only mark me MANUALY in dia ROLL-SHEET nd tomb print odas.
        Wè r 700+ in our center nd servin us wit ONLY 1 palm-top, so as all r tomb printn nd goin, i stud asid wit sum studnts, nw arnd 11a.m, one of d Officials drovè in wit hs JEEP, complainin oda centas v strtd nd dat we shld go in & strt exam.
        We rejoice tot its a gud fate., nt knwning its our pendin fate.
        Exam, muvs on till 3pm. Den wen we all passd our paper, we dismissd.
        Dats wot hap.
        Pls do me a gr8t Favour, share diz 2 all JAMBITES, i nid enteraction wit my couleagues dat ll write NDA exam.
        Pls hlp me tll dem 2 snd An E-mail 2 diz ( or lets share idea b4 nd afta Our exam dated 18th May.
        God bless u

  5. Please check mine. My reg number is 36233536BH.. Post it here pls…and again dat site u said we can use 2 check d result is never working. Tryna check d problem. Tanxs

    1. congatulations Israel Onyegbula
      your Aggregate is = 188

      Please goto a cybercafe to where you can print out your result, you have 3 more chance to use it, after which you will need to buy a scratch card to check it. Also note that this is not the original jamb result slip. we will be offering it soon.
      please ensure you use a computer system that you can print out your slip.

      Let hope your school of choice cut-off mark is 180, if not you can quickly apply for change of Institution.

    1. Rofiah (35242583CA) Aggregate = 209 Lit. in English = 52; History = 51; French = 44; Use of English = 62; total score is 209 Congratulations Rofiah

      Aminat (35271846BG) Aggregate = 181 Physics = 41; Chemistry = 44; Biology = 44; Use of English = 52; congratulations, your jamb score is 181

      Aggregate = 162 Mathematics = 40; Economics = 42; Commerce = 44; Use of English = 36; your Jamb score is 162 congratulations ===========================================================================================================================

      please Mr/Mrs Sulaiman goto a computer center (cybercafe) to print out the result of your kids, congratulations to all of them.
      we hope the school cut-off mark will be low so all of them will have the chance to be admitted. (don’t check the result again or you will exceed the free chance and will be required to buy the e-facility card)

    1. Aggregate = 178 (36621821DF)

      Aggregate = 192 (36523241CC)
      congratulations, please goto a computer with internet connection and a printer to print out your results.
      please also ensure to get your original jamb result slip.
      I have forwarded this to your email address.

  6. Plz help with this… jamb registration numba-35446217CE…My coz has been on my neck..and I keep geting one 40somfin error.

    1. For (36040670BA) you scored 164
      For (36106241BD) You CANNOT See Your Result because “You Have No Biometric Verification”

  7. Pls i hope Jamb is not trying to conspire against those students who chose universities over polytechnics bcos I can’t understand why all ds low scores ds time. Anyway God is at work and He must finish what He has started, Congrats.

  8. FBL/LEGENDK!D You guys are doing a very great job. Thanks for bringing information close to us. Pls u promised to give us universities/polytechnics and their cut-off marks, when shld we be expecting it or better still what is d cut-off mark of university of Nass, Abuja, UNAD etc.

      1. you don’t have any result yet.. You CANNOT See Your Result because “You Have No Biometric Verification”

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