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Jamb 2013 Update: What Every Candidate Must Know To Pass Jamb 2013- 2014 Examination and Gain Admission!!

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All jamb candidates who are preparing to write the Jamb 2013 examination are advice to read through the content, to enable them know the hidden secret of writing jamb examination once and come out with flying colors! You can score more than 270 in Your Jamb examination, if you are equipped with the right resources

How To Score More than 270 in Your Jamb 2013 Examination
The statistics of annual applicants to the University Matriculation Examination (UTME) keep increasing, shooting to over one million, with more than 40% increase on a yearly basis. See why you should do all you have to quickly get admission into your chosen institution and move on with your life? Every new year, you have more people fighting to gain a space in the Tertiary Institution.

This year, 2013 jamb, more than one million Nigerian school-leavers who had already queued up their information on the JAMB portal are gearing up for the JAMB-UTME examination which has been scheduled hold on the 27th of April 2013.

Now, the question everyone is asking, who is going to make the Jamb cut-off mark for 2013/2014 Session?

from the recently concluded Survey, it was discover that about 50 per cent of the total number of candidates pass JAMB examination yearly, but another question is? do this same number students gain admission into the available spaces in the Nigerian Universities/Polytechnics? Of course, you and I know the answer. It is a Capital NO.!.

But from this content, dailygists.com has decided to share with the Numerous readers of nigeriaschool.com.ng the nuggets on how to be part of the winning group, nigeriaschool.com.ng has free guide for Jambites on what to do to pass your jamb examination easily, as well as what to avoid as JAMB 2013 Examination date draw nearer.
The tips are provided below, and if you take them seriously, your destiny will be in your hands. Not in the hands of Jamb officials.
I call them, Jamb advice for Students.

Advice 1. Ensure you Read harder and browse through educational materials which includes jamb past question papers available in the market. (we recommend that you purchase the Hard Copy.) don’t just purchase it and dumb it! Make sure you practice the questions and get familiar on how jamb set their examination.

Advice 2. Find out the areas that gives you the most problems and try to tackle it. If it is maths, then solve it! if it is accounting, then solve it!

Advice 3. Are you hoping to search google, to get free jamb answers? The truth is- you are only endangering your future! Study hard to avoid failure, there is no way Jamb 2013 Expo Answers will be publish online. Anyone who ask you to pay any sum of money to get the answers for you, is only defrauding you of your hard earn money! Be warned!

Advice 4. Like We stated above, read jamb past question papers to have a feel of it. It is very adviceable that you study jamb past questions papers and answers.

Advice 5. Speed is very important, ensure you test yourself to see how you can tackle one question in a sec or minute. Also take in mind the accuracy.

Advice 6. If you are writing your jamb examination on the city/state you lives in, it is adviceable that you locate the Jamb centre, at least three days before the examination. This will boost your confidence and not make you look like a jjc on the day of the exam.

Advice 7. However, if your jamb centre is far from your location, you are advice to make adequate arrangements to be there a day or two before the examination. Trying to find out your jamb center on the day of the examination might gives you heart attack. (now you don’t want that?)

Advice 8. On the day of the examination, ensure you follow the instructions outlined by the instructors, do not enter jamb hall with any foreign papers (don’t engage in examination malpractice)

Advice 9. When you are given your jamb question paper, it is adviceable to start with the QUESTIONS YOU KNOW VERY WELL before tackling the others. And you are to be conscious of time as we stated above.

Advice 10. After your jamb examination, Before you submit your script, ensure you shade all the remaining questions at random, DON’T leave them blank! . You can never know? Most of your guess maybe Right!.  And you don’t get mark deductions for wrong answers.

What You Should Know Before Filling Your Jamb 2013 Form
From studies, it is observe that 65 per cent candidates fail to gain admission into the nigerian universities and polytechnic due to this three reasons.

[+] The National Universities Commission (NUC): this body only provided a very scanty admission space to each University and polytechnic, this is due to the poor facilities and Equipments of the Nigerian Universities.

[+] The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN): This body are not making it easy for the National Universities Commission to increase the admission slot per session. As they are not providing the necessary funds to equipped the facilities.

[+] The Nigerian Students: This group of people have failed to make the right selection of Universities and course of study according to their abilities and the important thing they never put to notice, is that they don’t remember their state of origin!
In case you don’t know this vital point. About 50 per cent of all admission offered in Nigerian Universities and Polytechnic/College are based on candidate State of Origin, In every given session, and the other 50 per cent available on merit.

This point will also suprise you, about 623,069 jamb candidates out of the 1.5million plus who applied for the 2012 JAMB UTME are currently seeking admission from only 11 Universities, with a total carrying capacity, not exceeding 70,000 persons?. Do you see why majority of candidates can’t gain admission even though the merit it? You will always see cases of candidates who merit both jamb and post utme and still they were not offered admission.

What this entails is that about 554,000 persons would not be admitted into their most preferred institution, and such candidates has no choice than to purchase the next JAMB UTME form, which in this case is Jamb 2013 Form.

And do you know that this ignorant also help in increasing the number of applicants for the next session?
Even if you score 280 in your jamb, you will be invited for post ume screening, and the Institution can only admitted about 35 per cent of the candidates.

Watch out for other interesting guide on how to pass your jamb easily and gain admission into tertiary institution come next academic session! And not just that, Nigeriaschool will show you the institution to apply for admission and get admitted easily, why? Because few applicants apply for this institution.

Nigeriaschool.com.ng: This is an eye opener for all candidates who are interested to secure admission come next session.
Thanks daily talkers for this wonderful guideline.

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  • Pls kindly list the universities dat normally have small applicants each year.

  • But why are some of these authorised JAMB registration centres charging more? I’d been to two registration centres where I was asked to pay #7,500 and #6,000 respectively for the form and the registration. Should I report to JAMB through her email address? I’ll be appreciative if the reply is sent to my email inbox.

  • Danny Y.
    Please use the jamb email address to report them, (with proofs) and they will be banned and removed from jamb authorised registration centres.
    Also purchasing from banks is way close to the real amount (4000) excluding bank charges, and most banks process it.

  • @kcxcopy,
    PPT is Paper Pencil Test while CBT is computer Based Test.
    These are two out of the three options which jamb candidates can chose from.

  • Thanks a lot to the admins here, we appreciate your efforts, in making pupils pass there utme exams..! I’ll be very greatfull if u can update me with the lists of university that one will be granted admission easily… Thanks.. Please here is my email..! ” Xsavierchillinout@ovi.com

  • hullo!
    I love what you guys are doing here & i pray that gr8ness shall never dpart frm you AMEN!
    pls,am from Enugu state but am seeking admission in uniosun or ospoly,what do you think are my chances?this is my email addr;agulara91@yahoo.com

    • Hello Laura. Thanks!!!
      Your chance of gaining admission into the institution depends on your jamb score, and your post-utme score. So work toward achieving high scores…
      Good luck.

  • pls pals i need answer 4 dis question. The type of cell division that give rise to nuerula during d first stage of embreyonic development is called.? First person to get the answer correct is entitled to #100 recharge card. Here is my no. 07034516106.

  • The bige hole on the base of occipital bone through which the spinal cord connect with the brain is called.?

  • The big hole on the base of occipital bone through which the spinal cord connect with the brain is called.?

  • Pls does it mean that if i apply 4 CBT dat am not going to write with pencil on the exam day?

  • Pls pals wht if i choos CBT does it means am nt goin 2 use pencil in d exam day?

  • Will jamb open another centre after these centres are filled up before closing date? Pls i need your reply dis my 2go moble no 07064491876

  • U guys re doin great. But pls, i wounder y der s kn space in east, nd south east than north @ ds time. I try to register, al they could tel me was to choose btw yobe nd kebbi. Pls , i need a place or centre closer 2 Edo state. cos, i don’t want to see boko harm o. Help me 2 check a place out pls.

  • Brain wave, Available jamb centres can be access from Approved jamb registration centres. Don’t worry, boko haram will not come near you in CHRIST NAME. Amen.

  • I mistakenly stumbled into dis sight nd i seriously dont regret it, THANKS so much for all ur infos, they are helpful, i believe i wont write JAMB again after dis one! I WISH US ALL BEST OF LUCK

  • Gud afternoon sir/ma,
    Am a graduate of one of d polytechnic here in Nigeria. I finished last year with an upper credit by d grace of God. When my skol wanted to mobilize us for nysc for this year batch A, we were told to bring our jamb slip or pay #4600 for jamb number. My friend submitted hers, y mind was burnt in my family house during the riot in kano, my friend was letter given a call up letter while i have to pay for a fresh jamb number.
    my question is……
    Pls admin are we going to be mobilize with the new number in d coming batch B to serve??? if nt can i write jamb this yr & submitte it to be mobilize with nxt batch?? Cos since nysc said they are trying to get reed of unqualified graduate am ready to prove myself. Cos i dont wnt exemption cos am still young to have an exemption certifcate pls. Due to rules governing employment in Nigeria. Pls help me i need a quick response.
    God’s blessing.

  • Hw many students registered for geology and mining and hw many students ar required frm delsu,for and fupre for geology and mining?