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Jamb 2013 Subjects: Jamb Reject Candidates due to Wrong Subject Combination!, All Correct Jamb Subject Combination Here!!

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Jamb Examination Update:
We are using this medium to inform all Jamb 2013 Examination that their Subject Combination matters a lot!
Jamb always reject students who have wrong subject combination, you can see what happen to Candidates who choose Ekiti State University and have wrong subject combination. Jamb Reject Candidates due to Wrong Subject Combination

Also we receive questions like, How many subjects does jamb requires?
the answer is 4 subjects.
Before we get started, if you are yet to begin the process of your jamb 2013 registration, see the full details HERE

Jamb 2013 Subject Combination
Below are Subject Combination for the relevant Course you applied for.
*Important Note*
The Use Of English Is Compulsory for all Jamb Candidates. Freebrowsinglink.com

Mathematic, Economics and Any other Social Science Subject.


Literature, Economics and any other Art Subject.


Government, Economic and any other Art Subject.


Literature, Economics and any other art subject.


Literature, Economics and any other art subject.


Literature, Economics and any other art subject.


Mathematic, Physics and Chemistry.


Biology, Physics and Chemistry.


Mathematics, Biology and Physics.


Physics, Biology and Chemistry


Biology, Physics and Chemistry


Biology, Physics and Chemistry


Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry


Geography, Physics and Chemistry

Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry


Biology, Physics and Chemistry


Mathematics, Economics and any other SOCIAL SCIENCE SUBJECTS.


Mathematic, Economics and any other social science subject.


Mathematics, Economics and any other Social science Subjects.


Mathematic, Economics and any other Social Science Subjects.


Mathematic, Economics and any other Social Science Subjects.


Mathematic, Economics and any other Social Science Subjects.SUBJECTS.


Mathematic, Economics and any other Social Science Subjects.

*Important Notice*
The Use of English Language is Compulsory for all Jamb Candidates, so the subjects listed above are 3 and adding English Language will make it 4 Subjects.

If your Course Subject Combination is not listed here and you are not too sure of your Jamb Subject Combinations, Please use the comment form below.
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  • Pls… I want to be an architect and I want to know what my subjects combination will be like..?

  • I want to go 4 dental teraphy and i need a university that offer d course and i need d subjects combination

  • please what are the basic social subjects for a studying law and also is there any recommend text concerning literature.And finally by second choice of course is political science is there any problem in terms of subject choice.

  • please am confused about c.r.k and government which one is more preferable for mass communication

  • pls i need ur assistance i want to read computer science in the university i don’t kw the 4 core subject to sit 4 in jamb pls help me.

    • At all, please keep a date with us as we will publish (on 16th january) a fresh article to help all jambites know their Subject combination.

  • i choose oau as my 1st nd 2nd choice with economics nd political science as 1st nd 2nd courses.having maths,english,econs,crs,bio,government n my 2012 waec/gce,but my 2010 waec/gce dat i make den was maths,yor,crs,econs,bio,agric without english,can i just combine both?and is there any assurance dat i will b admitted 4 d 2013 after scoring 200 and above n my jamb n dis 2013 jamb exam?

    • Hello Damilola, You can combined them of course, your chance of gaining admission depends on your Jamb score and your Post-UTME score. We wish you well!

  • Plz am an art student and i want to read law / mass com in micheal okpara unversity umudike and d subject i registerd were eng,lit,crs and government.plz re my choice of subject correct

    • Gud evening, pls legendk, i made a mistake filling jamb form. And i wanted to correct the mistake. I fill in political sciense as my oau’s 1st choice course, and i wanted to change it bak to philosophy. Whc wil require me to rechange the 4 utme combination 4rm math, econs, eng &gover. To crk, litera, eng, govn. Wil dat b possible to change. Pls do reply me via my email: ademolakareem94@yahoo.com. Fenks a lot…..

    • Hi Blessing, u got it right. Ur choice of subjects for JAMB exam are correct. I also want to read Law and i have brothers that has been there before. U can still add economics bcos it goes with it. Thanks.

  • Pls frnds i chose biology,chemistry,econs in my jamb and am going for biological science in nda pls are my choice of subject ok

  • pls i want 2 study education and political science in uniport. is this jamb subject combination ok?. Eng,lit in eng,govt and economics..lastly,can i get admission with d7 maths ‘o’ level..pls i nid urgent reply .thanks

  • Plz i wnt 2 go 4 economics nd busines admin nd i choose eng,math,govt,econs nd i wnt 2 knw weda they ar ok 4 me.

  • Pls i chose computer science nd my jamb utme subjects are english,maths,physics nd geography.pls,is it right or wrong

  • I intend going in for medicine and surgery-university of maiduguri,wat are d four subjects combination.do they accept two o level sittings.

    • dear anna, re. ur request, i’m not sure but it depends on the grade of ur result. I’m preparing 4 d same m and surg. Here is my no. 07034516106 we can chart on regard some issues.

  • ipls i want 2 go 4 agriculture education and my jamb utme subjects are english, maths, biology,chemistry pls i it right or wrong and d university is university of agricultre makurdi

  • Pls i’m going for business admin and i choose english,maths,econs and commerce,are my combinations correct pls?

  • Plz am about tö register my jamb förm, i want to study banking and finance, and in my GCE i made seven credits, art from Cömmerce wwhich i scöre E8, i did nt do govnmt or geography, can i still use my other subject for the course, like english, maths, economics, account, or biolögy, caus am confused. i dont want to fill the wrong sunjects, here is my number 07062349567, pl get bk to me, bbefore the jamb closes.

  • maths,econs and govt for estate management in OAU.is it right or wrong?wil I be accepted wit maths,eng,bio,govt,econs,account,lit in eng,crk in my o level? Pls reply,am waiting 2 fil d form

  • @ochuba
    English, Mathematics, Economics & Physics/Chemistry/biology/geograph/Agricultural science/accounting.

    The O’level above MUST include oaths and Eng.

  • i will like to know the subject combination for ESTATE MANAGEMENT at ABIA STATE POLYTECNIC ABA


    Kindly reply

  • What are the subject combination for Human Anatomy and physiotherapy in jamb for unimaid

  • I registered 4 Law,is this the actual subject combination 4 law (ENG./LIT./C.R.K./GOVT) PLS assist me.

  • helo, legendk thnks for the good work u’ve bin doing. .my problem is that i choose AGRIC ECON AND EXTENSION as a course in jamb and my subj combination was maths, eng, biology and econ. .pls is it ok?

  • pls i choose economics as my choice of course…. Is (english, economics, commerce and c.r.k) correct?

    • Pls I want 2 read political science nd my subject combinations are economics,government,english nd c.r.k. Is it right?

  • pls which course are related to these subjects which I took in my last jamb exam; Use of English, Maths, Economics and Biology and which Schools are doing them. Pls it is very urgent.

  • Plz i wanna study architecture and i dnt rili knw d subjects to fill…can i fill in GEOG,Maths,Eng And Econs or Chem (cus ama social science student)

  • Pls i chose eng,maths,bio nd geo as my subjects 4 geology as 1st choice course nd agric tech 4 2nd choice course…. I did jamb nd got 181…. I am about to write post ume at delta state poly.. Wil i get admission?

  • keep up the good work, please i will like to know if ii is necessary to put economics for law can’t i write commerce instead of economics?

  • Pls i will lyk to be an Architect,could you help me out with the subjects needed by the UTME jamb?

  • pls I want to study industrial art , I made English, and crk in my 2012 waec and commerce, government, fine art in waec GCE. are this combination okay? pls.

    • * Mass Communication—-
      CORE SUBJECTS: English, Lit. in Eng.,
      Govt., maths, any of history,
      commerce, Economics.

      No, you can still go for Mass Comm without Lit-in-Eng.

  • Sir i want 2 study industrail chemistry but i want write biology in replace of physics is dat possble

  • hello legend kid, I have credit passes in the following subjects;mathematics,english,biology,government and E8 in economics will the university of uyo accept me in dept. of psychology…..pls reply

  • Please I have D7 in maths and I want to study Business Administration can D7 in maths be accepted?

  • Ma subject choice for jamb is maths,english,physics and visual arts and I want to read architecture… Is the subject combination wrong??

  • Pls i registered my o’level result wrongly in jamb,can it be changed,will it affect admission

    • AM not sure if it can be changed, but i will ask a friend.
      Meanwhile, you can go to any Jamb registration center/Business center/Cybercafe/Bank to enquire.

  • Pls i wnt 2 knw d cut off point 4 estate management n unical nd also wat re d subject required

  • Dear,i hv credit in d following subjects in waec maths,english,biology,civic,igbo,gov,comm,economics nd crs nd my jamb subject combination is lit in eng,econo,crs nd eng.i applied for english nd literature as a course to study at unzik.am yet to tak jamb for cbt.it was just amistake that i didnt write lit in eng in waec.pls am so worried,do i hv any chance at all for any course in unzik…

    • Please visit Unizik website to see their required 0’level subjects for your chosen course.
      If you can’t find it, please let us know and we will gladly help.
      Meanwhile, you can apply for change of course…

  • Sir, i registered eng,lit,govt and crs for Education and french but now i want to change the course to masscom is subject combination acceptable

  • Thank you sir, but what will i do since i have already changed it before reading ur reply? Pls answer me sir

  • pls sir..am a science student but want to study economic and statistic with d combination of eng,math,econ and phy..do they accept it?!

  • pls i chose eng, maths, econs and commerce as my utme subject for office tech nd management. pls is d subj combinat ok??