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Imo Polytechnic Graduates Shun by NYSC over non-accreditation of course

You might not understand this headline: Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo Graduates Shun by NYSC Over non-accreditation of course.
Let me explain it a bit to you- Can you imagine you spending 4/5 years in school only to be told that the course you have been studying has not been accredited by the appropriated authorities? Ever watch the Nigerian Movie-: Wasted Years? This is what is happening to the Graduate of Imo State Polytechnic, Umuagwo!

Before you applied to study in any Universities in Nigeria, please ensure the course has been accredited by The National Board for Technical Education, NBTE. The school management don’t care so long you pay them their tuition fees. Sometimes ago, the students of The University of Abuja were all fighting for their Engineering course to be accredited and when it was not done on time, the school senate of Unibuja sent the students to other Universities. Respect to them, they would have been suffering the same thing.

While addressing the protesting students, the governor of Imo State, governor Rochas Okorocha reassured the students that his government would quickly resolve the matter immediately. The governor was also astonished that the graduates were dismissed from various NYSC orientation camps across the nation (why will you be astonished? heh?)

One of the graduates told the governor of Imo State that he was one of the many posted to Plateau State to serve, adding after all the necessary documentations, all the students of Imo State Polytechnic were ordered to go to the administrative block with their statement of results.

Quoting the aggrieved student: “We obeyed and they brought out their master list and started cross checking our files. Our statement of result tallied with our various fields but our call up letters bore different courses.
“They ended up accusing us that we forged our results and sent us packing from NYSC orientation camp,”

“The officials were insistent that would not work with what we presented. They asked us to go and meet the school management. They threw all of us out and collected our kits,” the corper lamented.

Seriously, i can’t imagine the shame, the hate, the anger when you have run the race only to be send out like a thief! We hope the governor will not fold his hands but do something for this graduates.

If you want to apply for admission into Imo State Polytechnic for the 2014/2015 academic session, ensure you do your research to know if the course has been accredited.
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