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“If GEJ could Not go to yobe state, neither will I”- Youth corp member

I Am Not Going To Yobe State
‘This is the Quote of the Day:
The President said he can’t fly across the northern area for security reasons.
And our Corp can go there, live there and probably die there?

Here is what one of the corp statement of Dr.Isaiah who is posted to YOBE STATE.

“Our families made sacrifices to get us where we are today. I, for one, cannot go to Yobe State if the President who is the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces does not feel safe to go there; who am I, an ordinary citizen, to go there? The President told the whole nation during the Presidential Media Chat last week that he could not use a helicopter to go to Borno or Yobe states because of security concerns, why do they want to send us there?”

Also here is what Timothy Emeka have to say who is also a Corp posted to OYO STATE, you can follow him on FACEBOOK HERE

I don’t know what is wrong with NYSC leaders and Nigeria in diapora??
It is true that the main purpose of NYSC is to foster our relationship with other tribes thereby reducing tribalism,however, it is not good enough to send graduates that have spent (x+4)yrs in the high institution toa semi-war zones. I heard before that corpers won’t be posted to the north anymore,but its like one of those political promises…
I support redeployment of those corpers to peaceful states instead playing with these talents

Moreso, the DG of NYSC should understand that nobody wants to die while serving his country whereas, your fellows are enjoying peace in their state of deployment. Let the northern corpers serve themselves period!!!!

I served in OYO state, Ibadan to be precise, but before our service, I prayed to God that if it is His will for me to paticipate in NYSC, He should not allow me to be posted to the north.

you see God is still in the business of Answering the prayers of his children.

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