How To Print JAMB Admission Letter 2019/2020 [For UTME and DE]

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Follow the guideline here to Print your Jamb Admission Letter Free for UTME and Direct Entry Candidates for the 2019/2020 admission exercise.

how to print Jamb admission letter

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The steps are almost the same also for Obtaining your Original Jamb Result Slip.

It is mandatory that all Admitted Persons who gain admission into any of the Nigerian Tertiary institutions, to obtain their verified admission letter from The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB, the Original Admission Letter has the following details:
* Department
* Level
* Institution
* Faculty and
* Name

Prospective Students who are obtaining their admission Letter, are to glance through their chosen Institution’s requirements, if they are to obtain the admission certificate personally, (example: Obafemi Awolowo University, OAU ) or If the candidate would received the admission letter from their Institution, (example: The University of Nigeria, Nsukka(UNN) gives their Students the Admission Letter).

After confirming your stance, you should then proceed to obtain your Original Jamb Admission Letter or Collect it from your Institution.

For the later, follow the steps below to obtain your jamb original Admission Letter

Step 1. Goto any office of the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (JAMB) in your state. If you don’t where the nearest jamb office is located in your state you can see the lists of jamb offices and addresses in Nigeria on jamb official website at

Step 2. After locating the jamb office in your state, proceed to buy the JAMB ADMISSION LETTER SCRATCH CARD at the rate of NGN1,000 Only. (Upon getting to jamb office, just ask for the Jamb Admission Scratch Card and you will be attended to immediately)

Step 3. After obtaining your jamb admission scratch card, Locate any CyberCafè in your area.

Step 4. Then open the Official Website of Jamb using this address:

Step 5. When the jamb website finish loading, Click on the “PRINT ADMISSION LETTER” Button located under the specified Year you are dealing in.

Step 6. Then Enter your Admission Scratch Card Details and your Jamb Reg. Number.

Step 7. Then Print The Displayed Admission Letter in “COLOURED FORMAT”
congratulations! You have just obtained your Jamb Original Admission Letter.

Advice: Ensure you save a copy to your Email Address. From there, you can retrieve a copy anytime.

This is a complete guide to obtain your jamb original admission letter, but if some reasons you are stuck, please use the comment box below, we will do our best to help.

The Original JAMB Admission letter is a document that indicates that you have been offered provisional admission into any degree programme in a Nigerian Universities, Polytechnics or College of Education of your choice.

The admission letters currently available are admissions from the year 2004 to 2018 (Updated).

The Original Jamb Admission Letter contains information about the school you were offered admission, the faculty/school/college, department, the degree you are pursuing and the duration of the course, basically everything you need to know about your admission.

Without your Original Jamb Admission Letter, you cannot prove to anyone that you were truly offered provisional admission into any higher institution in Nigeria.
This document is issued by ONLY JAMB ( being their official website), the official Educational board in Nigeria for Tertiary Institutions.

The Importance of Original Jamb Admission Letter

The official JAMB Admission Letter is very important as it is usually required if;
a. You need it to further your Education locally or outside the shore of Nigeria (Abroad).
b. You need the jamb original admission letter document to successfully complete your admission registration and clearance process in school you are admitted.
c. You need it to successfully apply for a Free Scholarship. Most Companies and Organizations will request for it, so keep this in mind when you want to apply for Scholarship at home or abroad.
d. You need to be approved and deployed for the National Youth Service Programme (NYSC) (This is very very important, as most people will not be able to access theirs after a long period of time).

How to Obtain your Jamb Admission Letter Free
You can obtain your Jamb Admission Letter free by going to any Jamb office nearest to you.
However, when you get there, you will need to buy the scratch card which is around N1,000 to N2,000.

How to Check your Admission Status FREE

If you are yet to check your admission status or you want to re-check it, you can quickly use any of the links provided below for your corresponding year of admission;

2013 UTME Admission Status Check
2012 UTME Admission Status Check
2011 UTME Admission Status Check
2010 UTME Admission Status Check

From Year  2009 down, admission status is divided between UME (for University Admission) and MPCE (for Polytechnic and College Of Education). Please click on your type of admission to check your admission status.

2009 Admission Status Check: UME |||| MPCE
2008 Admission Status Check: UME |||| MPCE
2007 Admission Status Check: UME |||| MPCE
2006 Admission Status Check: UME |||| MPCE
2005 Admission Status Check: UME |||| MPCE
2004 Admission Status Check: UME Only

Now this is your part.
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Wishing you all the very best!


  • i saw ma admission status on futo site..buh wen i checked ma admission status on jamb site dey told me no admission’z given yet…wat’z d cause??…need repliez plz

  • Thanks for the information.
    I have tried it but the status says “ADMISSION NOT YET GIVEN”.
    Am a graduate of University of Ibadan, (2008/2009) set. In my school, we were given letters to take to Jamb office in Abuja inorder to get our Admission Letter.
    Please, is there a way or means of getting it without getting to Jamb office in Abuja?

    • This should work. You can get in touch with us and let see if we can be of help.
      Please drop your email address and we will get back to you asap. Thanks.

  • my sch requires our jamb slip bt i got admission thru direct entry and my D.E reg no is 61130297CF. I checked all my documents bt did nt find the slip and we’re required to produce it before our names will come out for Batch A. Am so confused and dnt knw wat to do. Pls can i get another slip frm Jamb? My names are Yakubu Musa Monoh. Thank you.

  • Pls am 2007/2008, i checked jamb admission status, it said, ‘No admission given yet’ while i’ve already graduated. Pls what will i do? 08037635701 is my cellphone number while 72601835EB is my jamb reg number, thanks

  • I ve nt recieved my jamb admission letter of 2007 session, i graduated in 2012 as a mata of fact i went 2 jamb office , d informatn ws no Admission is offered yet, wot wil i do now

  • Hello, can you help me with my jamb admission letter. Please am ready to pay you. I really need a rely quickly.

  • My Life. We try our best to help all the students who come our way.
    If you need our service, we are yet to officially released our services. But right now, we can provide jamb admission letter to all those who needs it. Jamb examination written from 2006 till date, we can send the original admission letter straight to your email for printing within 48hours. If we can’t do it, we will return the full money paid. You can always reach us via email admin(@) freebrowsinglink(dot)com

    • I am adeoye banke o,a student of french education,i did ume direct entry 2008,i went online to print my admission letter but was shown no admission offer yet hw wld i go about it

    • I am adeoye banke o,a graduate of french education of lagos state university,i did ume direct entry 2008,i went online to print my admission letter but was shown no admission offer yet, hw wld i go about it ,pls.i need it to be on batch c list

  • I’m confused wt ds new development,wrote jamb in d year 2005 and I jus graduated n ll b needing my jamb admission letter which jamb can’t provide, what do I do?

  • God bless u‎​ Mr legend 4 ur good wrks here.boss wrote jamb in 2007 ,was admitted same year but the issue is that my institution wrongly gave me admission with different reg numbers .I.e 72170770dc my intial reg number but was admitted with 72170970dg n I complained intially but was meant to understand that d fault was theirs as I was not d only person affected.since then I checked 4 my admission letter but all to no avail.I knw u‎​ must have heard of nysc directive dat all prospective corp members must have their letter of admission b4 they will b mobilised thus they rejected d latter reg number n I hv sent the formal(initial) one for batch A .am confused pls tell me what to do

  • And I checked my admission status ,it read not admitted with both reg numbers but was given admitted with d wrong reg num .pls am confused.I need ur advise/wisdom pls.wud hv dropped my facebook details but u‎​ knw its a social site hence inappropriate to do so here.God bless u

  • please what is causing this problem of no admission offered to some1 dat has graduated n really took jamb and has d result print out as well. what is happening cos dis is frustrating alot of people that are due for NYSC.

  • Legend perhaps hmm however I did n thanks b 2 God almighty d person I met in jamb office told me that he will rectify it thus I should come for my admission letter with d reg number I used in writing jamb instead of the wrong one I was offered admission with.please is this possible ?

  • hi, pls my sister just graduatd, and was requestd 2bring her jamb result slip, which she cudn’t provide at d moment, to worsen d case, she doesn’t hav her jamb reg no. what do u suggest we do?

  • Hello God Dey. There must be a paper or something-somewhere, where she might have wrote down her jamb registration number? If not, ask her to visit the nearest Jamb office, perhaps they will assist her.

  • Hi, I wrote jamb 2008, with registration number 82057469BD and I was given admission to delta state university but up till now I ve not receive my admission and I need it to process my NYSC mobilisation form. Pls what will I do?

  • Hello Mark, you can visit the nearest jamb office to claim your admission letter. You just need to present your jamb number and year of examination with some cash.

    • Legent thanks 4 ur assistance, I will try d nearest jamb office. Bros is there any short court without going 2 Jamb office?

  • The short cut will cost you some extra cash, we can process it for you and send it to your email box where you can print it anytime. The price is 3k.

      • Thank u very much Mr. Legend, I ve receive my admission letter, I appreciate ur assistance, may God bless u, pls sir, keep doing d good work b’cos make graduate/ undergraduate needs ur assistance, thanks once again 4 ur assistance.

  • hello my name is muhammad a university student i wrote my jamb in 2008/2009 session, i’m in my third year and i’m asked to bring my admission letter but when ever i try to check on the site they always tell me NO ADMISSION YET OFFERED. pls tell if you know how i can acquire it because i’m in serious need of it thank you here is my email should in case

    • please i’m also facing the problem of not having my jamb letter on line- saying no admission offered yet….. i’m in my final year….a student of crawford university….wrote my jamb in 2009….please help….my email address and phone number,respectively are or and 070607460xx….your help would b hugely appreciated..

      • Hello, you can get your jamb admission letter from Jamb office, or we can do it for you for a fee. use the contact us to get in touch with us for more details…

  • thank you very much legend i will do so and get back to you but do you think that they will be able to rectify it because i’ve heard stories of people with cases similar to mine and they were asked to restart their university years again and i’m afraid that the same will happen to me

  • Hello, please do you also offer assistance as per one not seeing his/her admission status confirmed on the jamb website? I was admitted through pre-degree OAU, however I paid for the regularisation since my first year and I have my jamb reg. no already. My missing this batch A was due to the fact that the DSA in my sch probably didn’t know I had a jamb reg no. I had to go to the admission office myself to get it. However, it was way late already as my mates already had call-up numbers and I had to fill batch B mobilisation form. It was really painful. Pls looking forward to your reply

  • i had admissions to two schools( yabatech and unilorin) but jamb gave me admission to yabatech. But i opted for unilorin. Am now in 300l and i need admission letter. Pls how can i get an admission letter from jamb which indicates that of unilorin on it.

  • pls i have check my admission status before in 2010 and i was told, i have been given admission but am trying it now but is displaying admission not given yet. pls can u help me send my admission letter to my email box. jamb reg number is 05691240ci

  • Please i wrote since 2007and seven and i got admission and now iam a graduate of geography from B.U.Kano, i proceed to print my admission but the network response is no admission offered yet. What can i do now?

  • I tried to followed the steps instructed on how to print our jamb admission letter but I could not see my admission letter, pls if you can help me to send my admission letter into my e-mail addréss( I would b very glad
    Jamb reg no: 92443564GI
    Year: 2009

  • av buy admission letter scratch card twice now n its sayin no admission offered yet, am already a graduate n ll be needin d letter for my service by june.hw can u help me. My jamb reg no is 7282132BD, av gone to jamb office @ikoyi n dey askd me to go to abuja.pls reply me

    • If they asked you to goto Abuja, then it is will be the only thing to do. lots of students have this problem and they resolved it at the head office.

  • I lost my original jamb admision letter, i tried using the scratch which i use in printing the first one, but i could’nt. Pls hw n where can i get it

  • Wen i went to jamb office, i was told dat my admision officer need to write to jamb before i can get any reply. Is there anyway apart from this?

  • I went 2 jamb office n i was told dat my admission officer need to write to jamb before any reply. Is there anyway i can get apart 4rm writing 2 jamb head office?

  • pls i printed my admission letter, but my passport is not on it. Pls try and check. This is my jamb registration number 81091822EJ.

  • I scored 201 wth jst 3 utme subjects in jamb. And the cut off mark is 200. My maths wasn’t release. Can i stil use the utme result.

  • Legend pls ur help is needed, how do I go about getting jamb admission letter, tried getting it online but it was showing no admission yet, pls wat do I do.

  • I’m a graduate of biochemistry from oou, wen I wanted to print my jamb admission letter on jamb website I saw business admin as d coursed offered on my admission letter with wrong reg num. Pls I need ur advice

  • pls i nid ur help cos mine is also written no admission offered yet, am a graduated n its delayin me 4 my nysc….pls i nid 2 be on batch C list

  • Pls I’m having issues with jamb too. I can’t print my admission letter. I need ur help urgently. Thanks

  • i was admitted in the year 2003. How do i print my admission letter? because there is no column for year 2003 on the JAMB website. Thanks.

  • pls o help me, I lost my jamb print out n now I hv lost both d reg number n d print out n I can’t even remember it since 2010. pls tell me on how I can retrieve d reg number cos I even went to where I bought d form in 2010 but dey can’t find a copy of my print out again. pls help me on how I can get d reg number so I can get d jamb admission letter. tanks God bless u

  • Hello legend pls d course on my admission letter is wrong and the school is also wrong instead of school of technology I saw school of engineering I printed it last week pls what should I do

  • Am just got admissions into uniuyo. When i was about to write my utme i bought jamb scratch card. My question is, is it de once am using b/4 am still going to use again.

    • I do not understand your question correctly, if i understand you very well, you mean you bought Jamb scratch (i.e. e-facility card etc) if so, then you can still use it to get your admission letter.

  • Hello, please kindly send me details on how to pay to get my admission letter. I sent you a mail already. Thanks.

    • I have replied your email and have not heard from you… Please check your email address again and i will call your line in a few hours.

  • Please I have the same problem with jamb admission letter,its saying no admission offered yet..please can I get a number to call you on,please urgently!

    • Please check our contact us page and there is a number to get in touch with us, also you can send us an email and we will reply within 4 hours.
      Meanwhile, we advice that you visit any Jamb office nearest to you and complain to them.,,

  • Hi Legend. I have trying to save my admission letter to my mail box bt to no avail. How do i go about it?? Thanks! Lawz.jamez[@]

    • Please use the contact us form to send us your details and we can help you. but am sure you can do it as it is very easy… Between, you can tell us where you are stuck.

  • I got admission in Bidapoly for marketing,but on jamb admission statue i got admission for business admin/management……pls which of d courses,shud i go for?

    • Hello, confirm your name on the school website and go for that.
      However, you are advice to print out the jamb admission slip and then take them to the school admission board.

  • am moses, a final yr student in unijos. i was given admission 2009/2010 and cannot be able to print my admission letter. the result was no admission yet. 92625532IA is my reg no- thanks.

    • Hello Moses.
      You will have to visit the nearest Jamb office to lay your complain, a lot of people who didn’t print out there admission letter when it was released, experience this. It could be Jamb database get corrupted and deleted.

  • please i need help, anyone with an idea; i have not been able to print my admission letter. the site keeps popping a window which says I AM NOT A REGULARIZED STUDENT. I was given admission but i can’t print my letter.

  • Please I just realised that my jamb admission letter later is showing Madonna while am in Bingham uni. And I can get my clearance done. Pls I need and advise.

  • Pls,i need your help concerning the admission letter.though,the school am in now is ma second choice bt when i wanted 2print out the admission letter on the jamb web,it was the admission letter for my first choice that was there,instead for the two to be there,and i need the original admission letter of my second choice of institution for my screening which is near…..what can i do……plz

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