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How To Get Admission into any Ghana University with only your WAEC Results

How To Get Admission into any Ghana University of your choice

The number of candidates seeking admission in Nigeria every year is huge that even if National Universities Commission (NUC) decides to increase the number of students to be admitted yearly to 2,000 per university, there will still be about 70% of candidates who will not be admitted! Yes, that is fact.

Let me rephrase this again- In Nigeria, the number of candidates seeking for admission are so much that scholars/students/parents/well wishers will begin to think if Nigeria really have tertiary institutions at all to accommodate them all? What is the cause of this? Please permit me to use the word, mismanagement!


It is widely known (at least in Nigeria) that Nigeria Funds are mismanaged in all sectors, Education sector inclusive. If you don’t know this already, the Federal Government and Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) have been on strike for over 4 months! And all the public/government Universities students are currently at home doing nothing. This I can tell you is not happening in Ghana Universities. (talking to safe: Imagine small Ghana? Nigeria the giant of Africa? Abi?)


It is unfortunate that Nigeria Government does not have the interest of the youth at heart, a country that can’t admit student with a single examination? Rather, they make the candidates to write bucket loads of examination just to gain admission. And even after spending so much on buying Jamb Form, Buying Post-Utme Forms, Buying Supplementary Forms- 90% of the time, you will not be admitted! Why is it so? (if you ask me, na who I go ask?)

But on a serious note, the correct answer will be GREED and CORRUPTION in our system of government.


Wait, do not think they want the candidates to write tons of exams to test their knowledge, they simply want more money, from jamb forms, post jamb forms, pre degree forms, pre science forms, diploma forms, supplementary forms etc And from research, over 80% of candidates keep buying Jamb form every year. I personally know of a girl who is brilliant and she has been writing Jamb and Post UTME exams for the past 3 years. If she apply for admission into Ghana, she would have graduated! And you would be surprise that there are candidates in Nigeria who have been writing Jamb and Post utme examination for the past 7 years. Yes, you read that correctly.


Do you know that jamb sold over 1.7 million + forms in the last jamb examination only for schools to admit 500,000 out of 1.7millions? What about the 1.2million candidate? Of course, they will be coming back next section to buy the forms again and again and again.


Do you know that only 100,000 candidates out of a possible 500,000 candidates who are admitted are on merit? Please forgive me for boring you with the sad story of Nigeria’s poor Education Sector? It’s a painful truth anyways and if you are in Nigeria, am sure you already know this. But if you are still in secondary school, this may be strange to you.

Do you know that small Ghana has more students from Nigeria than any Africa Country? Candidates who apply for admission into Ghana University know every well the painful poor state of Nigeria Universities and so they go find a better Future outside the shore of our Country. Without much Ado, lets get back to the main topic of this post.

 Getting admission into Ghana University.


Like I already stated above, back to why am writing this article, we can help you gain admission in one of Ghana’s finest universities with just your waec result. Yes, with just your complete WAEC RESULT you can gain Admission into the Best Ghana University!


Ghana is one of Africa’s fast growing countries, their Education sector is so solid compare to Nigeria, they have peaceful environment, steady electricity, you can’t find this in Nigeria.
Do you know the best university in Ghana? Then read on…

If you wish to study in All Nations University College, Koforidua, Ghana, (ANUC), all you need is a 5 credit pass in waec and your money for school fees, that’s all! Yes, you do not need to fight to gain Admission.
We have links to other Ghana Universities, below you will find a partial list of Ghana Universities.

A Partial List of Top Universities in Ghana:

1. Central University:
2. Zenith University College:
3. Regent University College:
4. Kings University College:
5. West End University College:
6. University of Applied Management:
7. Sikkim Manipal University:
8. Spiritan University College:

9. Ashesi University College:

10. Jayee University College:

11. Accra Institute of Technology (AIT):

12. Institute of Professional Studies (IPS):

13. All Nations University College:

14. Valley View University:

Do you want to study in Ghana? Then call our mobile number or contact us via our email address (freebrowsinglink(at) for more information.

Meanwhile, you can choose to study in Nigeria Private University as they are not affected by the ASUU strike and the environment is conducive for learning unlike Public Universities.

Remember- Education is your Right!

36 thoughts on “How To Get Admission into any Ghana University with only your WAEC Results”

  1. good day crew.nice job you people are doing.
    I had love to go back to school after a long break(since 2002).my waec result is not too bad except that i have a pass in physics,and i had wanted studying Agricultural Engineering or even general Agriculture.i need some advice on how to get into university.thanks.

    1. One of the requirement is that you should have complete O’level results which is the only item you need to process your admission. please go through the school websites and see if Physics is one of the subject.
      You can also send me an email if you have any more questions.

  2. Goodmorning Admin,
    please can you help me with the list of cheapest universities in Ghana? I really need to convince my dad on these issue.

    1. The cheapest school fee is N600,000- although this depends on your course. if you can afford it, then Ghana is the best place to go to school (atleast for now until F.G and ASUU solved their problem)

    1. You can contact us via email (freebrowsinglink(at) also, you can as well call us on our mobile phone from the link on the footer.

  3. sangodare Tolulope

    pls can u help wit d name of d federal universities in ghana nd d fees.I also want to know if dere is still an admissions form dis month or admissions is done for dis year

  4. hello”pls bro u mean N600,000 is d cheapest school fees in ghana datz a whole lot of money,,which school is it?

  5. samuel wilson solomon

    hello team. i have my complete o level result and i’d love to school in accra institute of technology but the thing is, i don’t know how much it’s gonna cost me in processing my admission into the school


    Pls I have a good waec results but the problem here is that I don’t no anybody in that Ghana and I would love to school there. Pls can u help? And I also need a contact

    1. We can help you Gladys, we have students studying there. If you have the funds and you are ready to study there, send us an email using the contact form.

    1. If you are really interested, you can contact us via email… We will connect you with our student who is studying at Ghana…
      If you are not READY, please don’t bother to contact us. And I guess you know how much it will cost to get admission into the institution?

        1. Depending on the school you want to apply to. But our fees is just N15,000.00 and we will connect you to the right sources.

  7. please how do i get admission or how do i buy a form into any available universities in Ghana but the problem is that am coming to Ghana on the 2 of September

  8. i don’t really know any university in Ghana, so am applying for computer science and my O’level result is good but i really need your help to tell me one of the good school in ghana and there school fees

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