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How to avoid the spread of ebola virus

Ebola is a dangerous disease that kills within a short period of time, however it can be prevented and here is a 7 steps on how to avoid the ebola virus.

Some days ago, a rumour sweep through our beloved country Nigeria, that Ebola Virus is in the Air and anyone who does not want to contact it MUST bath with salt and warm water…. And you won’t believe this- Over 30 per cent (if not more) people bath with salt and warm water.
And on that fateful day, we have a new thing to celebrate, next year 8 August, 2015, we will be celebrating World Salt Day.
Now joke about, do not fall for cheap scam like that again. Learn how to avoid ebola disease/virus.

LEARN HOW TO AVOID EBOLA and STAY SAFE – You and Your Families.

1. Avoid direct contact with someone suffering from ebola. The ebola disease is not air born as most people made us to believe. However, it is highly contagious through bodily fluids. Those suffering from ebola will bleed severely from orifices and skin can rupture with just a touch.

2. To avoid ebola, wash your hands with soap after shaking someone’s hand. (You can always put a soap in your pocket anywhere you go to)

3. You are to avoid sharing your clothes mainly with the strangers or from someone suffering from ebola virus.

4. Avoid eating deadly animals especially monkeys, bats, Apes and Monkeys are known to be a carriers of the ebola virus and it can be caught by eating infected animals. (So, before you eat that unknown bush meat. THINK)

5. You should cover your hands with gloves all the time and make sure that your nose and mouth are properly protected before you go near or touch someone suffering from ebola virus. Ebola Victim can burst at the latter stage and cause the ebola virus to spread everywhere.

6. If you noticed any Ebola patients around you. (Even if it is Coughing, Vomiting or Malaria) you should reported such persons quickly to be given treatment as soon as possible. You can help save a life and the life of people around you.

7. In the case where someone with ebola virus died, he or she should be buried quickly.

Here is a Picture guide on how to avoid Ebola Virus



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