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How does JAMB marks their examination? Do JAMB use negative marking? (Resolved)

How does JAMB marks their examination? Do JAMB use negative marking? -(For those who are not aware, JAMB Negative Marking is a strategy to reduce “guessing” by subtracting marks for any question failed. These and many more questions are yet to be answered, and we are going to share here what we know and are opened for corrections (if any).

Disclaimer: This information may not be 100% right, but we have done our best to resolve the question on how the joint admission and matriculation board, (JAMB) mark their examination.

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JAMB-UTME examination, is estimated to last for three and half hours, (3.5hrs). The examination contains 4 subjects,
– Use of English and
– 3 other subjects specified by the candidate.

As usual, candidates are given the Use of English paper to begin with, after which the other 3 papers are distributed a few minutes later (usually within 30-45min).
There will be 100 Questions for Use of English (Edit: someone contact us that the Use of English is 150 Questions, please reading his finding at the end of this paragraph) – equating to 100 marks. The other 3 subjects chosen by the candidate will carry 50 questions each – equating to 100 Marks each. Candidates will therefore be graded to a total of 400 marks.

Edit: The above has a little flaw and you can find the correct one below – all thanks to Mr. Afolaya:
The Use of English above is definitely wrong ๐Ÿ˜€ . Use of English carries a total of 150 marks. Questions on Comprehension passages carries 3marks each while synonyms and antonyms carries 2marks each. Candidates are advice to check their syllabus for an elaborate explanation on this. The total of your Jamb score is 450.
OTHER 3 SUBJECTS – 100 marks each but JAMB devices a means to balance it back to 400.

What about Negative Marking in Jamb?
As for negative marking. A system in which answers gotten wrongly are deducted from the ones gotten correctly – This system does not exist in JAMB-UTME. A clear proof is this. Imagine you scored 50 in a subject, this implies that you got 50 wrong, now if the 50 you got wrong is deducted from the 50 you got right, your score left is 0. This is a clear demonstration that Negative marking is not employed in JAMB-UME. This has been confirmed by a JAMB Staff.
There are other forms of Negative marking. this I won’t elaborate on. Best of luck to all the 2014/2015 Jambites!
NigeriaSchool Remark: Thank you Mr. Afolaya for this information!

Jamb-UTME Negative Marking Myth:
Negative marking in JAMB doe not EXIST. I repeat, there is no negative marking in Jamb examination.
Since there is nothing like negative marking, Jambites are encouraged to shade all the questions given, you don’t know which one will give you that extra mark you need to reach your school cut-off ๐Ÿ˜€ .

However, candidates are expected to first attempt the questions they are sure of the answer, and then come back later to answer the remaining questions. Take note that JAMB, at most time, ask pretty simple questions and keep them at the bottom of the paper, so you are advice to first go through the entire questions and find tick the answers you know before returning to the others.

Remember to shade all the questions. You might just end up getting more than 80% of the ones you guessed.
Be Confident!

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8 thoughts on “How does JAMB marks their examination? Do JAMB use negative marking? (Resolved)”

  1. plz help sir,m confused if d graphical results sent to d phone as sms is over 250 or 400..Nd is it possible for jamb to give a wrong results to candidates??

    1. It is possible to give wrong results to candidates. That is why Jamb advised candidates to ‘verify’ their result online.

  2. please i scored 180 in jamb, is it capable of fetching me admission for civil engineering course at futo or should i change to a lower course?

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