How Can I Improve My English Essay-Writing?

The process of writing an essay can be stressful and complicated for everyone. If you have experienced the situation when you are sitting and staring at a blank page without the idea of where to start asking yourself: “How do I write my essay?”, this post will be helpful for you. There are tips which can help you to improve your English-essay writing, so you can be sure that the process of preparation of the assignment will be easier for you. Also, with the help of these tips, you will improve your writing skills to get higher grades.

How Can I Improve My English Essay-Writing?

The outline is your starting point

A good plan is a key to success in everything. You should write down major steps which help you to understand better where you should start. So, if you do not know what is the first step in your writing process, make a good outline. The outline will define your main ideas, so you will focus on them during the writing process. Usually, essays have similar requirements to structure, so you will need an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Start your writing process with the development of hypotheses and topic sentences for each paragraph. However, this outline is your draft which can be corrected during the writing process, as you may come with new ideas during your research.

Grammar and punctuation

One of the most important aspects of the writing process is grammar. Content is also essential. But if your essay is full of mistakes you will lose some points. So, if you want to improve your writing skills, focus attention on grammar and punctuation. Today, we have a lot of options, including online checkers, but you have to keep in mind that these apps are not always correct and reliable.


Your word choice is one of the most important things in academic writing. So, if you want to improve your writing skills, be sure that you understand the requirements for academic essays. You should use proper language, so avoid basic words which are used in everyday communication, but which are not appropriate for academic writing. However, it does not mean that you should fill your essay with complicated words which meanings you do not understand. A key to successful writing is based on the use of words that you know and use widely, but which match the requirements of academic style.

Support your arguments

When you write the essay, usually, you have to convince other people that your opinion is right. You should keep it in mind while writing your essay. If you want to be persuasive you should use other people’s words and opinions. The essay, which is based on careful research and full of credible information, represents your ability to analyze and interpret the information critically. People will not believe you if they read the essay which is full of your thoughts without support and evidence, which can prove your arguments are strong and well-developed. To support your arguments you can use different rhetorical appeals. You can use logos and find some credible scientific articles to make your essay sounds more persuasive. Also, you can add ethos and pathos to appeal to the emotional and ethical aspects of thinking.

Ask for help

Improving your writing skills is not an easy process. Even the best writers can miss some mistakes during the proofreading or develop a weak argument.  Such things happen not because of the lack of skills. Sometimes, people cannot see the weak point in their work by themselves, because they have a limited point of view, and they cannot see the writing as other people see. So, you can find some aspects which should be improved in your essays even after you proofread it ten times. To make this process easier ask someone to read your essay and tell you what he or she thinks about it. It will help you to be sure that your arguments are strong and persuasive. Also, this experience will give you a clear understanding of which way other people perceive your writings and which aspects you should improve.


Write more to improve your English essay-writing. You can read a lot of articles with hundreds of tips on how to become a better writer but it will not help if you do not implement them on practice. Do not wait until the next assignment. Pick a topic of your interest and try to develop strong arguments to convince your friend that you are right. Then, if it works, pick the same topic, but try to do your best to develop arguments for point of view which seems wrong to you. Read more essays of other people and analyze their weak and strong points, as it will help you to compare them with your works to understand which aspects of your own writing should be improved.

One of the most important tips regarding the improvement of writing skills is based on simple advice – enjoy the process. Find something in your assignment that encourages you, and make the process of writing to be pleasant.

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