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130+ Happy New Month Messages and Prayers for Your Loved Ones

A collection of 130 Unique Happy New Month Messages, prayers, quote and much more. Remember, New Month comes just 12 times in a year. So it is a thing of joy to all mankind, and you are expected to share it with your loved ones.

Frequent Asked Questions on Happy New Month Messages

new month messages

How do you wish a new month?

Well, you need to just say good things and that is exactly what this page is all about.

How do I wish my friends a happy month?

Browse through the new month messages below and you will have plenty of them to choose from.

Happy New Month Messages and Prayers for your Loved Ones

  1. I wish you have a happy new month with innumerable blessings and fulfilments. This new month features a lot of glory for you. What you couldn’t achieve last month you shall regain this month. Happy New Month!
  2. This new month shall remove all the negative things of the past months and confer upon you tin abundance the positive things and add to your life a lot of amazing things than it was. I want you the simplest during this new month.
  3. This New Month shall hold you with much love and cover you with colors of blessings like a rainbow to transform your life and make it like gold in the world. Happy New Month, love!
  4. If you didn’t fulfill all hopes in the month gone by, never mind. A new month is here, all your unfulfilled needs and expectations shall be met this month. Happy New Month.
  5. In contrast to other months, this New Month shall not only cause you to grow-up but also broaden and enlarge your horizon. You have arrived in the month of greatness. You have enriched my life. Happy New Month.
  6. New Month, Renewed Hope, Fresh Blessings, New face, New accomplishment, New life, New target, Renewed Joy, Fresh Songs, and New obstacles. This New month you shall overcome every difficulty that comes your way and bring your goals to fulfillment. Happy New Month.
  1. This New Month shall bring an excessiveness of changes in your life. These changes shall be positive changes. it’ll move your life to a larger height. Expect all things to turn out good in your favor. Happy New Month, my dear.
  2. Here you are another New Month the freshness of the month shall usher in for you boundless joy This month shall cover your with blessings and shall be the beginning of God’s blessings in your life. May you have a beautiful and Happy New month.

.9. This New Month shall bring you joy, accomplishment and a life overflowing with peace and harmony, trust, and oneness of your Family and Friends. May you have a Happy New Month.

  1. May this New Month Bring you Happiness, Success and a life crammed with Peace, Hope, and closeness of your Family and Friends. I wish you a contented New Month.
  2. I wish you a fun-filled New Month that is raging with Joy and lots of Love and fabulous with ovation and amusement! Happy New Month. Have an explosion.
  1. This brand New Month shall locate and refresh you, cause you to be happy, in good physical shape, Joyous, put more smiles in you and be more fulfilled. May you have a Happy New Month.
  2. Certain things could be left undone, a few words could be left unspoken; Some feelings could also be left unexpressed, however, a person of your type will never be forgotten. May you have a relaxed New Month.
  3. Spark your atmosphere with your beaming smiles and give way for praise with your fine deeds this New Month. It’s destined to be a month of favor and contentment. Best of the rest of your days.
  4. I wish you in this New Month delightedness, not lamentation, Joy and not grief. Bear in mind that during this New Month, all of your challenges shall be squarely dealt with.  Have a lovely and stunning New Month.
  5. May the New Month overflow your heart with affection, Expectations, Trust, Ovation, Joy, Peace, and Harmony. I wish you a New Month free from pains!
  6. In this New Month, may there be divine intervention in your life that will change all your past misfortunes into good tidings in this new month? A very happy new month to you.
  7. Remove from your heart this new month, hatred, inordinate desire, envy, bitterness, ill-feeling, gluttony this New Month and replace them love, assurance, pledge, sympathy, sincerity, and joy, I wish you to have Happy New Month.
  8. In life, there’s a time for everything, a time to be miserable and a time to be cheerful. I pray that this New Month will confer on your contentment and pleasure forever and ever. May you have a stunning New Month.
  9. This month ushered in for me: harmony, cheerfulness, accord, affection, good health, and happiness. They required a permanent site to put up their structures, hence I gave them your address, hopefully, they’ll arrive in peace. Happy New Month.
  10. May you experience the light of greatness in this Month and may it overflow your days with the blessings of harmony, joy, and kindness. Happy New Month.

.22. May you move into the new month with cheerfulness, triumph, harmony, affluence, good health, and riches, also a new Month of affection and amusement. Happy New Month.

  1. I wish this New Month to usher in for you bright ways, overflow your heart with renew Hopes and pass on for you assurance of better Days! I wish you a satisfied and thriving New Month!
  2. I pray that throughout this New Month your life may be crowned with the funfair of cheerfulness and enjoyment. I wish you a merry, cheerful and flourishing New Month with divine approval. Happy New Month.
  3. It’s a New Month! I pray that this New Month brings the tenderness of affection that directs your path towards a positive direction that will bring out the best of you. Happy New Month.
  1. I Hope this New Month lights up your hopes and bravery, together with the craze and enthusiasm to achieve your desires. I wish you everything good this month can offer. Happy New Month.

27. May this New Month fortify you with the bravery and enthusiasm to overcome your challenges and change them to positivity. I wish you are uplifted this New Month. Happy New Month, love

28. In this New Month, may you look at the globe with a positive viewpoint, speak your heart out with self-assurance, pay attention to others as well as your inner voice and you will be on the path towards the right direction. Happy New Month.

  1. May you be richly blessed to hang about this New Month with your parents, acquaintances and dear ones. Be thankful, and good things will come your way this month. Happy New Month!
  2. To come to the end of something old, something new may be started, that is why last month came to end for this new month to begin. May you have a Happy and Lovely New Month with a happy heart. Happy New Month.

. 31. I hope you spread out happiness and cheerfulness wherever you go this New Month and receive equivalent in return. May you be great and have more grace this New Month. Happy New Month to you!

  1. Each New Month provides us with the right occasion to begin something new and fresh. To contribute your quota this New Month and make the globe a better place for everybody. Happy New Month!
  2. I wish God blessing, protection, and good health so that you can see many more of such New Months! Before then, take pleasure in this New Month and stay in high spirits! Happy New Month, my love

. 34. Even though the previous month offered you a range of challenges and barriers be contented that you managed to triumph over all and crossed the Rubicon to another New Month. May you continue to be this determined and overcome all your shortcomings. Happy New Month

. 35. May this New Month bring you peace of mind, tenderness, and reuniting with your family and a good deal of richness! Happy New Month!

  1. When the New Month comes, it accompanies good tidings that will change our lives for better and ultimately to best. Happy Beautiful New Month.
  2. I wish that this New Month comes in a way that is special for you, with each passing day full of good health, plenty of joy and sunbeams, plentiful comfort and richness.

38. May God cover you and those around you with peace and crown you and those around your life with success this New Month. Happy New Month.!

  1. May you experience the abundance of affection and care for that will remove all your tears, bring true companions to hang about with you, through every moment of this New Month. Happy New Month!
  2. May this New Month be more dazzling than the previous one, covered in kindness and wellbeing, delight and endowments. Happy New Month.
  3. May this New Month present you with all the vigor and fortitude to overcome Negativity and change them to boost your positivity. Happy New Month.
  4. In this New Month let us continue to share the unadulterated relationship that put in joy and bring good things to our lives. Happy New Month.
  5. Have it in your heart that every day of the New Month will make you smarter to provoke you to move higher and higher to bring about the best in you. Happy New Month.

.44. In this New Month, may you have the eagerness, pluck and great effort to realize your dreams and also may His grace help you emerge a conqueror as you struggle. Happy New Month.

happy new year messages

  1. May this New Month be filled with love, joy, and ovation, and may you transfer them to people who are around you too. Happy New Month.
  2. Just like a new flower spreads fragrance around, let this New Month also fill your life with joy, ovation, happiness, and anticipation. Happy New Month!
  3. Learn from your blunders in the previous months in order to avoid them in this New Month. I wish you in this new month to have things go your way and keep that beaming smile on your face throughout the New Month.

. 48. The old month is gone and a New Month is just right here with us. May you meet all the expectations that it has to bring so you can use them in satisfying your hopes and needs. Happy New Month

  1. In this New Month may you not always allow your enemies to have peace and be in harmony with your virtues and may each day of this New Month transform you into a better and more exceptional person. Happy New Month.
  2. We are already embraced the New Month. As you hope in the good tidings of the new month, may It bring forth more satisfied promises. Happy New Month!
  3. I am dispatching to you all the good aspirations you will ever wish to accomplish in this New Month. I hope that this New Month you will continue to swim in the pool of grace as you realize your desires beyond human expectations. Happy new month.
  4. In this New Month, I wish you a wonderful and an amazing beginning. It’s a fresh new month for you to accomplish all your desires which are certainly possible. Happy new month.

. 53. Happy New Month, my love. I wish you to attain the highest of your hopes in the remaining days this month. Certainly, this New Month will make known its kindness towards you and your people. Happy New Month.

  1. In this New Month, your pains will disappear, and your gains will be multiplied because you shall have authority over your challenges. Happy new month, I wish you a sanctified month ahead
  2. Hail the New Month where you shall regain opportunities to increase your effort as you continue to journey from grace to dominance. I wish you the very greatest life can present in this month. Happy New Month.
  3. This New Month shall bring forth Joy, Affection, Charm, Renewed Optimism, Ovation, and Cheerfulness. This Month you shall look brighter and concentrate on more important things than the previous months. Happy New Month.
  4. I wish that this New Month will offer excessive reasons for you to be cheerful. I pray that this New Month takes you to the next level. May this New Month bring you splendor and authority. Happy New Month!
  5. it’s wonderful and gratifying to know that you made it to the new month. I wish you the utmost successes as you walk through life this New Month. Happy New Month.
  6. I pray sincerely that you enjoy a Happy New Month. It is my wish that this month will never bring negativity to your life but rather opportunities to translate them to positivity. May you have a very awesome Happy New Month.

60.Happiness, joy, affection, good health and many more. Accomplishment is my wish for you this new month. May you have a Happy New Month without worries and sorrows.

  1. Never let negative things spoil the fresh breeze of this new month. Put every moment into good use by putting a smile on that face. With love, I will keep wishing you cheerfulness all the days of the new month.
  2. I hope you embrace a cheerful new month, my love. I have nothing to offer you on this beautiful first day of the month then good wishes to you. I wish you the blessings of God and the presence of his favor in your life. Have a blessed new month.

. 63. You have always been influential in my well-being, and I am pleased to welcome you once more to an excellent fresh new month. I wish you more peace and happiness. Keep smiling always. Have a Happy new month, love.

  1. I welcome you to this month of laughter and God’s blessings. You are alive because of His grace that envelopes you. For being such a great and wonderful person, I wish you a beautiful new month from the beginning of the month to the end.
  2. Your new month will be more dazzling as the morning sun, delightful as a butterfly and dearly as you are. Have an amazing month that brightens up your beauty. A cheerful new month to you.
  3. Thank you for being the one who lets some light in my mood when the world seems to be coming to an end. For every cheerful word you say to me, may laughter never depart your face. May you have a stunning month of Blessing.
  4. You are a blessing to me because you illuminate my life with expectations and with pleasure I give you all the good love you justly merit. May you have a wonderful month better than the one you ended. Have a smashing month ahead, my dear.
  5. I wish you many more excellent memories of this new month. I hope you find the brilliant opportunities you have been seeking. May there be the materialization of God’s greatness in your life. Your new month brings you love and warmth. They are all yours, my love.
  6. It is a new month with new exploits and unimaginable opportunities. Benefit in this particular first day and transform something about your life today. Spoken words are powerful, utter your wishes and observe its realization.
  7. May heart full of joy finds you as you begin this new month. May a good healthy body be your portion and may you let God speak in your life. This is an energizing new month that will cap all your efforts. A happy new month to you, my love. Live your life to the full.
  8. I do not only wish you a cheerful new month but another 30 days of happiness. Start the month with smart thoughts and know that all your wishes will come to pass this month. Have a fantastic fresh new month.
  9. I am zealous as I write to you. I wish you a superb new month. Grace into it in magnificent style and for all time, bear in mind that my prayers and good thoughts are still there for you. Take pleasure in the new month.
  10. Release your heart to the prospects of opportunities this new month. I am dispatching to you a truckload of smiles and cheerfulness that will last you all the days of this month. Recognize that there is always a reason to be happy as long as you are alive.
  11. Step into the new month with laughter because you are bringing blessings to those around you. Bear in mind that dreams do come true no matter how large they seem. Pursue your goals this month and make merry as you do. Happy new month.
  12. I wish you all the happiness heaven can offer today because you are about to enter a season of accomplishment. I wish you the best in this new month. Beam with a smile as you go through the days of this month.
  13. Have a superb new month and may the gorgeous colors that go with the month radiate in your life. Keep being broad-minded and the finest will find its way to you. May the month bring you nearer to your heart desires.
  14. You are a few steps closer to your month of plenty. Gaze ahead and behold, the bundle of gladness and bundle of delight are waiting for you there. I know that the new month has a good deal for you. Take pleasure in the amazing feeling the new month brings
  15. You move forward as every single day expires and as further months show up.. Accept your new status and get better like sweet wine. The new month advances with a revolution, and I am sure that you will be experiencing a whole lot of astonishing things this new month.
  16. May this new month usher in blessings with sweet moments that is beyond what money can buy. May the new month bring you nothing but the finest. May all your unfulfilled wishes are settled, I adore you every day, happy new month.
  17. Clinch the new month as it advances with too many life good things. I wish you a vibrant new month that will leave you superior to you were in the past. Time is the
  18. The new month is here for you. Embrace it because it is better than dwelling in the past. Brace yourself up from the past disappointments be ready to take charge of the next opportunity in front of you. Have a fantastic new month
  19. Always keep on smiling as you advance into this new month. Check out the opportunities for the new month and know that it is getting better. I wish you a happy new month with all the affection in the world. You are always special
  20. A new month brings you a fresh life and fresh opportunities to do things differently. No matter what comes your way, don’t forget to keep a smile on your face because the world beams smile at those that are pleased with themselves. Happy new month
  21. I wish you all the cheerfulness and enjoyment you have always carved for this month. All you have been through in the past month is meant to uplift and not put you down. Life is beaming a big smile at you because your time has come.
  22. Let the sunbeams of this first day of the month brighten you. I know that your life is about to be more lively than it used to be when the blessings of the new month rest on you. I wish you an extraordinary new month.
  23. The new month is changing your life for better and more fulfilled as you have hoped. The affection, calm, and contentment that you have secretly wished for yourself will all be yours this new month. Be on the alert for what is coming is life-size
  24. Life is going to be good if it was bad and it will be better if it was previously good. I wish you the best of good fortune in the forthcoming month and remember that I will keep on invoking for divine fulfillment of your heart desires. You are moving on the path towards greater heights. Happy new month.
  25. The new month is taping at your door with a basket filled with affection, attention, and contentment. Release yourself and embrace it because you are the focus of the month. Let all your desires translate to realities. Happy new month love.
  26. This month is presenting to you another 30 days of smiles. Will you agree and achieve your heart desires in the new month or will you decline and continue to dwell in the past? You are at liberty to make your choice. I wish you all you wish yourself in this coming new month
  27. I hope you find laughter, joy, and happiness in the next 30 days of your life. May you have a beautiful new month ahead. With the knowledge that you are happy makes every day of my life better than it used to be. Happy new month, my sweetheart.
  28. I wish you to celebrate this new month together with me because my desires are for the new month to be fine-looking like the butterflies and tender like the flowers. It is another new month of joy and enjoyable. Have a smashing new month.
  29. I wish you a new month that will bring forth excellent things in life. You are moving closer to your heart desires with the passing of each day. Be content that you are in a new month. I wish you your heart desires at all times.
  30. The good thing about this new month as it is in your life will be in the limelight. Approach the month with a victor frame of mind and have a new focus. Only with those two implements can you conquer anything that comes your way.
  31. The new month is a new beginning. A desire to put up and a brand new chance to make things different from the old ways. As you move into the new month, remember that life is too short and so no chance to complain about your loses all the time. Be cheerful and get pleasure from the rest of the month.
  32. It is a month of jollity. Be on top of what you can be and keep a pure heart because what the past month took away is nothing to compare with what the new month brings. You are on the path to success so keep up the belief and have a fantastic new month.
  33. Time doesn’t stop for anybody, and you have to make use of every opportunity the new month brings to you. It is going to be, without a doubt, a fantastic month for you; all you have to do is to use it appropriately. Happy new month.
  1. This new month is your new dawn of never-ending testimonies. There’s nothing between you and your destiny. you’re guilty currently, and that I pray your tomorrow to be better than your yesterday. Happy new month, dear.
  2. In this new month, you only need to cast your mind back at the things you left in the past month and show gratitude to God. Look forward and believe that things will keep getting better. Clap your hands to the good things the new month has in store for us.
  3. Experience the first Sun of this new month on your skin and be cheerful. Not so many people have the opportunity to be alive as you are. As long as you live, there is no boundary to what you can accomplish. Happy new month.
  4. Under no circumstances should you let your fears weigh you down. As long as you are alive, you will always change your circumstances for the better. I wish you a stunning month with loads of good wishes. Get pleasure from every move in the new month.
  5. I call upon God that you will not shed tears from your eyes this New Month, but rather great things will surround you. May you be crowned with pleasure and contentment this New Month. Happy New Month.
  6. A Happy new month to you, my love. The unique person in my life, may the ray of sunshine that accompanied today remain a blessing in your life today and forever. I do care for you.
  7. Start at the moment by taking a deep breathe because it’s the first day of the month. May excellent fortunes be your portion all through the new month.
  8. Things shift and situations alter. Last month is gone with its problems, and I once again wish you the best things about this new month. I feel for you dearly.
  9. Another 30 days await us. Once more you are offered a new month to accomplish everything you can think of in life. Make first-class use of it dear.
  10. Every occasion you fail to see in the old month has been presented to you afresh because you have another complete 30 days to make a difference.

. 107. The tallness of our friendship will grow taller. My good wishes for you has been packaged and dispatched through this text. As you are read through, may all your heart desires come to pass with the goodies of this month.

inspirational new month

  1. Just like water from a spring, all the impurities have been left behind with the old month, and a new set of goodies are coming forth with the new month. It’s right there at your doorstep. Happy new month

. 109. New days and new months are related. They come and they go but the use we make of them stands. Do take the good advantage of this new month.

  1. Keep in touch and stay cheerful for the alternative month simply arrived with a truckload of happiness, peace and a far larger pack of blessings. Happy new month.
  2. We are more potent than we think. We can only accomplish more only if we unlock our hearts to possibilities. Here is another brand new month to open our hearts to new things.
  3. Welcome to our month of exchanging love with one another, far better than we did last month. I’m so happy that we both made it into a brand new month. I can’t wait.
  4. Good for your baby for moving into this new month with me. As we yearn for greater heights from the present month, my feeling of affection for you will grow stronger.

. 114. Unimaginable height is where my love for you is placed, this day and all through the new month. I can’t thank you enough for being there for me all through last month. I pray our affection for each other in the new month will exceed the ones before.

  1. My love for you overflows like a stream of a river. I can desire one thing for you. Beside good opportunities and positive life, I desire for us to be together forever. I love you, sweetie. Happy new month

. 116. My love for you is unending and never will it stop. I can’t seem to control my positive emotions towards you. You are a ray of sunshine to me and the reason for my survival. Let’s get pleasure from the goodies that come with this new month.

. 117. It is my wish that the new month will make you have sincere love, be concerned indeed and put up a smile from your heart. My sweetheart,  may you have a happy new month.

  1. Start off this new month with plenty to expect and faith as small as a mustard seed; for whatsoever you wish for yourself will come to pass. Happy new month love.
  2. It is my prayer, this new month makes our thoughts better. Prompts our steps to come closer and our hearts to remain united as one. Happy new month love.
  3. My desires for the new month, To adore you beyond measure. To grant you the whole of my heart as we are planning to share a magnificent future. I love you so dearly, sweetheart.
  4. Welcome to the month of happiness and elevation. You will bring good luck to everyone that meets you. Happy new month.
  5. Today comes with it another great occasion to change things for the better. I wish you a happy new month, my sweetie.
  1. There are thousands and one explanation to abandon life, but give me just one reason why to carry on living. Happy new month dear
  2. I can do plenty of things, one of which is revealing to you the truth about life, Happy new month my dear.
  3. Take pleasure in the feelings of the new month and what it brings but make sure the goodies for this new month don’t consume you. Enjoy love.
  1. May the new month bring you goodies together with good health. I wish you meet all your targets and heart desires as you embrace the new month. Have a happy day in advance
  2. Welcome the new month with cheers because we are on the brink of entering the most remarkable month of the year. As you go through this text today, I wish you the best in all your endeavors all through the month.
  3. Seize the goodies that accompany the new month fast since it comes only on the first day of the month. Even those of it you can’t immediately grab, may they locate you by themselves.
  4. May this month have a good cause to make us have reasons to remember and smile at your achievements. All your heart desires prayed and labored for will be rewarded this month. Have a happy new month love.
  1. Victory, victory and more victory in all your endeavors this month. May all you accomplished in the past months be exceeded in this new month’s outcome. I love you and have a joyous new month.
  1. It gladdens my heart to have you. Days gone by may not be the best of days, but this new month brings forth truckload of exciting adventures that our world yearns for. I love you, dear. Happy new month.

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