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GEEP MarketMoni Loans (Social Investment Programmes that Favour You)

MarketMoni is a distinct loan product under the GEEP. It seeks to boost the informal sector by enumerating and empowering key players with loans. Unlike Trader Moni, this offers loans to both artisans and traders starting at a minimum of N50,000.

market moni

We do not consider any of our social investment programmes a favour to you, you deserve it because you are citizens of Nigeria. You deserve support from our common wealth.

What is Market moni

The GEEP Market Moni loan scheme is a Social Intervention Programme (SIP) of the Federal Government of Nigeria, executed by the Bank of Industry (BOI), a body of the Federal Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment. The interest-free loans range between N10,000 and N100,000 for owners of micro enterprises.

Here are some current tweet by the Nigeria’s Vice President

GEEP Market Moni Loan Requirements

geep market moniTo be eligible for this programme, you must;

  • belong to a registered and accredited market association, cooperative or trade group
  • have a valid BVN.
  • Your market association, cooperative or trade group must nominate you for a loan and must be willing to stand in as your guarantor.
  • Your market association, cooperative or trade group must be registered with BOI
  • You must have a business location which will be verified by MarketMoni agents.

How To Apply For GEEP Market Moni Loan

Before you can apply for GEEP market moni loan in Nigeria, you must belong to an accredited market association or co-operative registered in your state or with the CAC. Your association or cooperative must indicate its interest in MarketMoni by submitting its information to BOI including its certificate of registration.

If your association or cooperative qualifies, a MarketMoni agent would be sent to your group promptly to capture your members for loan assessment.

You can submit GEEP market money loan application through the MarketMoni web portal ( ( ) and you can also make us of paper market moni registration forms.

Market Moni Registration Form

You can fill the market moni registration form at MarketMoni website. >>

Market Moni Agents In Nigeria

market moni registration

You can view the list of market money agents per state in Nigeria at :

NB: GEEP Market moni is different from Trader Moni Initiative. TraderMoni gives you access to loan up to N50,000 while MarketMoni gives you up to Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000.00) loan.

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