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Application Form For Galaxy College of Health Technology Admission Form: Cost And How To Apply

The Galaxy College of Health Technology (GACOHT), Bauchi application form for admission into the 2021/2022 academic session is now on sale.

Galaxy College of Health Technology Admission Form

This information is for those who are seeking admission into Galaxy College Of Health Technology. Application forms for the  2021/2022 academic session are now out. Application forms are therefore available for National Diploma(ND), Higher National Diploma (HND), All Diploma Programme as well as Certificates programme. How to apply, the cost of application forms, as well as processes involved, would be discussed in subsequent paragraphs.

Galaxy College of Health Technology Admission Form: How To Apply

For prospective applicants, how to apply involves two different steps and ways:

How to Apply 1

To apply, for all prospective applicants, one way to apply is that you are to pick up the forms directly at the school administrative block. This implies that to submit an application, you have to appear physically at the school which is in Bauchi State.

How to Apply 2

Another way To apply is that all prospective applicants are to pick up the application form by following the link below

When on the page, fill in required fields as required on the application portal through the above link.


For all the steps involved in registering and apply for the Galaxy College Of Health Technology, there would be an explicit explanation on how to go about it below.

STEP 1:Click on the new Application form icon following the link above

STEP 2:Input your details and biodata which comprises Your full name, your working email address (this would be used to pass information across to you as at when due), and your valid mobile number.

STEP 3: After Step 2, you would be redirected to a page where confirmations of the biodata you supplied would be confirmed.

STEP 4: Pit down in a safe place (preferably in writing) your application number as well as your login password

STEP 5: What is next is to try to log in to your created account by using your application number as your username and your password (one which you supplied during the account opening) as your password.

STEP 6: After Step 5, you will be redirected to a payment page where payment for the application form is to be made.

STEP 7: This follows through immediately after Step 6. What you do next is make sure you confirm all your supplied bio data which would reappear and click on the proceed icon to select which of the payment method you would prefer.

STEP 8: After Step 7, you are brought to the confirmatory page where payment would be confirmed as either successful or failed. If successful, you then proceed by filling your application form

STEP 9. When filling the application form, you are mandated to put in correctly all your biodata which include your correct names in the correct order and other valid information. You will be required to also supply your working mobile number ( this is where all information pertaining to your application would be passed across t to you.

STEP 10: After Step 9, what follows through is that you are required to select your preferred choice, of course, available in the institution.

STEP 11: What follows through after Step 10 is that you are to supply all your educational details from your primary school background (name and year attended), the name of the institute as well as where it is located. This also requires that you supply all awards won during the year attended if there are any.

STEP 12: You supply your secondary school details, the name of the school, address of the secondary school attended, the years you attended the school as well as the awards won if there’s any.

STEP 13: The next step involves uploading academic results. This is simply your qualifications ranging from your O’level results to your primary school leaving certificate, birth certificate or Declaration of Age, A certificate showing you are from Bauchi, and a recent passport photograph( this must be with a clear background, in JPEG and maximum file size of 50kb)

STEP 14: This step is almost the final step. After Step 1-13, you are to make sure you click on the submit application icon. Before making your final submission, please make sure all supplied information is accurate and correctly given.

STEP 15: This is the final stage. After Step 1-15, your application page is displayed Click on the Print Application icon to print out your application.

Finally, after Step 1-15, you will have to wait as you would be contacted through either the phone number or valid email address you supplied for your admission letter in due time.

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