Free Online Practice Platform To Prepare For JAMB CBT

Free Online Practice Computer Based Test Platform To Prepare For CBT JAMB UTME

The JAMB 2016/17 Computer Based Test Examination date is getting nearer and we have received emails/calls from our loyal readers for “free CBT JAMB Practice Platform 2016”, We promised to provide platform for candidates to practice the Jamb CBT for free as not everyone can afford the paid JAMB CBT Practice option.

For those who are not aware, the Jamb UTME 2016/2017 CBT Examination has been scheduled to begin on the 29th of February, 2016.

Free Online Practice Computer Based Test Platform To Prepare For CBT JAMB 2014 UTME

With the free JAMB CBT practice website, you can practice with subjects such as;
* Use of English,
* Mathematics,
* Physics,
* Government,
* Economics and Commerce
* Chemistry,
* Literature in English,
* CRS,
* Biology,

Note: When you purchased your Jamb 2016 Form, Jamb provides a Disc that will show you how the examination will look likes to avoid surprises.

Even if you have watched this Jamb CBT DVD, we urged you to PRACTICE this on a computer yourself.

Free Online Practice Computer Based Test Platform To Prepare For CBT JAMB 2016 UTME – How it works.

The free online 2016-2017 JAMB CBT practice portal will allocate 45 minutes for 50 questions just as it is done on the proper JAMB CBT examination.

You just need to read the questions and select the proper answers and click on the “Next” button to goto the next question or “Skip” button to skip to the next question.

When you must have answered the last question, you will see “Review” and “Finish” buttons. The review button will allow you to re-visit the questions you skipped.

It will display all the numbers you skipped and you can select them and try to answer the question(s).

Please take note that you are working with time. With the real Jamb CBT Exams, your PC/Laptop will shut down immediately the allocated time given to you elapsed.

When you are through with the reviews, click on the “Finish” button and go to the next subject. (The same process of reading and answering questions applies to all the subjects).

If you are certain that you have answer all the questions, click on the “Submit” button to submit all your answers.

If you exhaust your time, the system will end the test for you AUTOMATICALLY and present you with your final result.

(This is the same way it will shut down in the REAL Jamb UTME CBT Examination Hall, so be conscious of time)

How to start with your Free 2016 Jamb CBT Practical Test

Step 1: To get started, CLICK HERE or HERE.

Step 2: When the webpage loads up, you will be required to enter your JAMB registration number and click on the “Start Tutorial” button to begin.
You might want to try this free jamb cbt out.

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