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Facts You Don’t Know About Food Science and Technology Course!

Are you looking to apply for Food Science and Technology? And you are wondering what it is all about? Well, read the following in dept post on Food Technology!

Food Science and Technology is a coherent and systematic body of knowledge and understanding of the nature and composition of food products, through processing and distribution.

This course draws from many disciplines such as Microbiology, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, nutrition and Agriculture in an attempt to better understand food processes and ultimately improve food production.


A Food Technologist must be able to perform the FFL:

– Ensuring the safety of foods, such that, good hygienic condition is ensured during, processing, storage and packaging of food products.

– Check the basic raw material being processed the food for nutritional value, safety and quality.

– Undertake the basic and applied research into the aspect of food processing, food quality, food deterioration.


– Food technologists can work in the food industry as quality control officer/manager or quality assurance officer/manager.

– In hospitals, as a nutritionist, prescribing diet intake for breast feeding mothers, children and other patients.

– In tertiary institutions, as Lecturers and or Lab scientists.

– In Pharmaceutical companies, as quality control officer/manager, to ascertain the safety of people about food and drugs.

– With health agencies or bodies dealing with safety of food products such as, NAFDAC, SON, NDLEA, FAO, UNICEF, Federal Ministry of Health.

– As a technologist in some research laboratories, for testing and examining food samples, monitoring the use of chemical additives and preservatives, and ensuring that stringent food safety standards are met.

The acronym for the body of food technologists in Nigeria is NIFST (NIGERIA INSTITUTE OF FOOD SCIENTISTS AND TECHNOLOGISTS)

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