Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP)

Fg and ASUP has desert Nigeria Polytechnic Students!

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My Country, Nigeria Education is going through rough time and it is seriously wearing me off! The Strike embarked by the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic, ASUP has no foundation, the student has nothing to gain in the strike and everything to lose. What give? And even though the Nigeria Polytechnic students has been at home for more than 7 months, the Federal Government and the Unionist are not doing anything about it!

Nigeria is one big problem that has no solution. No one in this country seemed to have represented the masses good so far. Just wonder when the Country’s messiah would come?

Don’t call me a pessimist,if i say, a better Nigeria is just an illustionary construct as its realization is by no means better than chasing the shadow.
At times, i wonder about ’cause lost in my imagination why Africans behave the way they do. It’s only in Africa that a leader would want to rule his entire life. It’s only in Africa(Nigeria)that a leader or an individual would own 200 to 400 cars. What a greed!

This class of people called blacks,do they have the true of nature of God? If yes, why the infinite greed,and selfishness that touches the cloud?
Nigeria is a blessed Country cursed by a few leaders that claim to care for her citizenery. Nothing works anymore.

Why saying all these? ’cause of Asup strike……Where are all these men of God that were shouting here and there for the government to call off the strike when Asuu was on strike? Are they not aware of Asup strike? All the leaders that intervened during the time of Asuu, where are they now? Are they not aware of this one? Well, i wouldn’t blame them ’cause they didn’t have their stakes in the polytechnics,and maybe i would have behaved like them if i was of one of them…….

Am tired Am bored staying at home… All these blah blah blah who cares… Can’t be heard that’s all… But in all, University Education is not the only source of Education. If you can afford to travel out of the country to further your Education, then do so my comrades!

Article Contribution: Solace Okoye – Federal Polytechnic Nekede.