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FedPoly Ado Still Shut Down – Trade Union & Management Meets 2nd March, 2015

The FedPoly Ado has been shut indefinitely over protests since January, 2015 and the students are not happy about it, first the leadership of National Association Of Nigerian Students (NANS) held a peaceful protest tagged – Fedpoly Ado must RESUME. An aggrieved student, share his thoughts about The Fedpoly Ado Management and the Trade Union. You can read more about it below;


FedPoly Ado Still Shut Down

When two elephant fights, the grass they say bears the brunt. That has been the case of the students of this great institution. Nevertheless we want both parties to remember that for every action there must be a corresponding reaction, SEE CAUTION!!!

The management.

Like we have been taught in our classes that if there’s any problem within an organisational structure, the top management is to be blame.

It is a shame that those who are told to mentor us towards becoming a better person in life cannot even coordinate themselves.

Management ought to see to the welfare and at the same time know when to provide necessary incentives to its staffs at appropriate time. so therefore, any management who lacks coordination is a failure.

The trade union.

Prior to this period we have always given much regard to the trade union than the students union not because they are more matured and are working class but because we thought they were intellectuals.

We shook our heads when we saw how they were addressing issues at the congress they called in SOT and it became obvious to us that they are enjoying the torment we students are facing.

The leaders of this trade union are bad negotiators who wants to get all they tender on the table without shifting grounds.

Our verdicts

Little information got to us that both parties (trade union and management) are meeting on Monday 2nd of march 2015. If both parties do not sort out your differences and come back to class. We know your houses and we will personally let you know how we feel.



Article by: Adedotun Adetunji (Student)

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