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Essay writing tips in a nutshell

Academic assignment centered around essay writing is one of the most common tasks in college settings. Therefore, learning the key skills centered around this type of work is essential for success in any English language course in the USA, Canada, and other countries such as Nigeria.

In this review, we want to offer you a professional analysis of the key tips that can help deliver great written material. Ultimately, the approach you should take is easy. All that is necessary is your readiness to learn.

Essay writing tips in a nutshell

Tip 1. Ensure good essay structure

All great essays typically feature a very strong organization of the material. In this regard, they should have at least three of the following elements:

  • Introduction. A paragraph that describes the main topic of an essay and the key themes that surround it in one way or another. This part may also feature some preview of the topics that appear in the paper through a thesis statement that will receive consideration further.
  • Body. Here, you provide all the main arguments and describe the justifications for them. The section typically may feature a description of the methods, literature reviews, result provision, and discussion. In short, the ‘meat’ of your papers appears in this part.
  • Conclusion. A paragraph that reiterates all your points concisely and leads them towards some general statement is also essential. We highly recommend writing impeccable conclusions because most of the reviews for research concentrate on fast reading of the materials. Therefore, a final section is a part that is most likely to be read. The best way to ensure great impressions is, thus, to focus on it.

Even this basic approach will already make the essay you write quite good.

Tip 2. Concentrate on paragraph structure

Another important aspect that can help write the best essays undoubtedly includes the approach writers take to structuring all small claims. In this regard, the following tips are essential while writing all paragraphs:

  • Always add an introductory or topic sentence. If you write about Amazon, for example, show that you have the goal of describing its services or analyzing the website of the company.
  • Analyze the evidence instead of simply providing it. When writing something from scratch, you should always ensure that you are original about claims. In this regard, the best option is to engage in two things. Firstly, cite everything according to academic standards (APA or MLA, for example). Secondly, follow the Introduce, Cite, Explain framework. What does it mean in practice? It signifies that you should never put one citation after the other. After providing some information, you should write at least one sentence analyzing it in-depth. This approach will turn an average essay into something truly valuable by pushing the research towards the true study of varying issues rather than a collection of diverging facts about a certain challenge.
  • Always add a conclusion that helps transition into the next argument. Every great paragraph also features some personalized ending that helps the reader understand how your writing ties itself together.

Generally, a good paragraph structure is one of the key signs of a strong writer.

Tip 3. Learn from others

One thing is certain: countless students wrote essays before you. Thus, a rational choice is to use the help of others in this case. They have already walked the path you are about to take and, therefore, eliminated some of the most common mistakes.

In this regard, one of the best options undoubtedly stems from the companies that provide custom writing assistance. You can buy cheap essay samples in such a service from expert writers who deliver top quality.

An order there can greatly help a customer with understanding some of their key errors and delivering great content after learning about the main tips. One of the best options that we can recommend is addressing online essay writing services named CustomWritings.

Tip 4. Write a good thesis statement

Many people will skim your essay instead of truly reading all you have to say. We know this can hurt some egos, but such is the reality of the world we live in. So, you have to ensure that the attention of the audience is as potent as possible. In this regard, the thesis statement is the most important element to consider.

Many people have no idea how to write it. Here is a simple formula you should genuinely consider. Great thesis statements involve the following elements: Claim + linking word (because, since, as) + description of justifications.

How does it look in practice? Let’s say you write about cyberbullying. In such a case, your thesis will take the following form: Online bullying is dangerous because it is violent and extremely pervasive.

As you may see, we at first offer some overall conclusions of the paper (danger of online bullying) and then transition to the justification of the reasons why the element in question is so complicated.

Using this formula, you can easily deliver great materials in all situations. We have never seen it fail. Unless your instructor has something specific in mind, it will work in most cases.

Tip 5. Proofread, proofread, proofread

The last important thing we want to talk about in regards to essay writing is proofreading. A good essay should contain a minimum of errors. Even small mistakes or some repetitions can undermine the impression a reader has.

The greatest essays can collapse under the weight of small problems. Consequently, you should always do the following things while preparing your materials:

  • Get your text through Grammarly. This service that you get for free will give you a chance to remove most of the grammatical issues. In a premium account, there is not necessary to get the essential features. It will correct errors without payment. The other options depend on your needs and writing habits.
  • Use anti-repetition software. Try online Repetition Detector 1 or its 7-dollar upgraded version named Repetition Detector 2. This software can find most of the repeating words. As a result, you will have a chance to eliminate the majority of the problems in your texts.
  • Re-read everything at least twice. Before sending your text in, make sure to double-check it at least twice. Simply read the text. If you have some people ready to listen to it, a good option is to also ask them to provide feedback.

All in all, writing essays is rather easy. All you have to do is to consistently apply some of the tips mentioned in this article. These easy-to-do recommendations will immediately propel you into the ranks of great writers.

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