Ebsu List of Students expelled for exam Mal-practice /Admission Misconduct Released!

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The latest information reaching us is that the management of Ebonyi state University, (Ebsu) ha just released the List of her Students expelled for engaging in Examination Mal-Practice. But is it really true? We take a quick look at the lists of the Examination Registration Numbers and it ranges from year 2004 to year 2008, (what is your opinion? This is like 8 to 5 years ago, this students must have graduated. So who is fooling who? Well, we wish no students get expelled due to Malpractice. Advice: Students read/jack your books.)

The Senates of Ebonyi State University, at its 22nd Emergency Meeting held on the 23rd of August, 2012 considered and approved communication/publication of the following penalties against the under listed students who were involved in various categories of
Examination/admission misconduct:

you can check the lists of students expelled from Ebonyi State University for Examination/Admission Misconduct-here ===>>> Ebsu-Names of Expelled Students

The list is in PDF, so it will required a computer to access the contents.

Some Penalties in EBSU and what the Mean:
Expulsion Cases:
This are Students who are expelled permanently from the University for grievous misconduct and are NOT to be seen in EBSU or it environs.

Suspension Cases:
These are suspended students who will miss a certain stipulated periods in the table below are to:
(*) Fail the said examination and in addition,
(*) Stay away from the University for the period of suspension and apply to the
Registrar for re-admission when their suspension tenures is over. (the suspension period could range from 2months to 5years, depending on your crime)

To Fail Concerned Exams
Students who are to fail the said examination are required to register/retake the affected course(s).

Warning Cases:
Students who are warned, are enjoined to desist from such display of irresponsibility as any other repeated act of gross misconduct shall earn them stiffer punishment, which will result in either a suspension or Expulsion.

Other Cases and their penalties:
Withdrawn degree result:
Any Candidate who impersonated for a certain person (it could be you trying to play good and write exams for your girlfriend, are you a learner?) to write an examination for her.
And when invited for questioning, you failed to appear before the misconduct committee after 3 consecutive invitations.

Withdrawn Admission:
Students who are involved in this are not more a student of Ebonyi State University, EBSU Students.

The list of the students who are expelled from Ebsu was made available yesterday, 12th January, 2013 and it is published on the school official website, you can access it from the link above or Click Here

Friendly Advice for all Nigerian Students: Stay away from Examination Malpractices as well as other misconducts going on in our Institution.

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