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Courses Offered in Houdegbe North American University Cotonou 2013

For all the Interested candidates who want to know the various Courses offered in Houdegbe North American University, Benin, Cotonou, we have list them below.

– Doctor Of Medicine & Pharmacy, & Nursing programs.
– Sociology,
– History,
– Geography,
– Psychology,
– Philosophy.
– Accounting,

– Banking & Finance,
– Business Administration,
– Economics & Marketing.
– Law (LLB).
– Computer Science,
– Computer Engineering Technology

– Management Information System.
– International Relations,
– Political Science,
– Public Administration.
– Msc and MBA with Post Graduate.

Below are the tuition fees for Doctor of Medicine & Pharmacy Programmes in HOUDEGBE NORTH AMERICAN UNIVERSITY
Admission Fee – ­100,000 Frs CFA
Matriculation (New Student) – 200,0­00
Students Hand Book (New Student) – 7,000
I.D. Card (Renew Every Year) – 3,000
– Library Fees (Every Year) – 80,000
– Laboratory Fee (1st and 2nd year) – 150,000
– Laboratory and Practical (3rd and 6th year) – 300,000
– Graduation Fee (Final Year) – 60,000
– Tuition fee for First Semester (1st and 2nd year) – 750,000
– Tuition Fee for Second Semester (1st and 2nd year) – 750,000
– Tuition fee for First Semester (3rd to 6th year) -1300,000
– Tuition fee for Second Semister (3rd to 6th year} – 1300,000.00
– Tuition Fee for the Whole Year (7th year) – 1300,000.00

Internship programs are to be taken in charge by students.

Banking and Finance, For newly admitted students – 590,000 Frs CFA

*Important Notice*
Please take Note that all the North American University tuition Fees listed above are in Frs CFA, Not in Nigeria naira.
For more information, visit the North American University official website at

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19 thoughts on “Courses Offered in Houdegbe North American University Cotonou 2013”


    My son wants to study Economics and Marketing in Houdegbe North American University Cotonou,Benin. He had the following SSCE May/June results:
    Christian Religious Knowledge =C6
    Economics =C4
    Geography =E8
    Government =C6
    Literature in English =E8
    English Language =C6
    Mathematics =B4
    Biology =E8
    Pls i want the requirements for admission and the course implication to enrole now. Thanks

    1. Hello Nwokolo,
      Please find the full details HERE
      Their website is no longer functioning and there is no way to get all the necessary info from them.
      This is their official phone number->
      +229 (21) 33 21 27
      +229 (21) 33 35 88
      (the numbers are not 100% confirmed).
      please let me know if you have any more question.

    1. I will update this post, am gathering resources to make sure interested candidates get all information they need to apply for admission. meanwhile, you can always contact them via their website.

    1. Hello, Ibrahim
      Please check in a few days- or before the weekend- i will give the full details on how to apply for admission as well as the payments/courses offered.

  2. Pls i want know exactly total amount of university fees per year for Bsc in computer engineering technology or computer science and international relations. thanks

  3. please can i take my transcript from my current uni in nigeria and transfer to houdegbe and continue from 200 level in your school? please i need a valid response before the end of the week thanks

  4. Pls I want to apply for post graduate programme in medical microbiology in your school, how can I go about it. Direct me

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