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Controversy Over the expulsion of 28 Redeemers University students who Failed Drug Test!!

It is no longer news that Redeemer University expel 28 Students who tested positive to drugs. And most of the students are said to be in their finals. The full report is published on The Nation Newspaper Online.

Quoting the Nation The expulsion of 28 students by Redeemer University for allegedly failing drug tests has sparked a big row. The tests were conducted last November for 42 students, who were asked to go for “routine tests”. After resumption this year, someof them were told that they “tested positive” and last Friday, some of those who “tested positive” got expulsion letters; others got theirs on Monday.

Article Source: This excerpt is culled from TheNationOnline, click on it to read the full post.

Below are what some Nigerian Students are saying about the Redeemer University Nigeria expulsion

From Charles K (Covenant University)…
First of all, there was nothing wrong with what the school did, the rules are supposed to be adhered to, they knew it wasn’t allowed and they decided to take drugs…. the school gave them a chance to get rehabilitated, those that went for counselling didn’t get expelled.

where is the wisdom in informing students or even anybody of an impending drug test please enlighten me. the person that said something about christian schools being stupid… beru olorun, don’t heap curses on your head. please respect God..

From Amara… (Redeemer University)
I’m a 400 level student of Redeemer’s University and the truth is the school has invaded on people’s privacy which contravenes to section 37 of the 1999 constitution…
although the school rules says it would expel any student in possession of drugs and anyone caught in the act but for Christ’s sake this student were not even caught taking the drugs and I doubt if the school clinic even has the facility required for the test.
My school could be very harsh, unjust and unfair in their trial, they just love to focus on unnecessary things and that is why after about 7 years, they’ve still not moved to their permanent site.

Someone, please ask my school what happens to their merit policy or a situation where a student has extra points?
The guy acting has the C.S.O of the school should also be investigated because his hands are not clean.
Just recently, the female hostel of Redeemer University Nigeria was on heat because some men came in the middle of the night and forced open some doors and robbed some girl’s of their valuables. This has been happening for years and still the school has not done anything about it and not that they would replace those items, they’ll just give you ‘N1,600’ to buy a carton of noodles.
I’m glad that the nation did this write up… Investigative journalists could do a write up on my school if they take their time.
Please forgive any error seen and forgive the long story, just bitter about the school

Whatever you do, remember if you are planning to attend a christain university, you need to adhere to th rules (that is the reason why your parents/guardian agreed to send you to one)

We hope the Expelled 28 students of Redeemer University are called back.

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