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How To Check Your Jamb Result On Your Mobile Phone

WE are all aware that Jamb UTME 2016/17 Results has been released and some candidates has already checked their Jamb Score, if you are yet to check yours, you can visit this link – How To Check Jamb 2016 Result, but the tutorial below is for candidates who want to check their Jamb Score on their Mobile Phone.

How To Check Your Jamb Result On Your Mobile Phone

How TO Check Jamb Result On Mobile Phone

First, opera mini might not be too suitable to check your jamb result, so we will be using other mobile application called ucweb, those who have it can skip this step and for those who don’t have it can download it, it is free.

Step 1: From your Mobile Device open and then click on the link to download UCweb Browser –>> Download Ucweb Browser Here

Step 2: When ucweb website opens up, your mobile device will be detected and you will be shown a version that will work well for your device, you can then click on the Download Link to download it to your Mobile phone, should in case your phone model is not detected, you will be given the option to install the general version which also works well with all phone.

Step 3: When you are done installing it on your device, open it and then typing in to return to this post, then goto to Jamb Official Website by Clicking Here, when the website finish loading, at the right hand side of Jamb website, you would be able to locate this “Result Checker”.

Step 4: You will be required to Enter your JAMB 2016 Registration number OR Scratch Card PIN or Scratch Card Serial Number (enter any of the detail you ave with you) and then click on “Check Result, your Jamb 2013 Result will be displayed on your mobile device”.

Important Updates on Jamb 2016 Results

It is good we keep track of all what is happening in this year Jamb 2013 Results, you can read more by clicking on the links below.

1. How To Check Jamb Result (for those on PC/Laptop/Desktop)
2. Jamb Result Statistics (See how many candidates make above 200 etc)
3. For Jamb 2016 Candidates with “No Biometric Verification Error” When Checking Your JAMB 2016 Result (Possible causes and Solutions).

Important Information

Please Take Note that the Change of course and Institution will be possible only in 2 weeks,, the nigeriaschool team will Assist all Jamb Candidates who want to Apply for change of Institution and/or Change of Course.

Please also take note that the Jamb Result you have with you is not the original, so you are advice to get your Original Jamb Result Slip.

If you read through you will see students who are almost graduating and they don’t have their original Jamb Result Slip and when they tried to print it out, they are shown No Admission Offer Yet, and the original jamb result slip comes with your passport and other details and it is one of the major requirements for NYSC.

Candidates who scored above 180 are advised to get theirs ASAP. (Please visit us tomorrow for more details and how you can get yours)

Stay updated on all news about Jamb 2013 and also for those whose Jamb Results has been released, please don’t dull, be alert and ensure you visit us daily to know what is going on, the next thing is for you to get your Past post UTME question and Answers. (We will provide this service soon).

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125 thoughts on “How To Check Your Jamb Result On Your Mobile Phone”

    1. Congratulations Esther, below is your Jamb Score and you scored 178

      Aggregate = 178 Physics = 43; Chemistry = 31; Biology = 48; Use of English = 56; ==========================================================================================================================

  1. i havent recieved any reply or sugestion or solution on ma initial complain. I cant ascess my result score its saying no result yet and i want to know y, and i hope its not a problem?

  2. i havent recieved any reply or sugestion or solution on ma initial complain. I cant ascess my result score its saying no result yet and i want to know y, and i hope its not a problem? Help me ooo am getting despirate and frustrated i hate suspence

    1. You Have Exceeded Maximum Number of Checks. Please purchase e-Facility Card to Print Your Result Slip.

      you will need to purchase e-facility card.

  3. Am having problems checking my result could you please check mine and send my result via my email. My reg no is 35346001GJ. Thank you

    1. sorry, you have no result for now… You CANNOT See Your Result because “You Have No Biometric Verification

    1. Congratulations Nathan Bitrus, your jamb score is 183, the cut off makr for fut minna is usually 180 and same with your second choice.

    1. I have checked your result before (Joshua) and you scored 189, Congratulations.

      please don’t paste your jamb number again, all you need to do now is goto any business center/cybercafe to print out your jamb result slip.

    1. you scored 158, you will need to buy e-facility card to print out your result. although i have sent it to your email and you can print it out anytime.

    1. your jamb score is 142, you need to visit a cybercafe to print out your result, or else you will be forced to buy the e-facility.

  4. ok thanks legend but i hope its not a problem? Cus my friends has seen theirs just me i tried today again it still says no result yet, pls hope its not a problem?

    1. Congratulations Ebikezimo!!! your Jamb 2013 score is 201
      you are among the very lucky few who scored above 200.
      please go to a computer center to print out your jamb result slip.

  5. I did my biometric verification before I sat for my exam. What does jamb mean? Is my result going to come out or am I going to wait one more year again.

  6. i checked mine and they said i was involve in world wide cheating. Dnt hw wat 2 do now, i nid more lite on dat cos this is my 1st time of writing jamb

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