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Bayero University Kano Begins Academic Registration for 2015/2016

Latest news reaching our Educational desk has it that the Bayero University Kano (BUK) has begun full registration for the Fresh and returning students 2015/2016 Academic Session.

The below are the guidelines laid out by the Board of Management of BUK, in order to have an outstanding registration, hence, all the student are NOT reliable to Mistake. Read carefully:-

The BUK Registration Procedure:- Please, all the concerned candidate are to note that the registration procedure has not changed.

Interested persons should login to myBUK portal, print his/her personalized Payment Invoice, pay the exact amount at any of the designated banks, then login to the portal again to register for the courses. A student who pays an amount different from what is on the Invoice would not be able to continue!


The BUK Registration Timetable:- Please, all the concerned candidate are to note the following timetable and there will be strictly enforced:-

BUK 2015/2016 Registration Timetable

1 30th November-12thDecember, 2015 Collection of Admission Letters for L100 & L200
2 7th -31st December, 2015 Screening of admitted candidates for L100 & L200
3 11th – 31stJanuary, 2016 Online registration for fresh students
4 18th January – 31st January, 2016 Registration for returning students
5 1st February – 5th February, 2016 Late registration with surcharge, for both fresh and returning students.

Important and Essential Notes to all Fresh and Returning Students


(1) The Registration means paying the appropriate registration fees AND REGISTERING FOR COURSES.

(2) The Senate has directed that any student who fails to register within the specified time has to apply for Suspension of Studies for the Session within two weeks. Those who fail to apply for Suspension of Studies within that time would be considered withdrawn from the University.

(3) The Senate decision will be strictly enforced. Very Important!!
Other Guidelines/Information: Other guidelines and/or information would be provided in due course as the need arises.

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