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Buhari Projecting a Clamp Down Plan Against Biafrans

All eyes should be on Biafra by now as street protests over Biafra actualization have taken a toll of its most ever seen for almost 5decades back.

Unfortunately to the outside world, the agitation remained partially aired since the Nigeria government has blocked any foreign media coverage of the protests.

Yet, it could not be totally covered as other media outlets have taken on the lead to show the world the on-going development in Biafra land even as the Nigeria Security agencies are trying to clamp down on descents. Mind you, this is a peaceful demonstration by Biafra indegenes seeking for restoration of a sovereign nation.

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The causes of this are obvious and requires as a matter of urgency “an ear to the ground” approach of the International community before the situation descends to chaos.

One main issue noteworthy is that Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari appears to be un wavered and unconcerned about the cries and agitation of the people of Biafra because he feels it that he has no stake in the future of Biafrans.

This is in no doubt that Buhari never considers Biafrans and stands to do any evil and abuses to Biafrans at will since past records have proven that Biafrans have never been treated as full citizens neither were fully integrated into the Nigeria leadership and developmental affairs.

By right, the volume of protests had this period is enough to put any leader that stands for all to call for at least calm and stretch forth a hand of deliberation to address the situation. But the reverse is the case here as Mr. Buhari sits tight and projecting a clamp down plan against Biafrans.

A stage of protest had, if were to be directed towards the sit of leadership is enough to put any reasonable president on his heels.

Yet, Biafrans are not in the mission to overthrow president Buhari, but interested solely on restoration of Sovereign State of Biafra.

The big question is; why must president Buhari resort to clamp down plans on Biafrans… ? This is a very dangerous signal, an evil wind that would blow nobody any good. Even in this era, Buhari must know it well that even the elites and leaders would have no hiding place.

A wise and democratic conscious leader must be aware that any act of aggression against peaceful protesters is highly condemnable and must never be accepted. Any leader who plays down on this basic fundamental human right of our time is absolutely uncivilized and need attract some pity.

God bless us!

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