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Buhari calls for inclusion of Islamic books in All Federal Schools

Pre. Buhari calls for inclusion of Islamic books in Federal schools’ Curriculum across the Federation.

The current President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Buhari has called on the Federal Ministry of Education to include two Islamic Studies books written by the late Justice Muhammad Bashir Sambo in the secondary school curriculum for all Federal Government Colleges.

According to The News Agency of Nigeria, (NAN) Buhari gave the directive at the weekend in Kaduna while launching the reviewed editions of the books which were first published in 1974.


Represented by Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State, the president, according to NAN noted that such books had become essential in the face of declining moral and religious values in the country.

Welcome to Nigeria.

Comments from some Nigerians.

Micheal Lawson said…

Buhari has an agenda of islamising africa, Where are those idiots that voted an islamic pig into power?

See where it leads all you guys into? hahahahah am laughing in french, very soon ya all will be forced to be muslims against your wish, its coming, have patient!

Prisca Ginika said….

I read it yesterday, I swear im not happy abt this. Buhari shuld concentrate on his campaign promises first. They r too numerous to be ignored. Islam is our problem yet u want to spread it like ebola. People cried u were going to islamize Nigeria if elected, now I see.

Anonymous said…

Are your kids in public schools?
Why should Islamic books be made mandatory for federal schools in a circular state like Nigeria?
…for once I am tempted to say that Buhari has an agenda.

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