Breaking News: A Unilag Student Exchange His Kidney For A First Class Degree and Now his Dying father need a Kidney…

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We have just read story of a Student of The University of Lagos who sold his Kidney to a Professor (his dean of faculty) in Exchange of First Class, this is one of the bizarre story I have read for a long time. Read the story and be amazed.

One Mr. DeeLinkage, a 24-year-old graduate of the University of Lagos, Unilag sold or should we say Exchange his KIDNEY, just so he could graduate with a first class from the Institution that has housed him for years.

This story came to limelight when the University of Lagos (UNILAG) student who confessed when he was unable to swap kidneys to save his Father’s life. He confessed in the hospital that he sold one of his kidney just to Graduate with a first class.

The 24-year-old graduate says he sold his Kidney a few days to his convocation to the Dean of Faculty. According to him, He said, he was being threatened to spend an additional two years to his already prolonged eight years stay in the school.
He was nearly in tears while he explained why he could not donate his last and only kidney to his father who is in desperate need of a kidney to survive. Sad new is, Although he Graduated with First Class, he is yet to secure a job. So right now, this guy has NO kidney, NO job, and NO money, can He save his dying dad? Who will you blame? The dean, the student who foolishly exchange his life with first class, instead of working toward achieving it. And he would have bargain to sale his kidney with the promise of working in one of Oil Company in Nigeria (with an Empty head and no kidney of cause)

Have your say, do you blame him or blame the prof (his dean of faculty)

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  • This is fiction, stop disparaging UNILAG.
    First there is/was no Dean of faculty here at UNILAG with a kidney problem that necessitated a transplant.
    Secondly, your ‘student’ who has had a prolonged stay of 8 years could not by any stretch be dubiously awarded a 1st Class by anyone including a Dean. Extra years result from cumulative bad performance and such CGPA can not be remedied in year before convocation. 3rdly why not give names of individuals and/or faculty involved? 4thly, Deans hardly teach more than 1 undergraduate course so there is no way such could threaten a candidate with additional two years, indeed, Deans are always trying their best to ensure students graduate especially weak ones.This is junk journalism and serious minded people will have no respect for this website stories.

    -An Akokite

      • Hi,
        I clicked on your search link and got plenty of results from …similar sites.
        Interestingly, they ALL carried the exact same story and attributed it to ONE source -DeeLinkage.
        That shows they are all regurgitating the same fiction.

        Until anyone provides concrete proofs and refute the four points I raised, this story remains junk journalism.