Academic Staff Union of University (ASUU)

Asuu 2013 Strike to be called off next week- Are you ready to resume school?

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On the 1st of July, 2013 the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) declare a nationwide strike, and the strike has lasted for 4 months now and this leaves various institutions half way into the their academic session. On the 4th of November, 2013, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, GoodLuck Jonathan reassure the Nigerian Students that come November, 4 2013, the strike will be called off and if the Union refused the offer, the FG will have to initial the plan B. And we are glad to let all the Students to know that their is HIGH HOPE that Asuu strike will be called off before next Monday, 11th November, 2013 or before the week runs out.

Mr President and the chairman of ASUU on Monday 4th November, 2013 held a meeting which lasted for 13 hours (all through the night!) according to an insider, the meeting ended around 6.30 Am Tuesday, 6th November.
The good news is that the meeting ended with smiling faces after both parties shifted grounds and agreed on a proposal, which the ASUU chairman will present to other executive and members of the union to call off the strike. The ball is now in the hand of ASUU, we they agreed on the proposal of the Federal Government? only time will tell. Meanwhile you can read all about the lingering asuu strike news as well as what the FG proposed to the Union here-> Academic Staff Union of Universities Latest News

We are very certain that the ASUU members will be holding their meeting anytime this week and there is a 95% chance that the strike will be called off and the Nigerian Students will be returning back to school next week, our predicted date is Monday 11th November, 2013. (we may be wrong, but we will not stop hoping for the best)

Some Institutions will commerce normal lectures, while others will start the semester by writing their examination and some others will continue with the rest of their examination which was already in progress before the ASUU Strike commenced.

And on our Facebook Fanpage, a student asked an interested question and the question is worth 10 percent of the Money to be given to ASUU. Are you ready to return to school?
He went on to ask if the Students have read/jack their books for the coming examination etc. Without doubt, some students are already working and feeling like graduates already and what if they earning more money than they bargain for? Will they be ready to give it up to return to school?.

And you will even agree with me that over 60% of students have not open their books even once! (and who knows, it could be more than 60% percent!)
Are you ready to return to school? See what others are saying on our Facebook Page.

We are even told that some Nigerian Students have gone into pr0stituti0n? What arrant nonsense? Are we sure they are not already a professional P? And some of them may be 4 months pregnant, we they return to school? (ASUU strike has been on for 4 months old, and this had made some Female Nigerian Students to be 4 months pregnant)

ASUU Strike has caused a lot of problems to the students and some students on our social media handle are saying they will begin their own site as soon as ASUU strike is called off. (I call this group ‘Student Union of Mumu, SUM) the federal government cannot pay just NGN200 billion and you want them to compensate the students? you will soon grow IRON BEARDS as one of the Female said.

We are encourage all the Nigerian students to start preparing to return to school next week. Am very sure, we will be publishing a new post title: Asuu 2913 Strike has been called off!!
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