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ASUP Strike: who is to blame? ASUP or Federal Government?

1. The CONTISS 15 (or has it turn to Contiss 14 as published by Punch yesterday?) has been an outstanding demand since April 2013, how pathetically interesting that it eluded or rather was omitted from the budgetary submitted by the Ministry Of Education for the following year, 2014? This is grandstanding irresponsibility! Who’s trying to sabotage the ASUP agitation?

2. According to Dr Chibuzor Asomugha, the last time they had contact with the Minister of Education, Barrister Wike Nysom was in march, that is 3 months ago. In subsequent meetings that involved ASUP, he has always been present by proxy via is several Special Assistants. Who’s Wike avoiding?

3. Accepted, CONTISS 15 was not recognise in the Ministry’s budget, what then happen to the provision of supplementary budget? What happens to the billion dollars stacked away in federal reserve, what other purpose do we reserve money rather than circumstances as these? Who’s not actually thinking properly?

End ASUP strike - Nigeria Polytechnic Students to FG and ASUP

4. On the 5th of march, this year 2014, President Jonathan approved N1.6 billion extra cash for the World Cup. This is outside the more than $10 billion already approved in the World Cup budget. Since we have so much monies to throw around for showmanship, while not appreciated serious issues like the decaying polytechnic sector?

6. Barr Wike promised on behalf of the government to pay ASUP in two installment, in March and September. What was he smoking when he made this proclamation knowing full well that it was a decoy, a wicked and deceptive propaganda to hoodwink ASUP, the students and the seeing world.

7. Why is ASUP as a body such a weary thing, witless, tactless, being tossed and fool around and about like a collection of clueless pueriel kids. I guess they have ran out of ideas at this juncture.
Are We Thinking At All?

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1 thought on “ASUP Strike: who is to blame? ASUP or Federal Government?”

  1. the president should do sumfin bout d asup strike instead of throwing so much money around for sports. our polythecnics are decaying. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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