Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP)

ASUP Strike Update 2014: ASUP Fight is with no Bearing

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Everyday I wake up and check newspaper headlines, I’m always disturbed that the headlines do not include the over 6 months Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) strike. We all can recall how the ASUU strike last year dominated the front pages of our national dailies. Also, during the Novembber, 2013 presidential media chat, how to resolve ASUU strike was among the questions President Jonathan answered.
I watched the just concluded Presidential media chat on Monday with a friend of mine. He was so ashamed of being a product of Polytechnic after watching the media chat and no issue was raised about ASUP strike. ASUP should know that this fight would never be won unless they change approach and strategy. I would advise they call off the strike, structure their union to pursue a good fight in future.

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If the truth MUST be told. Asup fight is with no bearing, just like a well structured building on a faulty foundation, they have good reasons to fight but lacks commensurable strength and unity. Unlike Asup, Asuu has a well structured and vibrant union, structured from the school chapters, state, zonal to the national level, it was the strength of these various chapters put together that resulted to success in their last Battle.

Asuu has never for once diminished from the media during their five months old strike, with their constant interaction with the, other unions, groups, activist, even market women and other well meaning Nigerians, it became a fight for entire masses against Federal Government and not just Asuu alone.

It came to a point that even political parties and clergymen joined the fight. Hitherto, Asuu cough can generate more media noise than Asup cry. Recently Asuu alledged Federal Government insincerity with the newly signed agreement and that received overwhelming media homage, It was quickly followed by the Federal Government disbursement of N200bn as contained in the said agreement.

asup strike updates 2014

Asup lack strength and competence to measure up strength with Federal Government even at the national body, their states and zonal chapters are voiceless, one can still be right to say they have only lock offices and went to relax at home, I guess it will be more dangerous hiding the truth than to let it out. Though “Strike” is believed to be the only language our leaders understand but that is not just enough if they seems not to even understand it, striking unions must be dynamic, proactive and ever ready to switch actions.

In Nigeria nothing is taking serious unless politicize, the core ideologist to Nigerian politics is that, the opposition look forward to capitalize on government lapses, failures and incompetence to make noise, on the other hand government struggle to quickly resolve the raised issues, in other to still remain will the masses support, especially when they still have a tenure to contest. Asuu understood these principle and never failed to prove to the whole world government insincerity and negligence towards education.

The president even admitted to these facts during a presidential media chat held in October last year, he further took the issue to Israel for prayers and lots of political sycophants in his cabinet joined to shout “Holy ghost fire” against Asuu and its leadership. It became a drama when even APC declared one week of strick fasting and prayers for his excellency to quickly settle Asuu.

I was so ashamed been a polytechnic product when same presidential media chat was held on monday this week and no issue was raised relating the Asup strike. My dear Asup these fight will never be won unless you change approach, strategies and ideologist, its not a prayer but a promise. I will again crave your indulgence even in these article to kindly call off the strike, structure the union to pursue a good fight in future times, after all Asuu weighed the strength to attain success after many trials and failed.

Someone may fault me, but I’m only calling a spade a spade. Its obvious that close to 50% of both Federal and States polytechnics are on session, including Plateau State poly that of the Asup national publicity secretary, Mr Chirman. There is a believe now that the only schools still on strike had existing mis-understanding between the staff’s and school management, just like my school and some others I have confirmed.

However if you want to maintain status quo and dominant media headlines, then here is the ideology, encourage the Rivers state chapter of Asup to kindly match a peaceful protest to the Government house, Gov. Rotimi Amaechi will be quick to address them and his comment will receive pro and counter attacks from different quarters that will surprise you, whether you like it or not Amaechi commands a considerable influence in our polity and his comments are hard to be overlooked by the government, likewise is the case with GOV. Adams oshiomele, he is that one that has never failed to do justice to issue like these, Asuu has severally used him to achieve certain aims, at a point he single handily returned them to classroom.

Be a bit noisy, don’t hesitate to publicly accuse Federal Government of neglecting technical education, the most vital in a country’s advancement. In case you don’t know, polytechnics graduate formed a better percentage of the country’s work force and has a performance record by far better than their university counterparts.
Allege that government attitude towards technical education is not only capable of creating anarchy in our industries but can endanger vision 2020 as well, engage the service of analysts to publish a statistical report indicating the slow technological advancement nature in the country relative to its increasing population especially under this adminstration.

You can as well compare how much is going to educational sector and other sectors that rarely make impact. Be a bit controversial, make lots of allegation and do not hesitate to tackle counter allegations. Federal Government will definitely be angry but may have no option than to meet your demands just like Asuu. Be warned, if your demands are not met before 2015 consider your name “sorry”, no amount of pressure will receive a reaction on the part of Government till after 2019, make hay while the sun shines, delay is dangerous, be wise. God bless of the greatest Nigerian students, Asup and me too. Best regards.

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