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Asup Strike: Nigeria Polytechnic is heading for Destruction?

Oh Dear Lord!! We have been maroon for months inside this moving train that is headed for destruction. It is regrettable to note that after several unsuccessful attempts to bring back Polytechnic education to its best the C3(Callous, Cruel and Coward) leaders have decided to smash it. The matter have get worst since the day the brother of Judas Iscariot, Nyesom Wike swaggered into the education system. It is immensely painful that after many months of finding solution to this cankerworm reshaping the future of students, there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

FG, why have you decide to do this or are all this Consequences well if you say it is then when it keep piling up it become evidence. For the past 7month ASUP and FG have been shifting blame to each other, ASUP and FG who are we to believe, please stop all this slander. Ehn!! So so sad, is it me that is missing something or mixing something, there seems to be a lots of underground conspiracies on this issue. Academic Staff Union of University, ASUP the battle was lost the first day of this strike, where is the unionism, where?

End ASUP strike - Nigeria Polytechnic Students to FG and ASUP

If all the Polytechnics is shut down then i think something positive might have pop up, i am still thinking deeply, thinking so hard that if at the end of all this, all the ASUP demand are been met , will all the polytechnics that is not part of this brouhaha enjoy the fruit also….
Thank God the speaker above me emphasize on the security challenge in the country now, a lot is going on in the country. They dont have time dear ASUP.

ASUP, i am not trying to be a cyberwarlord, I am not trying to be an internet warrior and i am not trying to hide behind the keyboard writing epistle without doing anything. You dont expect me to go out there and start running around shouting for the head of FG, when we have a leader, when we have an advocate. You don’t expect us to hold our father, our friends on this issue, the only person we will hold by the neck is ASUP, that’s why ASUP also needs to hold FG “penni5”. Oh!!

Maybe we should go out again protesting so that this trigger-happy, finger itching policemen will bath us with hot water, will fire tear gas, who knows what they might fire next maybe bullet and i, abidemi is not ready to chest a bullet like Cristiano Ronaldo always do with football, though have not witness it but have heard people saying that people have die during this strike, does that touch the heart of ASUP and FG?, how will it even touch there heart when they were not aware and even if they are aware the thing they will do is to compensate, console the parents and the word that will protrude out of there mouth will be RIP (Rest in Peace) and not RIP (Return if possible).
And for me i am not ready to rest in peace when the word is still waiting for me, i am not ready to chest a bullet when at the end, the Btech will be awarded, ASUP will collect there money to “chop” Pepper-SOUP and life will continue.

Truth be told ASUP did try to play safe but FG use Nyesome wike to play with the ball of ASUP or how on earth will Nyesom Wike said money will be given to the striking lecturer in two installment and deep inside his belly he knew he was playing with ASUP penni5, not until the house came out to say that polytechnics lecturer salary was not included in the 2014 budget and that came as a thumping blow to both ASUP and Poly. Students.

Some of our leaders in this country are C in C (Chicken in Command), they don’t care if you keep banging your head against the wall. They have made us to know that “Education is incomplete in Nigeria without strike”. Strike is part of the major ingredients that make up the education system of the country, so we are to adapt to it but they forget that the “cuckoo clock” never stop working, it never stop talking.

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