Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP)

Asup Strike Latest Update 2014: There is no hope in sight to call off the strike?

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BREAKING: ASUP PRESIDENT SPEAKS: There is no hope in sight to call off the strike?

THE president of Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP), Dr Chibuzo Asomugha, was on air in Nigeria Info FM 95.1 at exactly 8:35am in Abuja this morning and here is an exclusive summary of the telephone interview that lasted for about 13mins by James Oboh MJ.

FM: We just want to know the latest concerning the lingering Polytechnic Strike.

ASUP: Honestly nothing new. What we had expected that was going to be new didn’t really materialize on the part of the govt. As we speak the last time we had a meeting with the ministry of Labour and NLC president was in attendance and we took some new positions which were suppose to be taken to the president for his accent for him to sign as MOU action plan to review the strike and suspend it. And we expected that action of that meeting, would end the strike based on the MOU.

End ASUP strike - Nigeria Polytechnic Students to FG and ASUP

FM: that means there’s no hope in sight to call off the strike.

ASUP: I can’t really say there’s no hope in sight cause i don’t know what Govt are planing, if govt is ready to call us tomorrow, on what we have mutually agreed, am telling you that this strike will not last beyond that. It depends on what the federal government is bringing up now. Because the ball is in the court of the govt.

FM: We heard that govt has set up committee to look the HND/BSC dichotomy, are you aware of that committee?

ASUP: We read it in papers like every other persons, the statement was credited to the Minister of Education, we have not been informed, involved, engaged or briefed. If a committee was set up, we are the ones who have made an agitation. the minister ought to have called us and briefed us instead of spreading the news in the meeting of provosts, rectors and chairman of councils. We do not know about it, nobody has informed us formally or informally.

FM: What is your relationship with the with the minister at the moment? Has he been frequent to meetings when call upon?

ASUP: Sincerely i would say there is no frequent contact with the Minister, as a matter of fact the last time we made contact with the minister was two months ago. Since then he has been keeping the union in the dark for reasons we don’t know. He sends his media assistant with all kinds of insinuations that we are the reason the strike is still on.

FM: Because you told us that the ball is in the court of the govt and the minister gives us the impression that you the union is responsible for the lingering strike that they’ve done their bit.

ASUP: What have they done for God’s sake, it is clear nobody can deceive Nigerians. Nigerians are not fools, what has the govt done, there are issues on ground and you said there are committees been set up, were are the committees, were is the evidence. They say they’ll pay the 1st installment of the areas of the salary from march instead of paying what they did was enforce ‘no work,no pay policy’. If you said you’ve done a thing lets see it.

FM: How long has the ‘no work,no pay policy’ been on.

ASUP: it started march this is the second month.

FM: Do u think this is putting pressure on you, we got reports days ago that Kebbi branch is planning to pull out.

ASUP: I don’t think Kebbi’s pullout is as a result of ‘no work, no pay’ policy. It was as a result of some internal issues they had. If you listen to the statement of Kebbi ASUP ‘ its not a sabbotour of the national strike.

FM: Its like we are still were it all started. I don’t know what advice you have for parent and students.

ASUP: on tuesday 29th ASUP,COASU; NLC, Civil society group and all stake holders including students and parents are to do a rally to actually sensitize Nigerians and the seat of govt for them to know what is happening in the polytechnic sector. We ask the students and parent to join us . Its a peaceful demonstration, its a peaceful rally. We just wants our intentions know , restate our positions and present our pleas to govt.

Courtesy: James Oboh Mj, reporting live for, Abuja.

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