Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP)

ASUP Strike 2014 Latest: Polytechnic Students Says Nysom Wike is a Liar

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I’m sick! Words can’t properly convene the burns of frustration I feel these days. Yesterday’s protest exemplified my fears and thought indeed.
Anti riot police men by the reckless orders from the Minister of Education spray’d water and tear gas at our lecturers and students who were out on a peaceful demonstration after 10 months of pathetic compulsory holiday.
Ironically, there are some parts in Nigeria where water is a scarse commodity and yet thousand of liters were wasted on us. That’s just by the way.

There are over 300,000 polytechnic students sitting at home today and they remain worthless, maligned and idiots as far as Nysom Wike is concerned.
What happened yesterday was the height of government callousness and the hallmark of humiliation and dehumanization towards the entire polytechnic students. You don’t beat a child and ask him not to cry.

Lets Fight Wike.

Everyday we wail about the media overlooking our predicament. But we have ourselves to blame! You have Megabyte, you have a phone and a brain (no matter how stupid or deluded you think you are, you are still an asset), ask yourself What have I done to announce the ASUP wahala? What have I done to inform the world that Nysom Wike has constantly lied to us. What have you done to tell the world you have being out of class for over 10 months and you’re damn tired of the whole brohaha. Don’t forget that silence is consent!

Get up and be useful! We have the power of numbers and through the online media we can draw both national and international media and of course compel both Wike and FG to do our will. Lets take the news to them by force. Let’s shock Wike with our numbers.