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ASUP NEC Meeting Outcome: Strike Continues as NEC Awaits Senate Meeting

YET another series in the ASUP vs FG meetings. If you are okay reading all the ASUP latest news, then read on… But if you are NOT, one thing is involved, you are not a Polytechnic Student! ‘nough said already πŸ™
According to report reaching us, the outcome of the ASUP NEC Meeting in Yabatech, Lagos is not favorable, we are informed that the strike continues as ASUP await Senate meeting.

The Main reason for publishing this post is to inform Polytechnic Students that ASUP will be holding another NEC meeting on the 1st of July, 2014 (And we hope it is not going to be the same story)

If you recalled, the Union started their NEC meeting in Lagos State after Government representatives refused to show up for the meeting they were scheduled to have together. (Seriously, the F.G have no business with ASUP again?)

End ASUP strike - Nigeria Polytechnic Students to FG and ASUP

Read the official report below.
The National Executive Council of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP) at the end of its 77th National Executive Council (NEC) meeting in Lagos has announced that the nine months old strike continues.

The NEC said status quo remains pending the outcome of its meeting with the Senate Committee on Education on Tuesday July 1st, 2014.

ASUP President, Chibuzor Asomugha, disclosed at the end of the meeting that the stakeholders meeting scheduled for June 24 got stalled due to the absence of representatives of the government.

β€œThat meeting was supposed to be held, resolution reached and an agreement was also signed. It was against this backdrop that we fixed the NEC meeting so that, if we have the resolutions, we will come here and suspend the strike.

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