Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic (ASUP)

ASUP are Fast Losing out! FG called them “This Polytechnic People”

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After the primed effevercent #PresidentialMediaChat aired few hours ago, I can logically conclude with regards to the Kick-My-Ass statements and body language of President Jonathan that the protracted industrial action embarked upon by ASUP seems like a fatal waste of Time and Resource at this juncture.

Apparently, events and predictions may take a twist at the long run but a psychological evaluation of the President’s Na-You-Sabi opinion on “cross-carpeting” and God-Save-You jibe on “evolving democratic system” I deem it a necessity to advice our Super Striking Lecturers whom the President simply referenced as “This Polytechnic People” to consider a radical overhaul of the prevailing tactics if the sun must set while there is still a country.

Abidemi Rasaq WapSmart has this to say:
They keep playing “Eeny Meeny Miny Mo” with our future. We are tired, we are bushed, we are simply out of gas. The President dodge the question very well. A simple question was been ask “What can you say about the ASUP and COEASU strike”, our gallant president answer the question by saying the lecturers are not suppose to expect salaries while on strike, come on! How does the answer correlate with the question. Well the president is not to be blame, the anchor and the other people asking him question are to be blame. No pressure at all, how will you ask a question and yet the answer to the question doesnt correlate and yet you decide to ask another question, it is so pathetic, so disgusting.

End ASUP strike - Nigeria Polytechnic Students to FG and ASUP

ASUP and COEASU keep singing “Obituary song” in a wedding ceremony. They are still sleeping, i think a bucket of water needs to be pour on them so that they can wake up. What are we to do, start praying, No!!! The issue at hands calls for actions not prayer or why do you use a spoon to eat why not pray that the food should jump into your mouth from the plate.
Some of our leaders in this country called “Nogerian” are Sadducee(Sad to see) and Pharisee (Far to see).
Government of the committee by the committee and for the committee.

“Whosoever say Education is the best legacy in this country needs to be knock on the head, the best legacy in this country is now CORRUPTION”

What will happen next….???

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  • Why should the government be so insouciance and unfeeling. I think it is high time we develop mercurial temperament to Negate this administration with no apology. Yes because Nigeria is fast losing her place in the education sector and will soon be A total breakdown. You fail presido